Gshedémget – It is hot (an object)

Gshedémget ode shkwedé – This fire is hot

Gshedémget ode mijem – This food is hot

Gshedémget ode gapi – This coffee is hot

Gshedémget ode myéw – This road is hot (like hot pavement)

Gshedémget ode dabyan – This car is hot

Gshedémget i waskonjegen – That light is hot (candle, flashlight, lightbulb, etc.)

Zhoshkwamget – It’s slippery (weather)

Zhoshkwamget ngom – It’s slippery today

Zhoshkwamget zagech ngom – It’s slippery outside today

Kwansegé zhoshkamget zagech ngom – It’s really slippery outside today

Gwi zhoshkwamget zagech nomek mégwa – It’s going to be slippery outside for a long while

Gi zhoshkwamget wnago – It was slippery yesterday

Mégwa shna zhoshkiwen – It’s still slippery

Niskadémget – It is stormy

Gi niskadémget wnago – It was stormy yesterday

Niskadémget ngom – It is stormy today

Niskadémget shote, naké bbonimget ibe – It’s stormy here, but it’s snowing over there

Cho gi niskadémsi wnago shote – No, it wasn’t stormy here yesterday

Gi nshonadanmet – The wind was blowing in every direction