Ahau gkweshkwatadmen

Gkweshkwatadmen- Lets get acquainted.

Bozho                                               Hello.

Ni je na gin?                                     How are you?

Mno wi shna anwe                           I’m doing well/fine.

I zhe anwe                                        I’m fine.

Gin je?                                             And you?

Ndézhnekas                                     My name is….

Ni je ézh ne kasyen?                                 What is your name?

Bama mine gwabmen                       Until we meet again. (sing.)

Bama mine gewabmenem                 Until another time. (pl.)

Migwétch                                          Thanks.

Igwien                                              Another way to say thanks.

Mishen i                                           Give me that.

Nenmoshen i                                    Hand me that.

Byénenmoshen i                               Bring that to me.

Byénen i                                           Bring that.

Byénan                                             Hand it over.

Byédon i                                           Bring that.  (inan.)

Byéna o                                            Bring h/h.  (anim.)

Bidgén                                              Come in.

Byébidgén                                        Welcome, do come in.

Jibteben                                           Sit down.

Jibteb i pedyebwen                           Sit in that chair.

Jibteben zhi                                     Sit there.

Jibteben shote                                  Sit here.

Nedwendan gégo ne                          Do you want something?

Nde- Noswen- my name

Wé ni je o?                                        Who is that?

Zhenkazo                                         he/she is called.

Zhnekazo                                         same.

Ni je ézhnekasot?                             What is his/her name?

Ni je ezhnekazwat                             What are their names?

Nmedagwenma                                 I like him/her

Wewene zabenma o                          I like him/her.

Yawe                                                he/she is someone.

Ndaw                                               I am.

Yé                                                    to be.

Wé ni je gin?                                     Who are you?

Nde da                                             Where I live.

Nde nweshmoge ngom                      I am retired now.

Megwa enokiyan                               I’m still employed. (for hire)

Kenomagwet                                    instructor.

Agnomaget                                       teacher.

Ni pi je wéch byayen?                       Where do you come from?

Ndoch bya                                        I come from.

Noegmtene ndet se ponges               I am seventy years old.

Nin                                                   I.

Gin                                                   you.

Win                                                  he/she.

Ninan                                               we – u.

Ginan                                               we + u.

Ginwa                                              you all.

Winwa                                              they/them.

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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