Nweshmo gishek yawen

I shall not do any major posting today as this is supposed to be a day of rest observance of the people. My people called this day, Nemewgishek, Prayer Day. They were not opposed to resting on this day as they saw Christian people doing the same. There were slight differences in how each group went about its observances of Sunday or Saturday, but by and large, they worshiped the God, the Lord, or whatever other name they all utilized.

I shall be back tomorrow to do some more posting on this site then.

Nin se Neaseno.

Some practice for ya all today

Some Verb Conjugations

Independent Indicative

Nmaji – I leave

Gmaji – You leave

Majiwag – He/she leaves

Nmajimen – We (-) leave

Gmajimen – We (+) leave

Gmajim – Y’all leave

Majik/Majiwak – They leave

Conjunct Indicative

Majiyan – as I leave

Majiyen – as you leave

Majit – as he/she leaves

Majiyak – as we (-) leave

Majiygo – as we (+) leave

Majiyék – as y’all leave

Majiwat – as they leave


Majin – Leave!

Majik – Leave, y’all!

Independent Indicative

Nminké – I pick berries

Gminké – You pick berries

Minkéwag – He/she picks berries

Nminkémen – we (-) pick berries

Gminkémen – we (+) pick berries

Gminkém – y’all pick berries

Minkéwat – they pick berries

Conjunct Indicative

Minkéyan – as I pick berries

Minkéyen – as you pick berries

Minkét – as he/she picks berries

Minkéyak – as we (-) pick berries

Minkéygo – as we (+) pick berries

Minkéyék – as y’all pick berries

Minkéwat – as they pick berries


          Minkén! – Pick berries!

          Minkék – Pick berries, y’all!

Independent Indicative

Nzhya – I go

Gzhya – you go

Zhyéwag – he/she goes

Nzhyamen – we (-) go

Gzhyamen – we (+) go

Gzhyam – y’all go

Zhyéwat – they go

Conjunct Indicative

Zhyayan – as I go

Zhyayen – as you go

Zhyét – as he/she goes

Zhyayak – as we (-) go

Zhyaygo – as we (+) go

Zhyéwat – as they go


          Zhyan – Go!

          Zhyak – Go, y’all!

Independent Indicative

Njibdep – I sit

Gjibdep – you sit

Jibdebe – he/she sits

Njibdebmen – we (-) sit

Gjibdebmen – we (+) sit

Gjibdebem – Y’all sit

Jibdebwik – They sit

Conjunct Indicative

Jibdebyan – as I sit

Jibdebyen – as you sit

Jibdebet – as he/she sits

Jibdebyak – as we (-) sit

Jibdebygo – as we (+) sit

Jibtebwat – as they sit


          Jibdeben – sit!

          Jibdebek – sit, y’all!

Independent Indicative

          Nwisen – I eat

          Gwisen – you eat

          Wisnet – he/she eats

          Nwisnemen – we (-) eat

          Gwisnemen – we (+) eat

          Gwisnem – y’all eat

          Wisnewat – They eat

Conjunct Indicative

          Wisneyan – as I eat

          Wisneyen – as you eat

          Wisnet – as he/she eats

          Wisneyak – as we (-) eat

          Wisneygo – as we (+) eat

          Wisneyék – as y’all eat

          Wisnewat – as they eat


          Wisnen! – Eat!

          Wisnek! – Eat, y’all!

Iw pi egasknezowat gi Bodewadmik

My mother told this story to my wife before her death.

My wife, Dolores, wrote this story as told to her by my mother shortly before she passed away from this world. My mother told us they once had to whisper while attending Mission School in order to speak their language. They didn’t want to get caught speaking, like some of the other Native kids, so they whispered to each other when they wanted to talk. We say Gasknezo for whisper, but it can also be a name. We named our daughter Whisper in honor of all those Potawatomi kids who whispered to one another so they wouldn’t get caught, and they didn’t want to lose their language.

Some Native kids went through a lot to keep this language and we honor them for that. I went to a Public Day School that spoke only English when I started school, but I had to learn to speak English. My grandfather insisted that I be sent there to learn the tongue so I would have a better chance of surviving in this world. I kept my language largely due to what others went through, such as whispering their language so they wouldn’t get caught and punished. I have many pleasant memories of hearing my elders speak this language and I am glad I kept it so I can teach it today.

