Some thoughts from one of my notebooks

Donald A. Perrot

Ne ah si noh

Notes from Blue Notebook

A       ah

É       eh

I        ee

O       oh

E       uh

Í        ih

Á       âh


Inanimate Demonstratives

I.D. have (3) degree of distance

Inanimate Singular

Close                   ode             This

Not Close  i                  That

Far              éi                That over there

Inanimate Plural

Node          These

Ni               those

Éni             Those over there

Animate Singular

Ode            This

O                That

Ago            That over there

Animate Plural

Gode          These

Gi               Those

Égi             Those over there

I _____________.                N-/Nd- ________________.

You ____________.            G-/gd- _________________.

We (and you) __________. G-/gd- _____________men.

We (but not you) _________.      N-/nd- _____________men.

You all _____________.     G-/gd- _____________m.

They _____________.         _____________-k.

Inanimate Singular

Ode gok ben a gen                This basket

I gok ben a gen            That basket

É’i gok ben a gen                  That basket over there

Animate Singular

Ode ne ne                     This man

I ne ne                                    That man

E’i ne ne                       That man over there

Animate Singular

Ode ne ne                     This man

O ne ne                         That man

Ago ne ne                     That man over there

Inanimate plural

Node mkekwén            These baskets/boxes

Ni mkekwén                          Those baskets/boxes

Éni mkekwén                         Those baskets/boxes over there

Animate plural

Gode kwék                            These women

Gi kwék                        Those women

Égi kwék                      Those women over there

Wdapen i mkek           Pick up that box

Ode ne?                        This one?

É hé, wi yé i                           Yes, that’s it

Nadweshen ni mkekwén      Get me those boxes

Node ne?                      These?

Wi yé ni                        Those are the ones

Byéd weshen i mkek            Bring me that box

Ni nad weshen                       Get me those

Byéd weshen                         Bring (it) to me

Nad weshen                           Get (it) for me

Mishshen (Mizhshen)           Give (it) to me

Nen mewshen                        Hand (it) to me, pass me something

Wabdé shen                           Show (it) to me

What time is it?           Ni get so ya wek?

What time is it?           Ni jet so ya wek?

All my relations           Jage nagomguk

All my relations           Jage nagonan

All, all of us together            Jayék

At the council hall                Gidgaw gum gok

Toothbrush                            Ksiyab teken

Tooth                                      Bet

All of my relations inclusive of all living things               Gdenwémagnedok

Bathroom                     Dzhya ewi sakem yan

Drink                                      Dzhya ewi mnekweyan

Bathroom                     Nwi zhya i sakem gum uk

Drink                                      Nwi zhya i mne kwe yan

Please                                     Ta ga, mojma, gazha

Medicine man/Doctor           éshkukinisnage

Medicine man/Doctor           Éshkekini’snagé

Summer (season)                  Émnokmuk

August month middle of      Émnokmukkises

Winter                                    Épok

The ground is freezing          Éshugtukwok

Spring (season)            Éskumnokmuk

October/month of 1st frost    ÉsksegtukkisIs

In the fall season                   ÉtkwagnIshyagoIn

Fall                                Étkwagouk

Dawning                       Éwésabuk

Matchizibe                             Bad River

Makesit                         Big Foot


Chaskyd                       The Diviner

Chichak (Otchik)                  Crane (Potawatomi Leader)

Chichakose (Tchichaakane) Little Crane (Potawatomi Leader)

Abte’gizhék                           Half Day

Amikwa                        Bear (ojibwe clan community)

Ashkewi                       Mud all over his body

Ashkibi/Eskibee          The New River (Potawatomi Leader)

Assikanak (Ossigunac)         Black Bird (Odawa Leader)

Atsimethe (Etsimethe)          Potawatomi Leader

Awbenabi                     He Looks Back (Potawatomi Leader)

Winamek                      Catfish

Winamekos                            Little Catfish

Windigo                       The Cannibal

Wishé                                     The Yellow Catfish

Wiske                                     Potawatomi Culture Hero

Wizawdep (Ouasado)           The Yellow Head (Potawatomi Leader)

Ninwés                          Little Man

Nokamin(g)                           Early Spring

Mishikese                     Little Snapping Turtle

Mya’en Poch/Poj                  Withered Hand

Nyananseya                           Five Medals

Onangizes/Onaxa/Onaksa    He Flies Away

The Shimmering Light of the Sun

Gabinay                        Gabriel (Potawatomi Leader)

Gises (Kissus)                       The Sun (Potawatomi Leader)

Wiské                                     Culture hero

Chipiyapos/Chibiabos          Potawatomi Culture Hero

Chipo’o                        Soul

Dwagek                         Autumn (Potawatomi Warrior)

Gomo (Okama)            The Leader

Matchiwokama/Missengomau       Potawatomi Leader

Gashke’debé                          Shaved Head

Chemewse                             John Green

Wabaksekwé                          Riffles at Dawn Woman

Mendoké                      Spirit Worshipper or Blessed by the Spirits



Wdapnen i mkesnen             Pick up that shoe

Ode ne?                        this one?

Éhé wi ye’ I                           Yes, that’s it

Nadweshen ni msenegenen  Get me those papers

Node ne?                      These?

Wi yé ni                        those are the ones

Byéd we shen i msenakseken        Bring me that picture

Ni nad weshen                       Get me those

Node ne?                      These?

Wi yé ni                        Those are the ones

Mishen I                       Give that to me

Byédon I                       Bring that

Byédweshen I                        Bring me that

Mingazot                      That which he/she was given

Minat                                      He/she gave

Minet                                      He/she gives

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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