Winter musings

I haven’t written in here for a while now. I am quietly reflective today for all the deaths that I am aware of in my family and others because of this covid virus. Memories left behind with me, or entrusted to me by those who left are cherished and I will not forget those people who left them. I am buoyed up buy those kinds of thoughts of those people who my cherished when they were alive and well and walking about on this earth. I hope that others feel the same as I do in regard to this pandemic that seems to play us and harass us at times, It would seem.

This winter has been kind with not much snow and not much cold weather, but winter nonetheless. It has been enjoyable getting to know the family with the shut in type of relationships that we all seem to have to endure for the moment. Getting to know especially the family members whom we sometimes seem to avoid, although we live in the same houses. All things considered, this pandemic in some ways has been a blessing and bringing us closer together and learning to pull our thoughts and our prayers together for our common good. Iw enajmoyan

Nin se Neaseno