Whisper carries two names: Gasknezo which means whisper and Mzhektokwe which means Clear Day Woman or Clear Sky Woman.

Nin se Neaseno.

My great grandfather, judge Saptis Perrot on the left with two other judges.
Some old relatives great great grandfather Saptis, in the back row, 3rd from left.
Some of my relatives, left to right, Manny Boyd,Uncle Jonhson, Paul Wynos
One of our young relatives some years ago.
Here’s looking at ya folks DAP aka Neaseno

Translate this story for practice and see what you comprehend about Bodewadmimwen

“Iw Pi Égasknezowat gi Bodéwadmik”

éshnekadék ode atsokas.

Ode se atsokas égi widmoshet o ndenim wgyéyomen, Zhikwés éshnekasot o…

Ngotek ga zhewébek égi zagdenashkowat manék gi Neshnabék ibe se ni shkwongenen émawdowat géwinwa ni gchemokmanen, nesh je anet gi Neshnabék égi wébiwéwat ibe kiwédnon égi pabmadsewat nekmek ngoji, égi dneswat ibe McCord mine Star Lake mine Pkwakik éshnekadénon ni Neshnabé odanésen.

Iw pi émawjeshnowat gi Neshnabé penojék égi byénawat ibe se i ngot skonogemek, Wittenberg Lutheran School égi shnekadék.  Manék gi Neshnabé penojék égi skonowat ézhi…Wjibwék mine Wdawak mine Menominik mine Bodéwadmik mine Winbyégok gi yawik zhi. 

Épenojét o Zhikwés édneset i skonogemek ébsedwat ni Winbyégo gigyagoyen ékedwat i Winbyégo zheshmowen…”Hau, guday, minageday…oh, pinegigi…” égi kedwat nangodgen gi Winbyégo gigyagoyek.

Oh, éshkadzewat ni niganinjen, éneshkamawat ma shna nangodgen éwepodwet gi Winbyégok égi dabjetowat i Winbyégo zheshmowen. 

Bgéji ézegzewat gi Bodéwadmi penojék.  “Hau, épich ndemagziyak gishpen éwi ngetoyak gzheshmownenan,” ézhedé’awat gi Bodéwadmi penojék édneswat se i skonogemek. 

“Wégni je wa zhechkéyak ébwa wépodoshek gé ninan?” ékedwat géwinwa.

“Hau, éwi gasknezoyak gishpen ékigdoyak,” épij wnakwnegéwat.

Hau, iw je pi gi Bodéwadmi penojék égi gasknezowat ébwa ngetowat ode zheshmowen.  I yé i ga zhewébek ibe se i skonogemek ngotek.

Ngom se she égi wawinaygo o ndansémen “Whisper” éshnekasot émikwendemyak égi gasknezowat gi Bodéwadmi penojék ngotek ébwa ngetowat ode zheshmowen.

Iw énajmoyan.  Zagjewékwé ndeshnekas.

Original version:  No obviatives, No present tense

Ode se atsokas égi widmoshet o wgyéyom se ndenimen, Zhikwés éshnekasot…

“Iw Pi Égi Gasknezowat gi Bodéwadmik” éshnekadék ode atsokas.

Ngotek ga zhewébek égi zagdenashkowat manék gi Neshnabék ibe se ni shkwongenen émawdowat géwinwa gi gchemokmanek, nesh je anet gi Neshnabék égi wébiwéwat ibe kiwédnon égi pabmadsewat nekmek ngoji, égi dneswat ibe McCord mine Star Lake mine Pkwakik éshnekadénon ni Neshnabé odanésen.

Iw pi émawjeshnowat gi Neshnabé penojék égi byénawat ibe se i ngot skonogemek, Wittenberg Lutheran School égi shnekadék.  Manék gi Neshnabé penojék égi skonowat ézhi…Wjibwék mine Wdawak mine Menominik mine Bodéwadmik mine Winbyégok gi yawik zhi. 

Égi penojét o Zhikwés égi dneset i skonogemek égi bsedwat gi Winbyégo gigyagoyek égi kedwat i Winbyégo zheshmowen…”Hau, guday, minageday…oh, pinegigi…” égi kedwat nangodgen gi Winbyégo gigyagoyek.

