Questions aptly put

Where are you going?Ni pi je ézhyayen?
Where are you all going?Ni pi je ézhyayék?
Where are we going? (ex)Ni pi je ézhyayak?
Where are we going? (in)Ni pi je ézhyaygo?
Where is he/she going?Ni pi je ézhyét?
Where are they going?Ni pi je ézhyéwat?
What are you doing?Ni je éschegéyen?
What are you all doing?Ni je éschegéyék?
What are they doing?Ni je éschegéwat?
What is he/she doing?Ni je ézhechkét?
What did we do? (ex)Ni je ga zhechkéyak?
What did we do? (in)Ni je ga zhechkéygo?
What will you do?Ni je wa zhechkéyen?
What will you all do?Ni je wa zhechkéyék?
What did you do?Ni je ga zhechkéyen?
What did you all do?Ni je ga zhechkéyék?
What did he/she do?Ni je ga zhechkét?
What did they do?Ni je ga zhechkéwat?
Where did you go?Ni pi je ga zhyayen?
Where did you all go?Ni pi je ga zhyayék?
Where did he/she go?Ni pi je ga zhyét?
Where did they go?Ni pi je ga zhyéwat?
NowhereCho ngoji
Over thereIbe
I am going to the hospitalMshkekiwgemek nwi zhya
We are going to the hospital (ex)Mshkekiwgemek nwi zhyamen
We are going to the hospital (in)Mshkekiwgemek gwi zhyamen
I am going to the storeDawéwgemek nwi zhya
We are going to the store (ex)Dawéwgemek nwi zhyamen
We are going to the store (in)Dawéwgemek gwi zhyamen
Who is that?Wéni je o?
What is that?Wégwni je i?
Who are they?Wéni je gi?
What are those?Wégwni je ni?
He is a bearMko o yawe
He is a dogNemosh o yawe
She is a dogKwésmo o yawe
She is called WinnieWinnie zhenkazo
He is called BobBob zhenkazo
What did you do yesterday?Ni je ga zhechkéyen wnago?
What did you all do yesterday?Ni je ga zhechkéyék wnago?
What did they do yesterday?Ni je ga zhechkéwat wnago?
What did he/she do yesterday?Ni je ga zhechkét wnago?
What are you going to do tomorrow?Ni je wa zhechkéyen wabek?
What are you all going to do tomorrow?Ni je wa zhechkéyék wabek?
What will they do tomorrow?Ni je wa zhechkéwat wabek?
What will he/she do tomorrow?Ni je wa zhechkét wabek?
What will we do tomorrow? (ex)Ni je wa zhechkéyak wabek?
What will we do tomorrow? (in)Ni je wa zhechkéygo wabek?
Do you want something?Gégo ne gnedwendan?
What do you want?Ni je énedwendemen?
What do you all want?Ni je énedwendemek?
I want some waterÉnedwendayan anet mbish
More?Mégwa ne?
Hurry upYabjeyen!
Are you hungry?Gbekté ne?
Are you all hungry?Gbektém ne?
Yes, I am hungryÉhe nbekté
Yes, we are hungry (ex)Éhe nbektémen
We are not hungry (ex)Cho nbektésimen
I am not hungryCho nbektési
What is this?Wégni je ode?
What is your name?Ni je ézhnekasyen?
What are you all’s names?Ni je ézhnekasyék?
I am called JohnJohn ndezhnekas
We are called John and MaryJohn mine Mani zhenkaswik
Come hereByan shote
Come here (you all)Byak shote
Put it backTon i néyap
Put it downBgednen i
Don’t do thatGégo i zhechkéken
Don’t do that (pl)Gégo I zhechkékék
Turn it onMajibdon
Turn off the lightsAtebdon i waskonenjegen
What are you going to eat?Ni je wa je wisneyen?
What are we going to eat? (ex)Ni je wa je wisneyak?
What are we going to eat? (in)Ni je wa je wisneygo?
What are you all going to eat?Ni je wa je wisneyék?
What is he/she going to eat?Ni je wa je wisnet?
What are they going to eat?Ni je wa je wisnewat?
Help meNizhokmoshen
Help usNizhokmoshek
Where are you from?Ni pi je wech byayen?
Where are you all from?Ni pi je wech byayék?
Where are they from?Ni pi je wech byéwat?
Where is he/she from?Ni pi je wech byét ?
I am from OklahomaOklahoma ndoch bya
We are from Oklahoma (ex)Oklahoma ndoch byamen
He/she is from OklahomaOklahoma wej byé
They are from OklahomaOklahoma wej byék
Are you thirsty?Gashknabagwé ne?
I am thirstyNgashknabagwé
We are thirsty (ex)Ngashknabagwémen
I am not thirstyCho ngashknabagwési
We are not thirsty (ex)Cho ngashknabagwésimen
Hello, friendHau, nikan
Hello, my friendBozho, nnikan
How are you?Ni je na?
How are you all?Ni je na ginwa?
I am fineIw she anwe
We are fineIw she anwe géninan
I am fine (another way)Anwe she shena
I am living wellNmno bmades
We are living wellNmno bmadsemen
Are you sick?Gdaknoga ne?
Are you all sick?Gdaknogam ne?
