A peek into a book I am working on called Book on Conversations

Intermediate Conversations

Mno myagwet wa je gigénwat gi kwék

It smells good what they are cooking those women.

Mine ne mbop gnedwéndan

More soup do you want ?

Gwi wi je wa ne épa giwsét wabek

Are you going along with him hunting tomorrow?

Gwi giwosé ne gishpen ézhyéwat                        

Are you going hunting if they go?

Wégni je ékanab do yen

What are you looking at?

Nge wabma o négdosha ibe tegwak pana nibwet

I am looking at a horse over there standing by the trees.

Wenet émno kekéndemen neshnabé majmomen

It’s good we can understand the language better.

Kébajmek géwinwa gi bmadsejek

Fooling you, joking or lying to you they are those people.

Waskwigwézo ékanabdet o gizes

H/s squints h/h eyes looking at that sun.

Miyanyénwik gi gigabéyek

They are laughing at s.t. not good those boys.

Gi gigénwik bégishek se gi kwék

The women have been cooking all day.

Ndo zam mikjewi yédek

Maybe I work too much.

Mégwa shote ne gpa mades

You still hanging around here?

Gégo na shonaj she kén

Don’t misbehave

Wégni je wésh towat ibe

What are they doing over there?

Gi gish bidodéwat i wigwam

They are already inside the house

Nek she o pana nibwet i myéw

Look at him standing in the road

Wi yése o kwé  (ewjandat)

She is a really good s.t.

Wégni je ga mijyen

What did you eat?

Wiyas mine penyék

Meat and potatoes

Mno myagwet wa je mijnemen

It smells good what we are eating


H/s is drunk

Zam byét

Really filled up with liquor/usually

Zibik ggi zhya men

We went to the river

Zibik o ngi zhya yan

I went to the river

Gi gish maji

H/s left

Gi gish majik

They left

Gégo se wi i

That’s bad

Gwi nen i mkekos

Lift that bucket

Gi mgwasksot zibiwes

H/s jumped over the little creek

Ni je pi ne bya yen

When did you come/arrive

Shonatze o gigabé

That is an angry boy


Be quiet/as in hunting

Mine she na gégo

If it ain’t one thing, it’s another

Noj kik ben

Move over a little

Bama nagech néyap wi byék

They’ll be back later  

Bama nagech nbya

I’ll be back later

Byé widbemshen

Come sit by me

Gach ne ni

Little person

Lunj o wik

They are having lunch

Glunj o men

We are having lunch

Dopwenek shi ton

Put it there on the table

Ni je pi/ni jo pi/ni ja pi


Ni pi je gi penojék

Where are the kids?


They are praying

Ni je kchemokman ne kazyen

What’s your American/white name?

Gi shemgomen

They fed us

Mno wado

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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