Simple language stuff

What things are called in the language

Ni je ezh ne kadek                                           What is it called? 

Ni je ga zhen kadek                                         What was it called? 

Ni je wa zhen kadek                                        What will it be called?

Ni je ezh ne ka swat                                        What are they called? 

Ni je ga zhen ka swat                                      What were they called? 

Ni je wa zhen ka swat                                     What are they going to be called? 

Ni je ezh ne kan go yen                                   What are you called? 

Ni je ezh ne ka zot                                           What is he/she called? 

Ndag zhe an ne                                               Are you through yet? 

Ni je ode ezh ne kadek                                    What is this called? 

Ni je node ezh ne kadek                                  What are these called?

Ni je o zhe ne ka zot                                        What is he/she called?

Ni je gi ezh ne ka swat                                     What are they called?

Ni je gi da zhen ka swat                                  What should they be called?

Ni je da zhen ka dmen                                     What should they call them?

Megwa byej bye ge o                                      He/she is still writing.

Ni je gode ezh ne ka swat                               What are these called?

Ni je ga zhen ka ngo ygo                                 What were we called?

Ni je wi zhen ka ngo ygo                                 What can we be called?

Ni je da zhen ka ngo ygo                                 What should we be called?

                                                                        What can we be called?

Bodewadmiyek gde zhne/zhen kan go men  We are called Potawatomi.   

Bodewadmik gda zhne/zhen kan go men      They can call us Potawatomi.

Some examples:

Wiwkwan ode zhen ka de.                              It is called a cap.

Kewezi o zhen ka zo.                                       He is called an old man.                     

Nemosh o zhne ka zo.                                     He/it is called a dog. 

Ndebanawen ode zhen ka dem get. (Neutral)           It is called love.

Gwabgasen node zhen ka denon                    They are called cups

Komanen node zhen ka denon.                      They are called knives.

Zhishibek gode zhen ka zwik.                          They are called ducks.

Mkesnen node zhen ka denon.                       They are called shoes.

Dbuhgenen ni zhen ka denon.                        They are called rulers.

Neshnabek gi zhen ka zwik.                            They are called Indians.

Zhagnashiyek gi zhen ka zwik.                        They are called Canadians.

Amoyek gi zhen ka zwik.                                 They are called bees.

Kwekwsek gi zhen ka zwik.                             They are called woodchucks.

Gokokoyek gode zhen ka zwik.                       They are called owls.

Biskowagenen node zhen ka denon/don.       They are called shirts/it is called a shirt.

Wiwkwanen ni zhen ka denon/don.               They are called caps/it is called a cap.

What are you saying?

Kedo                                        h/s is saying s.t.

Ndekto                                     I am saying s.t.

Gdekto                                     you are saying s.t.

Kedwik                                     they are saying s.t.

Ni je ektot o                            what is he/she saying?

Ni je ektoyen                           what are you saying?

Ni je ga kedyan                        what did I say?

Ni je ga kedyen                        what did you say?

Ni je ektowat                           what are they saying?

Ni je wa kedwat                      what are they going to say?

Wi kedwik wa je byayak          they are going to say s.t. when we get there.

Wi ye I, wa kedyan                  that’s what I’m going to say.

Wi ye I, wa kedwat                  that’s what they’re going to say.

Wi ye I nda dena                     that is what I told him/her.

Ngi dena                                  I told him/her

Ngi dena a’o ma she na          but I told him/her

Widmo a’o wa kedyen            tell him/her what you’re going to say

Iw, ga kdot                               that’s what he/she said

Iw, ga kedyan                          that’s what I said

Iw, ga kedyen                          that’s what you said.

Iw, ga kedwat                          that’s what they said.

Iw, ga kedwat neko                 that’s what they used to say.

Gda ket ne ode                        can you say this?

Ni je ode da kedyan                how would I say this?

Ni je ode da kedyen                how would you say this?

Can you hear me?

Jayék gin wa ne nodwak                                 Can you all hear?

Jayék gin wa ne nodweshen                            Can you all hear me?

Gnodweshen ne                                              Can you hear me?

Éhé nnodan                                                     Yes, I can hear

Cho wi she nnodan si                                      No, I can’t hear

Éhé nnodwen                                                  Yes, I can hear you

Cho wi she nnodwe si                                     No, I can’t hear you

Bsentagéshen                                                  Listen to me

Bsentagéshek                                                  Listen to us

Bsedon!                                                           Listen!

Bsedwe’a o                                                      Listen to him/her

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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