Byédon – Bring something inanimate

Byédon i mbop dopwenek – Bring the soup to the table

Byédon ni wnagnen taswenek – Bring the dishes to the cupboard

Byédon nonagnabo dopwenek – Bring the milk to the table

Byédon mdamnabo zagech – Bring the corn soup outside

Byédon ni chikaswenen zagech – Bring the toys outside

Nénmo – Give something to him/her

Nénmo i bkwéshgen – Give him/her the bread

Nénmo i ziwtagen – Give him/her the salt

Nénmo i waskek – Give him/her the pepper

Nénmo o g’os i wnagen – Give the dish to your father

Nénmo anet ti o kwé – Give some tea to that woman

Nénmo o gigabé anet mbish – Give some water to that boy

Zagdenashko – Chase him/her outside

Zagdenashko o nemosh – Chase that dog outside

Zagdenashko o gazho – Chase that cat outside

Zagdenashko o bnéshi – Chase that bird outside

Zagdenashko o wawabgenoshkwé – Chase that mouse outside

Zagdenashko o gigabé – Chase that boy outside

Zagdenashko o amo – Chase that bee outside