Wiskaktémget – It’s unbearably hot

Wiskaktémget ngom – It’s unbearably hot today

Wiskaktémget zagech – It’s unbearably hot outside

Wiskaktémget ne?  – Is it unbearably hot?

Wi wiskaktémget ne wabek? – Will it be unbearably hot tomorrow?

Gi wiskaktémget wnago – It was unbearably hot yesterday

Mashpegwet – It tastes bad

This word refers to something that tastes bad because it is stale, soured or spoiled.

Mashpegwet ode gapi – This coffee tastes bad

Mashpegwet ode mbop – This soup tastes bad

Mashpegwet ode shomnabo – This grape juice tastes bad

Mashpegwet ode mshimnabo – This apple juice tastes bad