Nikanek mine ndenwemagnek

Relatives and Friends

Aunt (maternal) Sing.  Plural

Nin noshe  nosheyek

Gin gnoshe  gnosheyek

Win wnosheyen  wnosheyen

Ginwa gnoshem  gnoshemek

Ninan noshenan  noshenanek

Ginan gnoshenan  gnoshenanek

Winwa wnoshewan  wnoshewan

Aunt (paternal)

Nin nshegwes nshegwsek

Gin gshegwes gshegwsek

Win wshegwesen   wshegwesen

Ginwa gshegwesewa  gshegwesewak

Ninan nshegwesenan nshegwesenanek

Ginan gshegwesenan  gshegwesenanek

Winwa wshegwsewan  wshegwsewan

Brother in law

Nin nita nitag

Gin gnita  gnitag

Win wnitan wnitan

Ginwa gnitawa gnitawak

Ninan nitanan nitananek

Ginan gnitanan gnitananek

Winwa wnitawan wnitawan

Brother in law of male

Nin niji nijik

Gin gniji  gnijik

Win wnijiyen wnijiyen

Ginwa gnijimwa gnijimwak

Ninan nijinan nijinanek

Ginan gnijinan gnijinanek

Winwa wnijimwan wnijimwan

Brother of male

Nin nikan/nikanes nikansek

Gin gnikanes gnikansek

Win wnikaneyen wnikaneyen

Ginwa gnikansewa gnikansewak

Ninan nikanan nikananek

Ginan gnikanan gnikananek

Winwa wnikanewan wnikanewan

Older brother of female

Nin ndewema ndewemak

Gin gdewema gdewemak

Win wdeweman   wdeweman

Ginwa gdewemwa   gdewemwak

Ninan ndewemamnan ndewemamnanek

Ginan gdewemamnan gdewemamnanek

Winwa wdewemwan  wdewemwan

Older brother of male

Nin nseze   nsezeyek

Gin gseze   gsezeyek

Win wsezeyen wsezeyen

Ginwa gsezemowa   gsezemowak

Ninan nsezenan nsezenanek

Ginan gsezenan gsezenanek

Winwa wsezewan wsezewan


Nin nijanes  nijansek

Gin gnijanes gnijansek

Win wnijansen wnijansen

Ginwa gnijansowa   gnijansowak

Ninan nijansenan   nijansenanek

Ginan gnijansenan   gnijansenanek

Winwa wnijansewan   wnijansewan

Cousin and sometimes friend

Nin nitawes nitawsek

Gin gnitawes gnitawsek

Win wnitawsen wnitawsen

Ginwa gnitasowa gnitawsowak

Ninan nitawsenan  nitawsenanek

Ginan gnitawsenan   gnitawsenanek

Winwa wnitawsewan   wnitawsewan


Nin ndanes  ndansek/ndanseyek

Gin gdanes  gdansek/gdanseyek

Win wdanseyen  wdanseyen

Ginwa gdansowa gdansowak

Ninan ndansenan  ndansenanek

Ginan gdansenan  gdansenanek

Winwa wdansewan  wdansewan

Daughter in law

Nin neagnekwe  neagnekwemek

Gin gneagnekwe  gneagnekwemek

Win wneagnekwemen  wneagnekwemen

Ginwa gneagnekwemwa  gneagnekwemwak

Ninan ndeagnekwemnan  ndeagnekwemnanek

Ginan gdeagnekwemnan  gdeagnekwemnanek

Winwa wneagnekwemwan  wneagnekwemwan


Nin  n’os/ndedeyem

Gin g’os/gdedeyem

Win w’osen /wdedemen

Ginwa g’oswa/ gdedemwa

Ninan n’osnan/ndedemenan

Ginan g’osnan/gdedemenan

Winwa w’oswan/wdedemowan

Father in law

Nin nshenes

Gin gshenes

Win wshensen

Ginwa gshensewa

Ninan nshensenan

Ginan gshensenan

Winwa wshensewan

Friend or Lover, a really close friend, neuter gender

Nin nikowes nijkowsek

Gin gnijkowes gnijkowsek

Win  wnijkosen wnijkosen

Ginwa gnijkosewa gnijkosewak

Ninan nijkosenan  nijkosenanek

Ginan gnijkosenan   gnijkosenanek

Winwa wnijkosewan  wnijkosewan


Nin noses   noseseyek

Gin gnoses   gnoseseyek

Win wnoseyen wnoseyen

Ginwa gnosesmowa   gnosesmowak

Ninan nosenan nosenanek

Ginan gnosenan gnosenanek

Winwa   wnosewan wnosewan


Nin nmeshomes  nmeshomsek

Gin gmeshomes  gmeshomsek

Win wmeshomsen   wmeshomsen

Ginwa gmeshomsewa gmeshomsewak

Ninan nmeshomsenan  nmeshomsenanek

Ginan gmeshomsenan  gmeshomsenanek

Winwa wmeshomsewan  wmeshomsewan


Nin n’okmes n’okmesek

Gin g’okmes g’okmesek

Win w’okmesen w’okmesen

Ginwa g’okmeswa g’okmeswak

Ninan n’okmesnan  n’okmesnanek

Ginan g’okmesnan  g’okmesnanek

Winwa w’okmeswan  w’okmeswan

Grandson/grand daughter

Nin noseme nosemeyek

Diminutive nosemes nosemesek

Gin goseme gosemeyek

Diminutive gosemes gosemesek

Win wnosemeyen   wnosemeyen

Ginwa ggoseme ggosemeyek

Ninan nosememnan  nosememnanek

Ginan gnosememnan gnosememnanek

Winwa wnosemewan  wnosemewan


Nin ngiye  ngiyeyek

Gin ggiye  ggiyeyek

Win wgiyeyen  wgiyeyen

Ginwa ggiyewa  ggiyewak

Ninan  ngiyenan  ngiyenanek

Ginan ggiyenan  ggiyenanek

Winwa wgiyewan   wgiyewan

Another mother

Nin neneyem nenemek

Gin gneneyem gnenemek

Win wnenemen  wnenemen

Ginwa gnenemowa  gnenemowak

Ninan nenemenan  nenemenanek

Ginan gnenemenan   gnenemenanek

Winwa wnenemowan  wnenemowan

Namesake, child in one’s family who has name of family ancestor, describes a “tying together”