Oh, égi shkadzewat gi niganijek, égi neshkamawat ma shna nangodgen égi wepodwat gi Winbyégok égi dabjetowat i Winbyégo zheshmowen. 

Bgéji égi zegzewat gi Bodéwadmi penojék.  “Hau, épich ndemagziyak gishpen éwi ngetoyak gzheshmownenan,” ézhedé’awat gi Bodéwadmi penojék édneswat se i skonogemek. 

“Wégni je wa zhechkéyak ébwa wépodoshek gé ninan?” égi kedwat géwinwa.

“Hau, éwi gasknezoyak gishpen ékigdoyak,” égi wnakwnegéwat.

Hau, iw je pi gi Bodéwadmi penojék égi gasknezowat ébwa ngetowat ode zheshmowen.  I yé i ga zhewébek ibe se i skonogemek ngotek.

Ngom se she égi wawinaygo o ndansémen “Whisper” éshnekasot émikwendemyak égi gasknezowat gi Bodéwadmi penojék ngotek ébwa ngetowat ode zheshmowen.

Iw énajmoyan.  Zagjewékwé ndeshnekas.

Written by Dolores A. Perrot.

Try your hand at answering these simple paragraphs

Short comprehension paragraphs

Weswnago ngi odanké égi gishpnedoyan i shkemot, mine i wshkew biskewagen, mine ni mskwemkesnen.   Ibe dawéwgemgok ngi wabma o nitawes.  Égi mbwachewéygo nomek.

  1. Ni pi je ga zhyayan?
  2. Ni je pi ga je odankéyan?
  3. Ni je ga zhechkéyan odanek?
  4. Ni je ga je gishpnedoyan?
  5. Wéni je ga je wabmayan?
  6. Ni je ézhechkéygo?

Wabek éwi mawjeshnowat gi bémadsejek éjedawat shkongenek.  Kigdogemek éwi mawjeshnowat wa je wisnewat mine kigdowat éshewébek ibe.  Gnebech éwi gishenmawat wa je zhechkéwat. 

  1. Ni je pi wa mawjeshnowat gi bémadsejek?
  2. Ni pi je éjedawat gi bémadsejek?
  3. Ni pi je wa mawjeshnowat gi bémadsejek?
  4. Wégni je wa zhechkéwat émawjeshnowat géwinwa?
  5. Wi gishenmawat ne géwinwa?

Shkwaj ngot gishgek égi giwséwat gi gawséjek.  Nekmek ngoji égi pamséwat énagjegéwat ni seksiyen.  Méméjek égi giwséwat gi gawséjek éjedawat kiwédnon.  Épich zegzewat gi seksiyek!

  1. Wéni je ga giwséwat?
  2. Ni pi je gi pamséwat géwinwa?
  3. Ni je ga je nagjegéwat?
  4. Ni je ga zhechkéwat gi gawséjek ibe kiwédnon?
  5. Wéni je ézegzewat?

Zagech énodwayan ngot o bnéshi énegmot ngoji.  Cho nde nodwasi manék bnéshiyek.  Ngot o bnéshi mteno nde nodwa ode she pi.  Kche mno wabmenagwze o bnéshi énegmot. 

  1. Wéni je énodwayan?
  2. Ni je étse bnéshiyek énodwayan?
  3. Ni pi je éyéyet o bnéshi énegmot?
  4. Ni pi je éyéyan?

Enrichment: add to your knowledge of words

Assorted words for vocabulary enrichment

Bonye wit – finished/es, he/she  (needs prefix)

Bon gizh – to finish s.t.

Gizh – finish.

Gizhi – finished.

Zhabshkan – h/s finishes, accomplishes s.t.

Bonshkat – h/s finished s.t.

Gizhita – to finish s.t.

Gizhitat – h/s finishes s.t.

Gizhtot – h/s finishes s.t.

Gizhton – to finish s.t.  (inan.)

Zheto – to make s.t.

Neto – to try s.t./try/attempt.

Shketo – to make an attempt.

Ewdadset – h/s who was born.

Gi wdaze – that one was born.

Egi nigyan – I was born.

Egi mashkayan – I flew.

Egi pabmashkayan – I flew all over or I flew all around.

Egi wdadsiyan – when I was born.

Egi nigyan – when I was born.

