Ode Espen atsokan

 Wéch makdewanginwet o éspen yajmowen

The story about why the raccoon has black on his face.

Ahaw ode ngodek ga zhewébek. Bnewi gi ne’angdonwek gode mejbyeyek, jeyjey shena ginan.

It happened at one time. Long ago all the animals could talk to one another just like us.

Ode je o éspen mine o meingen gi dneswek shi megwemtegwakik.

This racoon and wolf were hanging around in the center of the forest.

Pene shena gi nantkwedewek.

They were always talking to each other.

Mech jé o éspen ga napnengogwen ni se meingenen.

Once the raccoon made the wolf sick??

I je shena o éspen enangekwebet ekche nagdewendek ni na wa zhechket ewi ashtowa’at ni meingnenen.

That raccoon was sitting with his head down thinking hard about what he was going to do to get even with the wolf.

Wika sena gishendem o éspen nina wa napnenat ni meingenen.

Finally the raccoon made up his mind he would make the wolf sick.

Ije égibsegwit éspen ezhyat ibe bementapetonet ni meingenen.

Then the raccon got up and went over to where the wolf would be running by.

Ngot na I myewes égi nme nagtot.

He was following along on one path.

Peshkwaswen je zhi pme igwan I mtekwake I je zhi enesesek I myewes.

There was a cleared field along the forest where the path lead.

I je zhi megwe-peshkwa ga zhyat o éspen.

Then raccoon went into the middle of the field.

I je égi mizit, eje égi wawyechinek ni wmojisen.

He took a poop, and he rolled his poop into a ball.

Beshoch je I myewes ezhdesen bme je neta zhyat o meingen.

He layed it out close to a trail the wolf liked to travel on.

Ezhgadebet je wgi-tonen wmochen ga wnejinek.

He spread out the poop he had in handfuls(balls?)

Ah ebababwichget, bama she gete edebabmat ni meingen ebichbetonet.

He waited, later he checked on the wolf as he came running up.

Ah je o éspen égi dapnek ngot o gaw nejinek, bikwa je shena emamijet.

Then the raccon he picked up one of the rolled up deals, that looked like food.

Bama shena noch beshoch ebye yenet, hey meingen kedo, e shena gé wi ezhe

Later he was closer to where he was, hey the wolf said” when the wolf

ngabtot o meingen. Stopped running.

Widopmeshen nwa wisen wde-nan, ah je o meigen, oh I yedek egi bonenmegwyan o esben nendem ge wi.

Come sit and eat with me he said to him. Ah o wolf I should leave him alone thought the raccoon.

I je o esben ngotmenek I o mowech egi pedowat.

Then the raccoon threw (one) of the poop to him

Ah ni pkede se ge wi o meigen, egi nkwebtot I moewech ene meswegwdek.

The wolf was hungry, he caught the poop and swallowed it whole.

Ga gish jak pekdewat I wmowech egi kanchgdemat.

After he threw the poop to him he (swallowed it?)

Ha ha meigen nmowech gmijen wde-nan.

 Ha hah wolf my poop you are eating he said to him.

Ahaw ni je da zhechket o meingen gi gwyash mijen gena I mowech.

Ok what could he do that wolf. He was suprized the food was poop.

Oh, shewgedaso o meingen, eshna egi kche mokitwat ni espenen.

The wolf become mad, and really starting attacking the raccoon.

I shna ge wi o espen egi gwekpowet, nesh pana shi kche mtek jige peskwa ga bmekset,

So the raccoon turned and ran, accidentally (he left tracks) near the big tree in the field

egi kwedasiwbowet o espen,

Where the raccoon had climbed the tree in a hurry( ran)

I je eko ndo nisasit egwashkwnedagwet ni meingnen endo debnegwet.

Then he tried to climb the tree and tried jumping up the wolf did so he could grab the raccoon.

Gega shena gbe gishek gi dnengwe ewi nisasit.

All day he was trapped in the tree he climbed.

I shena ge wi neyakwset o meingen.

The wolf started to become tired.

Ahaw nge-mbekas shede eme o meingen,

Ok I am going to pretend to go to sleep thought the wolf.

 bama she kche mbayan nenmegwyan wi ndo dgeski shedea.

 Later when I am sleeping hard I think he will try to escape thought the wolf

Natsek she nisasi o espen egi dbabmat ni meigenen.

(After a while) the raccoon climbed down to check on the wolf.

Gete shna mbetek, nge endo dgeski shdea.

If truly he is asleep(doubt) I will try and escape he thought.

Agach ene nisasit, pepichen she wdebabman a je dokinet.

So he carefuly started climbing down to check on the one sleeping.

Oh kche mbekaso ge wi o meingen, gawa she doskabe ewabmat ebye-nisasinet.

The wolf he was really pretending hard to be asleep, He barely opened an eye to see the raccoon come climbing down.

Bama she apje beshoch bmeyet nge-debena nendem.

Later he came real close to where he was I will grab him he thought.

Egach enenisasit, depi she megwa wa zhe nisasit I kekow egi nispowet egi skwenwe’at ni meigenen.

Far off he was still climbing down and suddenly While he was in the process of carefully getting down, he started running down to save the wolf.

Egi bsegwitset ge wi o meingen, ni je wgweshkwnewegon se eshna mtegos egi dapsotot

As the wolf stood up, How he was surprised by a branch (falling?) and he had a cramp.

Meingen egi naskenamat ni espenen.

The wolf approached the raccoon

Nanawshkishgon egi negnamat.

In the center of his eye he put something?

Megwe segya e gina powet o espen egi wnebat ni meingnen.

Amongst the thick bush the raccon ran while the wolf slept.

Ah je weyabek zibiwesek ezhyat o espen egkanabdesot, bame shna ga mektewangigwet.

Ah the next morning the raccoon went to the creek and looked at himself in the water, His face was black

Iw je ngom ode espen we je mkedewangingwet ga napengwet ni meingnen, kedownanget.

So to this day the raccon has a black face because he tried to make the wolf sick, That’s what they say.

Iw enajmoyan The end of what I have to say.

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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