Nin ndankobjegen

Gin gdankobjegen

Win wdankobjegen

Ginwa gdankobjegnewa

Ninan ndankobjegnan

Ginan gdankobjegnan

Winwa wdankobjegnewan


Nin negwnes negwnesek

Gin gnegwnes gnegwnesek

Win wnegwnesen  wnegwnesen

Ginwa gnegwneswa  gnegwneswak

Ninan negwnesnan  negwnesnanek

Ginan gnegwnesnan  gnegwnesnanek

Winwa wnegwneswan wnegwneswan

Niece of male

Nin nzhemes nzhemsek

Gin gzhemes gzhemsek

Win wzhemsen wzhemsen

Ginwa gzhemsewa  gzhemsewak

Ninan nzhemsenan   nzhemsenanek

Ginan gzhemsenan gzhemsenanek

Winwa wzhemsewan wzhemsewan


Nin ngetsimek

Gin ggetsimek

Win wgetsimen

Ginwa ggetsimwak (getsimwak)

Ninan ngetsimnanek

Ginan getsimnanek

Winwa wgetsimwan

Parents, this term also used for all older relatives

Nin nmezodanek

Gin gmezodanek

Win wmezodanen

Ginwa gmezodanwak

Ninan nmezodanenanek

Ginan gmezodanenanek

Winwa wmezodanwan


Nin ndenwemagen ndenwemagnek

Gin gdenwemagen gdenwemagnek

Win wdenwemagnen  wdenwemagnen

Ginwa gdenwemagnewa  gdenwemagnewak

Ninan ndenwemagnenan  ndenwemagnenanek

Ginan gdenwemagnenan  gdenwemagnenanek

Winwa wdenwemagnewan  wdenwemagnewan

Sister of male

Nin ndekwem ndekwemek

Gin gdekwem gdekwemek

Win wdekwemen   wdekwemen

Ginwa gdekwemwa  gdekwemwak

Ninan ndekwemnan   ndekwemnanek

Ginan gdekwemnan   gdekwemnanek

Winwa wdekwemwan  wdekwemwan

Sister of female

Nin nidgeko nidgekok

Gin gnidgeko gnidgekok

Win wnidgekon wnidgekon

Ginwa gnidgekowa gnidgekowak

Ninan nidgekonan   nidgekonanek

Ginan gnidgekkonan    gnidgekonanek

Winwa wnidgekowan  wnidgekowan

Older sister

Nin nmese   nmeseyek

Gin gmese   gmeseyek

Win wmeseyen wmeseyen

Ginwa gmesewa gmesewak

Ninan nmesenan nmesenanek

Ginan gmesenan gmesenanek

Winwa wmesewan   wmesewan

Sister in law of male

Nin ninem   ninemek

Gin gninem gninemek

Win winmon winmon

Ginwa ginmowa ginmowak

Ninan ninmenan ninmenanek

Ginan ginmenan ginmenanek

Winwa winmowan   winmowan


Nin ngwes   ngwesek

Gin ggwes    ggwesek

Win wgwesen wgewesen

Ginwa ggwesewa ggwesewak

Ninan ngwesnan ngwesnanek

Ginan ggwesnan ggwesnanek

Winwa wgweswan  wgweswan

Son in law

Nin neangesh

Gin gneangesh

Win wneangeshen

Ginwa gneangeshmowa

Ninan ndeangeshmnan

Ginan gdeangeshmnan

Winwa wdeangeshmowan

A child you named

Nin niyokade niyokadeyek

Gin giyokade giyokadeyek

Win wiyokaden  wiyokaden

Ginwa giyokadeswa   giyokadeswak

Ninan niyokadenan  niyokadenanek

Ginan giyokadenan  giyokadenanek

Winwa wiyokadewan  wiyokadewan

Step father or Paternal Uncle

Nin nmishome

Gin gmishome

Win wmishomeyen

Ginwa gmishome’wa

Ninan nmishomemenan

Ginan gmishomemenan

Winwa wmishomewan

Maternal Uncle

Nin nzheshe nzhesheyek

Gin gzheshe gzhesheyek

Win wzhesheyen  wzhesheyen

Ginwa gzheshemwa  gzheshemwak

Ninan nzheshemenan nzheshemenanek

Ginan gzheshemenan gzheshemenanek

Winwa wzheshewan  wzheshewan

Younger sibling

Nin nshime  nshimeyek

Gin gshime  gshimeyek

Win wshimeyen  wshimeyen

Ginwa gshimewa gshimewak

Ninan nshimenan  nshimenanek

Ginan gshimenan  gshimenanek

Winwa wshimewan  wshimewan

Grandfather deceased

Nin  nmeshomseben

Gin gmeshomseben

Win wmeshomsenaben

Ginwa gmeshomsewaben


Nin nokmesben

Gin gokmesben

Win okmesenaben

Ginwa gokmesewaben

nikanek mine ndenwemak

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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