Mshimen – Apple

Mshimnek – Animate Apples (connected to their life source – the tree)

Mshimnen – Inanimate Apples (disconnected from the tree)

Gode mshimnek – These (animate) apples

Node mshimnen – These (inanimate) apples

Mshimnek gi yawik – Those are apples (animate)

Mshimnen ni yawnon – Those are apples (inanimate)

Wishkbabo – Soda Pop

Wishkbabo is the word for a traditional drink make from maple syrup.  It is now used to describe soda pop and other sweet soft drinks.

Mishen i wishkbabo – Give me a soda

Byédweshen i wishkbabo – Bring me a soda

Gdeton ne anet wishkbabo? – Do you have any/some soda?

Naden i wishkbabo – Get me a soda

Ni pi je i wishkbabo? – Where is the soda?

Mskomen – Raspberry

Mskomen is animate when growing on the bush, and inanimate when picked.

Mskominek – Animate raspberries

Mskominen – Inanimate raspberries

Gode mskominek – These raspberries (animate)

Node mskominen – These raspberries (inanimate)

Mskominek gi yawik – Those are raspberries (animate)

Mskominen ni yawnon – Those are raspberries (inanimate)

Wiyas – Meat

Wiyas is usually inanimate, because it implies that a piece of meat has been cut from an inanimate animal.  When using wiyas with the animal it came from, the animal becomes inanimate.

Wiyasen – Meats/Pieces of meat

Gokosh wiyas – Pork/pig meat

I gokosh wiyas – that pork/ham/bacon

Ni gokosh wiyasen – those pieces of pork/ham/bacon

Mishen i gokosh wiyas – Hand me that pork

Byédweshen ni gokosh wiyasen – Bring me those pieces of pork

*note – gokosh wiyas is a general word, there are more specific words for ham, bacon, ribs, etc.