Zhabnegen – Needle

Zhabnegnen – Needles

Ni pi je ni zhabnegnen – Where are those needles?

Ni pi je i zhabnegen – Where is that needle?

Mishen i zhabnegen – Give me that needle

Nénmoshen i zhabnegen – Hand me that needle

Byénen moshen i zhabnegen – Pass me that needle

Dapnen i zhabnegen – Pick up that needle

Bgednen i zhabnegen – Put down that needle

Sebab – Thread, rope, string

Sebabis – spool of thread, rope, string, implies small

Sebabisen – Threads

Ni p je anet sebab? – Where is some string?

Byédweshen anet sebab – Bring me some string

Mishen anet sebab – Give me some string

Byénen moshen anet sebab – Pass me some string

Gégo néndemoken i sebab – Don’t forget the string

Pe’egwaso – To Patch something

Nwi pe’egwaso nomek – I’m going to do some mending for a while

Nwi pe’egwadon ode waboyan – I’m going to patch this blanket

Nwi pe’egwadon ode mjegodé – I’m going to patch this dress

Nwi pe’egwadonen node mejdasnen – I’m going to patch these leggings

Nwi pe’egwadon ode biskewagen – I’m going to patch this shirt/coat

Mdomnés – Bead

Mdomnések – Beads

Mdomneké – To Bead

Nwi mdomneké’a ode moshwé – I will bead this shawl

Nwi mdomneké’an ode biskewagen – I will bead this shirt/coat

Ni pi je gi mdomnések – Where are those beads?

Gédason gi mdomnések – Count those beads

Mskwemdomnések – Red Beads

Wabmdomnések – White Beads

Mkedémdomnések – Black Beads

Wizawmdomnések – Yellow Beads

Biskemwenen – Clothing

Byédweshen anet biskemwenen – Bring me some clothes

Ni pi je gbiskemwenen? – Where are your clothes?

Gdeton ne anet biskemwenen – Do you have any clothes?

Mnéschegen ni gbiskemwenen – Put your clothes in order (straighten them up, put them away, organize them)

Odanek nwi zhya éwi gishpnedoyan anet biskemwenen – I will go to town to buy some clothes

Odanek ngi zhyamen égi gishpnedoyak anet biskemwenen wnago – We went to town to buy some clothes yesterday