Kyendesen – hurry.

Wewendesen – hurry.

Wjandan kyenep – cook quickly s.t.  (inan.)

Zhishjegen/jigtegen – broom.

Also jishtegen – broom.

Zhibawaseya – transparent   (inan.)

Zhibawasezi – transparent   (anim.)

Zhabwatezigwa – ice (referring to the opaque quality)

Zhibawase mjedasnen – sheer stockings.

Zhabwate’egen mjedas – sheer nylon stocking.

Bkwakwet – ball.

Wizhgebkwakwet – hard ball.

Wagjaya bkwade – curve ball.

Nisaj bkwade – sinker ball.

Gzyeka bkwade – fast ball.

Nenjis bkwade – knuckle ball.

Bgeshnem bkwade – drop ball.

Azhtoge bkwade – change up ball.

Giwshkwe bkwade – corkscrew ball.

Bimskwem bkwade – corkscrew ball.

Gonaken bkwade – knuckle ball.

Medagwegwet I kigdowen – that’s an interesting subject.

Medagwegwet I – that’s interesting!

Emedagwegwat – they’re having an interesting time….

Mkedewkonye – priest or black robe.

Msenagkesget – secretary.

Msenazget – photographer.

Wzhobyewmsenazget – artist or painter.

Msenabiget – artist.

Various Neshnabe Games.

Mamkeznewen – moccasin game  (man’s game)

Bnekwe – woma’s bowl game.

Epeskewewen – another word for woman’s bowl game….

                              Associated with a form of lacrosse game with it….

Egsegkewat – they are playing the women’s dice game/bowl game.

Ksekenek – old style word for bowl and dice  (belonging to the women)

Epeski’a – another word for woman’s ball game.

Pegnegwen – Lacrosse.

Pagishenak – racket.

Sheshawinitjiken – cup and pin game.

Mzekwage – the icicle/could also be used to describe a fluttering bird,

usually an eagle, how they seem to hang in one spot while fluttering.

Nizgikdadwa – bother s.o.

Nizgakdadwat – bother each other.

Nizgikwat – they bother s.o.

Nnigiskwa – I bother s.o.

Nnizgikdadmen – we – you bother s.o.

Gnizgikdadmen – we + you bother s.o.

Mskogat – yarn belt.

Mskogaden – plural.

Meme – piliated woodpecker.

Memeyek – plural.

Mikjewitaget – work for s.o.  (people).

Anokagiget – a worker for hire.

Nokana – to hire s.o.

Nwi nokanage – I will hire s.o.

Pepij – once in awhile.

Mbish nwi wzan – I’m going to boil water.

Gwi ndo mbes – are you going to take a bath?

Neskwe – brush hair.

Gzi yabde – he/she brushes his/her teeth.

Nwi gzi yabde – I will brush my teeth.

Gzi yab deon – brush your teeth!

Ga bme je bgeshyen – where you camp.

Ga bme je bgeshyek – where you folks camp.

Ga bme je bgeshyan – where I camp.

Bakwiyangemek – tent.

Bebkoyangemek – cloth tent.

Nso’egan – wigwam/teepee, a tripod house….

referring to the tripod needed to support the dwellings they     used to make and cover with whatever…

negekgemek – bark house.

Shkwadem – door.

Gashkika’on – threshold.

Wasejgen – window. (literally, s.t. you can see light through).

Waskonenjegas – small lamp.

Waskonenjegen – light.

Nibwaskonenjegen – floor lamp.

Naken – rug.

Aneskewes – small throw rug.

Pegwen – mat, as in cat tail.

Beshmonkojgen – large rug.

Dopwen – table.

Jibtebwenen – chairs.

Jibtebwen – chair.

Pedyebwen – s.t. to sit on.

Pedyebwenen – plural.

Mbagen (en) – bed/beds.

Waboyan (en) – blanket/blankets.

Bakweshmowen (en) – pillow/pillows.

Wnagen (en) – dish/dishes.

Bdekjigen (en) – fork/forks.

Taswen – cupboard/closet.

Gzhabkezgen – stove.

Deschegen – shelf; also desk or a low table.

Atsek – room.

Datseknan – add a room.

Pakwan – roof.

Shpemsegen – ceiling.

Atsekwnegadek – a specific room.

Koman – knife.

