A sample from a book we did called, Bodewadmi Deshemwen

Nin  (I)   Gin   (you)   Win  (he/she)

Ni je na gin wa           how are ya all?

Ni je na ge win wa        how are they?

Ni je na o                how is he/she?

Ni je na gden wemagnek    how are your relatives?

Ni je na ggetsimnanek     how are your parents?

Ni je na ga zhikayen      how did you make out?

Ni je e’zhechkeyen        what are you doing?

Ni je e’zhechkeye’k       what are ya all doing?

Response: I am good/well/fine.

Nin          nde mno bmades   I am g/w

Gin          gde mno bmades   you are g/w

Win          mno bmadse       s/h is g/w

Ninan        mno bmatsemen    we are g/w

Ginan        gmno bmatsemen   we are g/w

Ginwa        gmno bmadsem     ya all are g/w

Winwa        mno bmatsik      they are g/w


Mko/mkwa              bear

Jigwe’k               thunder

Gigo                  fish

Nanimwe’              coyote

Moewe’                wolf

Mshike’               turtle

Bkoj bsheke           buffalo

Kno                   eagle




Mshiwe’               elk

Wawashkeshi           deer


Wasi                  bullhead/catfish

Nabe                  man

mskwabiskeno          red tailed hawk

Name’                 sturgeon

Negdosha              horse


What is your clan?

Gin              we ni je (o) gdote’m

                 What is your clan

Win              we ni je (o) wdote’men

                 What is h/h clan

Ninan            we ni je (o) ndote’mnan  (excl.)

                 What is our clan

Ginan            we ni je (o) gdote’mnan  (incl.)

                 What is our clan

Ginwa            we ni je (o) gdote’mwa  (ya all)

                 What is ya alls’ clan

Winwa            we ni je (o) wdotemwan

                 What is their clan

Some more on clan(s)

Nin              _________ndote’m

                 My clan is               

Gin              _________gdote’m

                 Your clan is

Win              _________wdote’men

                 H/h clan is

Ninan            _________ndote’mnan

                 Our clan is  (excl.)

Ginan            _________gdote’mnan

                 Our clan is  (incl.)

Ginwa            _________gdote’mwa

                 Ya alls’ clan is

Winwa            _________wdote’mwan

                 Their clan is

Berries for clans:

De’men           strawberry

Mskomen          raspberry

Minen            blueberry

Mkede’men        blackberry

Where do you live?

Gin              ni pi je e’je dayen

                 Where do you live

Win              ni pi je e’je dat

                 Where does h/s live

Ninan            ni pi je e’je ndaygo

                 Where do we live  (excl.)

Ginan            ni pi je e’je gdaygo

                 Where do we live  (incl.)

Ginwa            ni pi je e’je daye’k

                 Where do ya all live

Winwa            ni pi je e’je wda wat

                 Where do they live

I live in:

Nin              __________nde da/e’dayan

                 I live in

Gin              __________gde da/e’dayen

                 You live in

Win              __________wdawat/e’dawat

                 H/s lives in

Ninan            __________nde damen

                 We live in  (excl.)

Ginan            __________gde damen

                 We live in  (incl.)

Ginwa            __________gde dam

                 Ya all live in

Winwa            __________wdawat/e’dawat

                 They live in

Where are you from?

Gin              ni pi je wech byayen

                 Where are you from

Win              ni pi wech byat o

                 Where is h/s from

Ninan            ni pi je wech byayak

                 Where are we from  (excl.)

Ginan            ni pi je wech byaygo

                 Where are we from  (incl.)

Ginwa            ni pi je wech byaye’k

                 Where are ya all from

Winwa            ni pi je wech byawat

                 Where are they from

I am from:

Nin              ________ndochbya

                 I am from

Gin              ________gdochbya

                 You are from

Win              ________wje bye’wak

                 H/s is from

Ninan            ________ndoch byamen

                 We are from  (excl.)

Ginan            ________gdoch byamen

                 We are from  (incl.)

Ginwa            ________gdoch byam

                 Ya all are from

Winwa            ________wje bye’k

                 They are from

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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