Review weather terms APWAD

Weather Terms…

…for when you just want to talk about the weather.

53.  Wishkanmet – It’s Really Windy 

Wi wishkanmet pkonyak – It will be really windy tonight

Gi wishkanmet bédbekok – It was really windy all last night

Wi wishkanmet ngom – It will be really windy today

Wi wishkanmet wabek – It will be really windy tomorrow

54.  Goniswen – Snowflake 

Ngi wabdan ngot goniswen ngom – I saw one snowflake today

Ngi wabdanen mjesh goniswenen ngom – I saw many snowflakes today

Nwi wabdanen megwa goniswenen wabek – I will see more snowflakes tomorrow

Ggi wabdan ne i goniswen? – Did you see the snowflake?

Ggi wabdanen ne ni goniswenen? – Did you see the snowflakes?

55.  Cho gi bonimsi – It didn’t snow.

Cho gi bonimsi wnago – It didn’t snow yesterday.

Cho gi bonimsi dbekok – It didn’t snow last night.

Cho gi bonimsi weswnago – It didn’t snow day before yesterday.

Wi bonimget wabek gnebech – It might snow tomorrow.

56.  Kises – Sun 

Nibagises – Moon

Dbegises – Moon

Moshknégises – Full Moon

Gises can also be used for month…

Giwségises – Hunting Moon

57.  Wiskaktémget – It’s unbearably hot 

Wiskaktémget ngom – It’s unbearably hot today

Wiskatémget zagech – It’s unbearably hot outside

Wiskaktémget ne? – Is it unbearably hot?

Wi wiskaktémget ne wabek? – Will it be unbearably hot tomorrow?

Gi wiskaktémget wnago. – It was unbearably hot yesterday

58.  Gshatémget – It is Hot (the weather)

Gshatémget ngom – It’s hot today

Wi gshatémget ode gizhnawkwék – It will be hot this afternoon

Gi gshatémget wnago – It was hot yesterday

Gshatémget ne ibe édayen? – Is it hot there where you live?

Gshatémget shote édayan – It is hot here where I live

Gshatémget shote édayak – It is hot here where we live

Gzhetémget refers to something that is hot to the touch.

59.  Bégwtémget – It’s dry (the weather)

Épich bégwtémget ngom – It’s really dry today

Wi bégwtémget wabek – It will be dry tomorrow

Gi bégwtémget wnago – It was dry yesterday

Wi bégwtémget ne ngom? – Will it be dry today?

Gi bégwtémget ne dbekok? – Was it dry last night?

60.  Wénbisamget – It is raining lightly

Wi wénbisamget ngom – It will rain lightly today

Wi wénbisamget wabek – It will rain lightly tomorrow

Wi wénbisamget weswabek – It will rain lightly day after tomorrow

Gi wénbisamget wnago – It rained lightly yesterday

Gi wénbisamget weswnago – It rained lightly day before yesterday

61.  Gméyamget – It is Raining 

Gméyamget odo pi – It is raining at this time

Gi gméyamget wnago – It rained yesterday

Wi gméyamget wabek – It will rain tomorrow

Zamjesh gi gméyamget ngom – It rained alot/too much today

Gi gméyamget ne ibe édayék? – Did it rain there where you all live?

Gmowen – Rain

62.  Nibiskadémget – It is humid 

Nibiskadémget ngom shote édayak – It is humid here today where we live

Wi nibiskadémget wabek – It will be humid tomorrow

Gi nibiskadémget wnago – It was humid yesterday

Kchenibiskadémget – It is very humid

63.  Nshonadanmet – Wind is blowing in all directions

Gi nshonadanmet – Wind was blowing in all directions

Gi nshonadanmet wnago – It was blowing in all directions yesterday

Gi nshonadanmet zagech wnago – It was blowing in all directions outside yesterday

Gi nshonadanmet zagech wnago shote édayak – it was blowing in all directions outside yesterday here where we live.