Wagakoman – curved blade knife.

Zhadi – arrow.

Pekwe (yen) – arrow  (referring to the straight shaft of the arrow).

                        they were very straight, like the cat tails shafts….

Nwib – arrow  (referring to the sharpened projectile point).

Mtegwab – bow.

Megos – awl.

Jishkwajgen – scraper.

Megeshkan – hook.

Biwabkon – flint.

Biwabken – iron striker.

Bodwe – make a fire.

Shkwede – fire.

Msen – firewood.

Emkan (en) – spoon/spoons.

Mtegemkwan (en) – wooden spoon (s).

Kwabgen – cup or dipper.

Kwabegas – small cup or small dipper.

Mnekwajgen – s.t. to drink from, usually a cup.

Begwedemget – it is dry.

Begwedejgadek – dryer.

Ksinjegadek – washer.

Wnagenksinjegadek – dish washer.

Zhoshkwe’en – iron.

Zhoshkwe’an – to iron s.t.

Itsge – dye.

Itsgeke – to dye s.t.

Begwedege – drying s.t.

Gepisege – parching s.t.

Pegejis segat – threshing s.t.

Noshketon – winnowing.

Seshjegen – set the table.

Sesh che gen – another spelling.

Mneschegen – straighten things, put things in order.

Nazhikege – scrape, as in a hide.

Jizhikwaige – scrape-stretch a hide.

Zhi shibwaige – stretch a hide over a frame.

Gazhko – shave or scrape off with a sharp knife.

Gazhke’a o – to scrape or shave s.o.

Penejegewen – persistense.

Awanjegewen – perserverance.

Zhiptem – stubborn.

Kwtegwe – stubborn.

Mishkwes – diligent.

Minwewes – hard working/enterprising.

Mamwe je pi – most of the time.

Odo pi – at this time.

Ode zhe pi – right now!

Iw pi – then.

Iw pi je – when.

Iw she pi – at that time.

Megwe pi – long time ago/or a long way off.

Mno wi pi – long time ago.

Ibe pi – over there.

Iw je pi – it was then.

Zhote zhi – over here.

Ezhi – over there.

Wesibe – way over there.

Wa gin negwne – oh, so it’s you!

Wi pe – to lye with s.o.

Ndo wi pe – to go lye with s.o.

Ndo wi pe ma’a o nde kweyom pkonyak – I will lye with my wife tonight.

Wi pe mesh – lye with me.

Moshkabwadan – add liquid to a pot or kettle.

Pabwe – add s.t. to soup or a pot.

Pabwewiyanabo – stew.

Nmoshkabwadan – I add liquid to a pot or kettle.

Kwech – yet!

Wasemajishkamowen – electricity.

Wasemowen – another form of electricity.

Shpemwnagendapnewen – satellite.

Bemisiwnagewen – another satellite.

Mawandonan – weld.

Mawandojege – welder.

Winkeshage – carver/one who carves.

Nnaikwat – to fix s.t.

Dabyankewnene – mechanic.

Wasemownene – electrician.

Psakwnemownene – another electrician.

Psakwnemowen – electricity.

Inanemowen – air/oxygen.

Nese – breathe.

Anemo – breathe.

Nemwin – breath





Anemowen – s.o.’s  breath.

Mbeknam – breathless.

Eating and food vocabulary

Food – Another possible presentation

Nouns: Food…

Animate                                  Singular                                   Plural

Corn                                        Mdamen                                 Mdamnek

Potato                                      Pen                                          Penyek/penik

Bean                                        Kojes                                        Kojesek

Apple                                       Mshimen                                 Mshimnek

Rasberry                                  Mskwemen                             Mskwemnek

Onion                                      Shegagosh                               Shegagoshik

Blackberries                            Mkedemen                              Mkedemnek

Cracker                                   Pkweshgas                               Pkweshgasek

Pinto Beans                             Mskwedismen                        Mskwedismenek

Pork                                         Gokosh                                    Gokoshik

Chicken                                   Bidi                                          Bidik

Partridge                                 Peki                                         Pekik

Turkey                                     Msese/bne                              Msesek/bnek

Kidney                                     Donkweswi                              Donkweswiyek

Pork Hocks                              Neshdesek                               Neshdesek

Fish                                          Gigo                                         Gigosek