Are they sick?Yakwnogék ne?
Is he/she sick?Yakwnogé ne?
I am sickNdaknoga
I am not sickCho ndaknogasi
We are sick (ex)Ndaknogamen
We are not sick (ex)Cho ndaknogasimen
They are sickYakwnogék
They are not sickCho yakwnogésik
He/she is sickYakwnogé
He/she is not sickCho yakwnogési
Are they dancing this evening?Nim’edik ne ode pkonyak?
How far is it to your house?Ni je épichiyak édayen?
We are going to the storeDawéwgemek nwi zhyamen
Come eatByé wisnen
Come eat (all of you)Byé wisnek
Are we lostGgiwanimen ne?
Where are you hanging around?Ni pi je édnesyen?
Where are you all hanging around?Ni pi je édnesyék?
Where are they hanging around?Ni pi je édneswat?
Where is he/she hanging around?Ni pi je édneset?
Do you like this?Gmedagwendan ne ode?
Do you all like this?Gmedagwendak ne ode?
How is your mother?Ni je éshbmadzet o ggiyé ?
How is your father?Ni je na o g’os?
We are going to the beach (in)Jikbyék gzhyamen
Thank youMigwech
Thank you (heartfelt)Igwien
It is goodWenet
It is badMyanet
Are you working today?Gmikchéwi ne ngom?
Are you working hard today?Kchemikchéwi ne ngom?
I am eating soupMbob nmijen
I have already eatenNgi gishwisen
Do you ever see John?Wika ne ggi wabma o John?
Do you ever see them?Wika ne ggi wabmak gi?
I live on the Citizen Potawatomi ReservationShishibéni skongen nda
Are you going to sleep?Gwi o mba ne?
Go to sleep!Wi ne mban!
Go to sleep! (all of you)Wi ne mbak!
Look over thereNek she ibe
Be carefulNasana
Be careful (another)Wigézen
Let’s visit for a whileGmbwach’ewémen nomek
Come visit meMbwach’ewéshen
Come visit usMbwach’ewéshek
Later againBama mine
I will see you again laterBama mine gwabmen
Little bit laterShkejiméyek
Are you busy?Gdotmes ne?
Are you all busy?Gdotmesem ne?
I am busyNdotmes
I am not busyCho ndotmesi
We are busy (ex)Ndotmesmen
We are not busy (ex)Cho ndotmesimen
Come with meWijeweshen
Come with usWijeweshek
Are you Indian?Neshnabé ne gdaw?
Are you all Indians?Neshnabék ne gdawem?
Yes I am IndianÉhe neshnabé ndaw
I am not IndianCho neshnabé ndawsi
I am an Indian womanNeshnabékwé ndaw
Are you Potawatomi?Bodéwadmi ne gdaw?
I am PotawatomiBodéwadmi ndaw
I am not PotawatomiCho Bodéwadmi ndawsi
I am a Potawatomi WomanBodéwadmikwé ndaw
Where are you enrolled?Ni pi je éndebendagziyen?
Where are you all enrolled?Ni pi je éndebendagziyék?
I am enrolled with Citizen Band PotawatomiShishibéniyek ndebendagwes
I am enrolled with Prairie Band PotawatomiMshkodéniyek ndebendagwes
We are enrolled with Citizen Band PotawatomiShishibéniyek ndebendagsemen
We are enrolled with Prairie Band PotawatomiMshkodéniyek ndebendagsemen
I am enrolled with Forest CountyKsenyaniyek ndebendagwes
What’s happening?Ni je éshe webek?
What happened?Ni je ga shewebek?
What happened to you?Ni je ga she websiyen?
What’s up?Ni je she shpemek?
What’s going down?Ni je nisajwen?
I don’t knowNemetsena
I don’t know anythingNemetsena gégo
It’s hotGshatémget
Something is hotGshedémget
It is rainingGmowen
It is hazyPkwenemget
It is warmYabwamget
It is blazing hotWiskakdemget
It is a downpourZigbisamget
Light rain/drizzleWenbisa
Light rainGmowas
It is raining (another)Gméyamget
It is coldKsenyamget
It is coolTkéyamget
It is a nice dayMno gishget
Are you broke?Gbokshka ne?
Are you all broke?Gbokshkam ne?
When did you first start speaking Indian?Ni je pi nétum ga je webneshnabémyen?
Do you speak Indian?Gneshnabém ne?
Do you speak Potawatomi?Gdebodéwadmim ne?
Where did you park your car?Ni pi je ga je toyen gdodabyanem?
Are you ready?Gdozhita ne?
Behave (pl)Dadokmebek
Take it easy/Be QuietÉgach
My back achesNgigijpekwene
Do you know that man?Gkenma ne o nene?
Do you know that woman?Gkenma ne o kwé?
Do you know those people?Gkenmak ne gi bmadzejek?
What time is it?Ni je étso yawek?
What time is it? (another)Ni je tso dbegnek
It is one o’clockNgot dbegenek
It is noonNawkwék
It is midnightAptadbeket
Good morningMno waben
Good eveningMno pkonyak
Good afternoonMno gishnawkwék
I want some coffeeÉnedwendayan anet gapi

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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