64.  Nshiwénmet ngom – It’s really windy today

Wi nshiwénmet ngom – It’s going to be very windy today

Wi nshiwénmet ngom shote – It’s going to be very windy here today

Wi nshiwénmet zagech ngom shote – It’s going to be very windy outside here today

Wi nshiwénmet zagech ngom gnebech shote – Perhaps it’s going to be very windy outside here today

65.  Mgweshkwach gishget – It’s an unsettled weather day

Mgweshkwach gishget ngom – The weather is unsettled today

Wi mgweshkwach gishget wabek – The weather will be unsettled tomorrow

Gi mgweshkwach gishget wnago – The weather was unsettled yesterday

66.  Yabwamget – It is warm 

Yabwamget zagech – It is warm outside

Yabwamget zagech ngom – It is warm outside today

Gi yabwamget zagech wnago – It was warm outside yesterday

Wi yabwamget zagech wabek – It will be warm outside tomorrow

67.  Gon – Snow 

Goniswen – Snowflake

Gonkiwen – Snow on the ground

Bonimget – It’s snowing 

Kche boni – It’s really snowing

Shote gi bonimget bgéji wnago – It snowed a little bit here yesterday

68.  Noden – Wind 

Kchenoden – Big wind

Wébanmet – Wind is starting to blow

Nshonadanmet – Wind is blowing in all directions

Nshiwénmet – It’s really windy

Bonanmet – Wind is settling down

69.  Mkwem – Ice 

Ngi wabma zamjesh mkwem – I saw alot of ice

Ngi wabmamen zamjesh mkwem shote – We saw alot of ice here

Gi jak gezo o mkwem – The ice is melting

Mkwemitaswen – Refridgerator/Ice Box

Mkwemimget – It is icing, It is hailing, It is sleeting

70.  Ksenyamget – It’s cold 

Ksenyamget ngom – It’s cold today

Wi ksenyamget wabek – It’s going to be cold tomorrow

Gi ksenyamget wnago – It was cold yesterday

Wi ksenyamget bégishek – It’s going to be cold all day

Gi ksenyamget bédbekok – It was cold all last night

71.  Bonimget – It’s snowing 

Gi bonimget wnago – It snowed yesterday

Wi kcheboni wabek – It’s going to snow alot tomorrow

Zam bonimget ngom – It’s snowing too much today

Gon – snow

Gon ki wen – Snow on the ground

72.  Tkéyamget – It’s cool 

Tkéyamget zagech – It’s cool outside

Tkéyamget zagech ngom – It’s cool outside today

Wi tkéyamget bégishek – It’s going to be cool all day

Gi tkéyamget wnago – It was cool yesterday

Gi tkéyamget zagech wnago – It was cool outside yesterday

73.  Dgwagék – Autumn 

Zawbogyagizes – Leaves Turn Yellow Moon

Watebgyagizes – Leaves Turn Colors Moon

Tkéyamget zagech – It’s cool outside

Édgwagék yawen ngom – It’s autumn today

74.  Wawyasto – Tornado 

Wawyasto wa je byat – Tornado is coming

Wawyasto ga wje byat dbekok – Tornado came last night 

Noden – wind

Kche noden – Lots of wind

75.  Jigwé – Thunder 

Jigwék – Thunders

Wawasmo – Lightening

Wawasmok – Lightenings (plural)

76.  Niskadémget – It is stormy 

Gi niskadémget wnago – It was stormy yesterday

Niskadémget ngom – It is stormy today

Niskadémget shote, naké bbonimget ibe – It’s stormy here, but it’s snowing over there

Cho gi niskadémsi wnago shote – No, it wasn’t stormy here yesterday

Gi nshonadanmet – The wind was blowing in every direction

77.  Zhoshkwamget – It’s slippery (referring to weather)

Zhoshkwamget ngom – It’s slippery today

Zhoshkwamget zagech ngom – It’s slippery outside today

Kwansege zhoshkwamget zagech ngom – It’s really slippery outside today

Gwi zhoshkwamget zagech nomek mégwa – It’s going to be slippery outside for a long while

Gi zhoshkwamget wnago – It was slippery yesterday

Mégwa shna zhoshkiwen – It’s still slippery

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I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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