Washkpen – Sweet Potato

Wishkpen – another way to say sweet potato

Wishkpepenyek – Sweet Potatoes

Washkpenik – Sweet Potatoes

Ni pi je gi washkpenik – Where are the sweet potatoes?

Mishen gi washkpenik – Give me those sweet potatoes

Byédweshen gi washkpenik – Bring me those sweet potatoes

Nwi gbashmak gode washpenik – I will cook these sweet potatoes

Mashpegwet – It tastes bad

This word refers to something that tastes bad because it is stale, soured or spoiled.

Mashpegwet ode gapi – This coffee tastes bad

Mashpegwet ode mbop – This soup tastes bad

Mashpegwet ode shomnabo – This grape juice tastes bad

Mashpegwet ode mshimnabo – This apple juice tastes bad