Pot/pail                                   Kek                                          Kekok

Water                                      Mbish

Pepper                                     Wasgek                                   Wasgek


Squash                                     Kwesman                                 Kwesmanen

Carrot                                      Zawjises                                  Zawjisesen

Strawberry                              Demen                                    Demenen

Egg                                          Wawen                                    Wawnon

Peas                                         Mnejimen                               Mnejimnen

Bread/flour                             Pkweshgen                              Pkweshgen

Meat                                       Wiyas                                      Wiyasen

Rice                                         Menomen                               Menomnenen

Corn meal                               Kanmin                                    Kanminen

Cucumber                               Gokombes                               Gokombesen

Butter                                      Bmede                                     Bmeden

Milk                                         Dodoshabo

Salt                                          Ziwtagen                                 Ziwtagenen

Spice                                        Dgwengen                               Dgwengenen

Baking Powder                        Mbejisjegen                            Mbejisjegenen

Store Bought Bread                Webjide                                   Webjiden

Spare Ribs                               Pekwasen                                Pekwasenen

Ribs                                         Pegegnen                                Pegegnenen

Liver                                        Kwen                                       Kwenen

Sausages, hot dogs                  Negshisen                                Negshisenen

Ring Bologna                           Negesh                                    Negeshen

Pork Hock                                Neshdesen                              Neshdesenen

Back Bone                               Detkagwen                              Detkagwenen

Neck                                        Kwegen                                   Kwegenen

Brisket                                     Kakes                                       Kakesen

Back                                        Pekwen                                    Pekwenen

Some more foods…

Zasgenek                                 Crackling

Zaskenabo                               Crackling Soup

Kojeswabo                               Bean Soup

Peniwabo                                Potato Soup

Mdamnabo                             Corn Soup

Mnejimnabo                           Pea Soup

Seksi mbop                              Venison Soup

Bidi mbop                                Chicken Soup

Getemi mbop                          Porcupine Soup

Shomnabo                               Grape juice

Mshimabo                               Apple juice

Bokmenabo                             Cranberry juice

Nonagnabo                              Milk

Gwekwebegen                        Pancake Turner

Zdayabogen                            Stirrer

Verbs:  Some cooking terms…


To Cook                                   Wjanda                                    Wjandak

To prepare spirit food             Jibekwe

To put in pot                            Bodakwe

To Fry                                      Zaskokwana                            Zaskokwanak

To Cook                                   Gbashma                                 Gbashmak

To put in oven                         Bidapkowebna                        Bidapkowebnak

To Reheat                                Gzezwa                                    Gzezwak

To cook under coals                Kekshebwe                 


To Cook                                   Wjandon                                  Wjandawen

To Fry                                      Zaskokwadan                          Zaskokwadanen

To Cook                                   Gbaton                                    Gbadtonen

To put in oven                         Bidapkowebnan                      Bidapkowebnanen

To Reheat                                Gzezan                                     Gzezanen

Eating Vocabulary

Wisne                                                  Eat

Gimodanjegé                                      Eat something secretly VAI

Gimodanjegé                                      Eat something stealthily VAI

Dangam                                              Eat a bit of something, Sample it VTA

Gidanwé                                              Eat all of someone’s food  VAI

Gidamo                                               Eat all of someone (VTA) like a whole bird

Gidan                                                   Eat all of something VTI

Geshéba wisnewen                             Breakfast

Geshéba wisne                                    Eat Breakfast

Niba wisnewen                                    Evening Food

Niba wisne                                          Eat at nite

Nagozhi wisnewen                              Dinner

Nagozhi wisne                                     Eat Dinner

Dépseni                                               Eat enough/Make someone eat enough VAI

(da) de mijen                                       Eat enough of something VTI

Gijagnegé                                            Eat everything up VAI

Adopo                                                  Eat from something VAI

Nawkwé wisnewen                             Lunch

Nawkwé wisne                                    Eat Lunch VAI

Mowa                                                  Eat somebody (VTA)

Gidamo                                               Eat Somebody up VTA

Bedanjegé                                           Eat Slowly  VAI

Inanjegé                                              Eat someone VAI

Dananjegé                                           Eat s.p.  VAI

Mijen                                                   Eat something

Ge geshéba mijen                               Eat something for Breakfast VTI

Nawkwé mijen                                    Eat something for lunch  VTI

Nagozhi mijen                                     Eat something for supper VTI

Jagan                                                   Eat something up

Mno wanjegé                                      Eat well VAI

Abanjegé                                             Eat something using something VAI

