Gnestetan ne node

Wne ste tan                                         He/she understands it

                                                            (what is being said)

Gne ste tan ne?                                    Do you understand it?

Wne stotwan                                       He/she understands him/her

Gne sto to ne?                                     Do you understand me?

Gne sto twa ne?                                   Do you understand him/her?

Gne sto twak ne?                                 Do you understand them?

Gne sto ta gwnan ne?                          Does he/she understand us?

Gne sto ta gwnanek ne?                      Do they understand us?

Jo gne ste tos non                                I don’t understand you.

Gne sto tan ne i?                                

Do you understand that?

Gne sto tam ne i?

            Do you people understand that?

Ahau, nse tem ok ode

            Ok, understand this!

Ne sto tan

            I understand!

Ne sto tamen

            We understand! (excl.)

Gne sto tamen

            We understand! (incl.)

Gne sto tamen ne?

            Do we understand? (incl.)

Jo, gne ste to snon

            I don’t understand you.

Gne sto twa ne?

            Do you understand him/her?

Gne sto towem ne?

            Do you people understand me?

Gne sto twen

            I understand you.

Nse ta gwse

            He/she is understandable!

Gne ste townem

            I understand you people.

Jo, gne ste to wso nem.

            I don’t understand you guys.

Gi gne ste tam ne ga wje yajmoawat gi kékyajek wnago

            Did you understand what those elders told the people yesterday?

Gne sto twam ne ga wje kedyan

            Do you all understand what I said?

Gne sto tam ne i nga ket?

            Do you people understand what I said?

Ahau, gse tem ok jayék éktot ode kewézi

            Ok, understand everything this old man says!


            Listen (all of you)

Ahau, bsetmok jayék éktowat gi nakéndemwajek mine gsetemok jayék i ézhyayen ibe émawjeshnowat gi neshnabék.

            Ok, listen (all of you) to everything these wise ones say to you all and understand all they say when you go over there where those Indians have gathered!

Bno wi pi égi penojéwiyak pené she gi yajmowat ibyé nebgeshmok gi kékyajek.

            Long ago when we were children always those elders spoke to us when evening came.

Bama she pi gwi byé na wat ni kenomagewnen bwamshe ebyat o gatikno.

            They will bring those teachings back before this spotted eagle returns!

Mano gwi zhe wébet mine!

            It will happen again!

Gwi gne sto twak jayék gin wa i byé zhe wébek i

            They will all understand when it happens!

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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