Gaga she dgwagek

Anet Bodéwadmimwen Dgwagek kedwenen

Some Potawatomi sentences for Fall.

Édgwagek Datbegnon watébgyanon.

The leaves are changing color since it is becoming fall.

Tkéya mget zagech gnebéch da biskemen gazhoyak.

It’s cool outside maybe you should put on some warm clothes.

Gda-mawdoshk’anen ne ni datbegon nekmek shena zhi ténon.

Could you rake the leaves they are all over the place?

Babwichgen! Abdek nwi-askonye bgéji ksenya mget.

Wait! I have to change it’s a little cold.

Biskowagen ne ggi-byédon iw pi gishkepkonyak wa je ksenyamgek.

Did you bring a jacket its gonna be cold when it gets dark.

Oswen ne ggi-majibdon kyetnam ewi ksenyamgek dbekek.

Did you turn on the heater its really gonna be cold tonight.

Penik ne ggi -bnegwenak?

Did you peel the potatoes?

Msezé wiyas mine Shekowew penik nwi-gebatonen.

I am cooking turkey and mashed potatoes.

Mdamnek ne ggi-mshishknak?

Did you shuck the corn?

Netem ne sikdekiwen ezhewébek shode.

Has the first frost happened here?

Nish Kche yabek ngi-wabmak ezhi jigakwak.

I saw two big buck over there by the edge of the woods.

Ngi-bashksewa ngot nijan mine bshkonwek o yabe.

I shot one doe and I missed a buck.

Gda-Bitoshkan eko ksenyamget wéyabek.

You should dress in layers since its going to be cold tomorrow morning.

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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