Widopangé                                          Eat with others VAI

Widopa mijen                                     Eat with others VAI

Mijnen jigamjegé                                Eat with fingers VAI

Widopam                                            Eat with somebody VTA

Majimwisne                                        Begin to eat (VAI)

Wéwébwisne                                       Start to eat (VAI)

Shema                                                 Give something to somebody to eat VTA
Ashemangé                                         Give to eat (VAI)

Newebdan wisnewen                          Search for something to eat (VAI)

Mijem                                                 Something Eatable

Aptadbeket mijem                              Midnight snack J

Some little words good to learn


Dopwen                                               table

Taswen                                                closet/cupboard

Deschegen                                          shelf

Pedyebwen                                          chair cushion

Jibdebwen                                           chair

Nweshmojibdebwen                           couch

Mbagen                                               bed

Mbagas                                               little bed

Nijago mbagas                                    doll bed

Penoje mbagas                                   crib

Penojejibdewen                                  high chair

Wabwabmowen                                  mirror

Wabwabchegen                                  mirror

Msenakseken                                       picture

Msenatsegen                                      movie

Msenakaken                                        poster

Shkwadem                                           door

Wigwam                                              house

Wigwames                                          little house

Nijago                                                  doll

Nijagogemek                                       doll house

Penoje wigwam                                  doll house

Msenegen atsekwnegadek                 library

Azhosek                                               the next room

Ankesek                                               room addition

Wawijge atsekwnegadek                    den or reading room

Nweshmogemek                                 bedroom

Atsekwnegadek                                   any room

Dabyanewgemek                                garage

Shapkesgen                                         furnace/heating stove

Jandewen                                            kitchen stove

Notakcheken                                       radio

Wabnotakjegen                                   television

Wzhobtakcheken                                 computer

Shazhgeshwen                                     recliner

Tnachken                                             dresser

Wasechgen                                         window

Aneskewen                                          carpet

Aneskewes                                          little throw rug

Zkhapke’egen                                      key                

Mkek                                                   box

Mkek(os)                                             little box (es)

Mode                                                   bottle

Modes                                                 little bottle

Jibakwewgemeg                                 kitchen

Sakemewgemeg                                 bathroom

Nweshmowgemeg                              motel/hotel

Dawewgemeg                                     store/supermarket

Nweshmoatsekwnegadek                   bedroom

Mnekwewgemek                                tavern/drinking place

Gigenowgemek                                   kitchen/cooking place           

Zignegewgemek                                 toilet/emptying out place

Mtek                                                       tree

Mtegok                                                   trees  

Msegak                                                  board or plank

Msegakwek                                           boards or planks        

Msegagos                                              small board or plank

Msegagosek                                          small boards or planks

Msegagoses                                          splinter

Datbegon                                              leaves

Tekwenen                                             limbs

Jipken                                                    roots

Negekon                                                bark

Shgwebisen                                           boughs

Bathroom Objects

Gsi bik égen                                                     Soap

Gsi yab dewen                                                 Toothbrush

Égsi yab dek é yoch gadék                              Toothpaste

Gsin ji wen                                                       Towel

Gsin ji ‘wenés                                                  Wash Cloth

Mskwe doné’wen                                            Lipstick

É che gsin jik                                                    Sink

Nme kwi wen                                                  Hair Oil, etc.

Gsi bi gdo ne’wen                                           Mouthwash

Wawa bmowen                                               Mirror

Gi si bi gen na gen                                           Soap Dish

Gi si bigshe sebab                                           Soap on a rope

Gi si bi geg’nabo                                              Liquid Soap (Shampoo/Conditioner)

Éche gsi big shek                                              Bathtub, Shower

Mno mak’owen                                               Perfume/Cologne

É che gsi bingek                                               Laundry Room

Win se sé déwen                                             Hairbrush

Win se sé weigan                                             Hairbrush

Binakéwan                                                      Fine Tooth Comb

Binakwan                                                        Comb

É che gsi bi gbegojgen                                     Shower Curtain