Contract Learning

Experience has taught us that independent seekers of language, the self-starters, the self-funders, the hungry ones, are more likely to succeed in becoming semi-fluent in this language.  

Independent studies will be done by contract.  You may wish to contact your band, school, or other grant funding agencies to obtain financial assistance.  We can provide paperwork if necessary.

Rates are $20 -$35/hour for time with Heritage Fluent Speaker Neaseno Perrot or one of his assigned trainees, depending on the level of instruction.  

Materials needed may be purchased on  We do provide our web site as a resource along with printed handouts from time to time. We also recommend that you contact your band’s language department to learn about other language resources available to you.

Online Platform will be ZOOM.  If you have funding to travel and wish to set up several days/weeks of immersion style teaching, a rate can be negotiated.  Please send an inquiry if you are interested.

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