Topash Prayer Glossary

Topash Prayer – Glossary

Anaké                  Along with, Also, Or, In addition

Bamgak         Growing – prefix

Bébizwayak          Small Fruits

Bénadgdze            To be mild

Biésag gé’aba

Bgedno          To Place

       Égi bgednoyen      You were placed

Bgesh                  Falling – prefix

Bgeshagon           Falling snow

Bgosénjewen        Hope

       Ébgosendemak     We hope, we wish


Bmadzewen          Life

       Mno bmadzewen   Good life; Good health

Bwa              Prevent, can’t, don’t, won’t  – verb prefix

Débtso                 Sufficiency, Enough

       Déb               Enough – prefix

Édneswen            A place to live

       Édnesyak             Where we live, where we inhabit, where we hang around

É                  Conjunction, and, if, to, for, present tense

Égi                Conjunction, and, if, to, for, past tense

Épamzen              Control of life; power over life


Éwi               Conjunction, and, if, to, for, future tense


Éwedzemadzegék  (Life that is started???  That which is given life to start out??)

Ézgak                   Varieties; Kinds

Gche                    Great, big, large – prefix only – see Kche

       Égche mno bmadjishkagwiyak   Enable us to live

       Gche tche igwan

       Gche wawiyasto    Great whirlwind

Gé                 Too, also, for, a particle

Géshe                  In order to, also, too, as well, in addition


Gé’ak                   That which is planted

       Wa je gé’ak           What will be planted

       Gétegan (gtegan)   Garden

Gebébamzawen     Power of life, Power of movement

       Épamzen              Power over life

       Gé Pébamziwen    Responsibility, Duty  (power comes with responsibility)


Gégo                    Something

Géteganak            In the fields, gardens

Gij                Other

Gin               You (singular only)

       Gin jayék épamsen      You are in control over all

Gizh              Finished, Completed, After – prefix

       Gizhkwiyak           Completed Work

Gizhgato        To raise (a plant)

       Gizhgatoyak         We raise (plants)

       Gizgak                  Those that grow

       Gé’ak                   That which is planted

Gmowen        Rain

       Mno gmoak          Good Rains

Gon              Snow

       Bgeshagon           Falling Snow


Gyé               Mother (requires prefixes and suffixes)

       Ngyénan        Our Mother

I                    demonstrative – That (inanimate)

Ije                 to, for, and

Ik she                  And so

Iw je                     Then

Iw je pi          When

Iw pi                    When

Jak               All – prefix

       Jak ézgak             All Varieties

       Jak éshkek           All medicines?

       Jak gégo        Everything

       Jak gizhkwiyak     All Completed work

       Jak nenyézanyek  All danger

Jayék                   All

Je                 to, for, at, because of, of, emphasis

Jigwé                   Thunder

Kazegek         particle of gizgak?

Kche                    Great, big, large – prefix only – see gche

       Kcheyéwak           He/she is the greatest

Kegnaswé             Coming Daylight


Kewabdan            To watch over things, protect things, be in charge of things

       Ékewabdoyen       you are in charge

Kewabma             To watch over/protect someone

       Éwi je kewabmiyak      To protect us

Kig                Earth

       Mno Otakiwak      The Good Earth

       Otakiwak              The Earth

Kojések         Beans

Mamwé         Supreme

Mashkeki             Strength of the Earth

       Mashgeké             Growing Things (medicinal and/or food stuffs)

Mdamnek             Corn

Mémek          Many, more, abundantly

Mesekmekwé        Moist Mother Earth, refers to topsoil

Mijem                   Food

       Mijyak                  We eat

Mikjéwiwen           Work

       Mno mikjéwiyak    We do good work

       Gishkwiyak          Completed work


Mina                    To give something to someone

       Mizhyak        We are given something animate

Mine                    And, Also

Mishkoyen            Weeds, plants, grasses

Mishkwezimak     Plants, medicinal

Mishkwezwen              Spiritual Strength

       Émishkwezyen      You are powerful

Mkomi                 Ice, hail, sleet

Mneto                  Spirit

       Mno mneto           Good Spirit

Mno              Good – prefix only

       Mno bmadzewen   Good life; Good health

       Mno bmadjishkawen    Good living things

              Égche mno bmadjishkagwiyak   Enable us to live

       Mno gmoak          Good rains

       Mnokmek             Spring

       Mno mikjéwiwen   Good works

       Mno mikjéwiyak    We do good work

       Mno mneto           Good Spirit

       Mno otakiwak              The good earth

       Mnoskyak            Good damp winds

       Mno zak’ki’ek       Good growths

Mshkekiwen                Medicine

Mshkekegé                  Medicine

Nado’owé              To cure

       Nado’owéwiyak            We cure

       Nadwashkagwiyak              We doctor ourselves

Nagan                  In the lead

       Énaganiyen          You are in the lead

Nagtche         Early

Ndotmo         To ask something of someone

       Éndotmonak        We ask you for it

Genadotmonenan What we ask of you

Géndotmon          I ask of you

       Gche gdotmonenan      What we implore of you

Nebeshknegen             Rotten things

Nekmek         Everywhere, in different places




Nenyézanyek        Danger

       Nizanwiyak           The Dangers

Ze’angek        Dangers

Zenandek             Dangerous

       Zenandek Noden  Hot dangerous wind

       Zengak                 Danger

Ngwagneg             To Blanket, to Cover

Ngyénan        Our Mother

Nizhokmo             To help someone

       Éwi nizhokmodwan      to help them

Noden                  Wind

       Zenandek noden   Hot dangerous wind

O                  Demonstrative – That (animate), he or she

Otakiwak              The Earth

       Mno otakiwak              The good earth

Ozam                   Too much, excessive

       Ozam wizganmek  Excessive winds

Pébamziwen         Responsibility, Duty

Pegémjekagwiyak  Danger touches us, harms us

Penik                   Potatoes

Pondesé        The Cold One; Coldness; Snow Walking

Ponok                  Winter

Se                 Emphasis, and, is, by, to, for

She               Emphasis, and, is, by, to, for

Skeksedo             To Gather

       Skeksedowiyak     We gather them

Shewémagéwen    Mercy, Pity

       Shewénmatenéjnag      Gracious (we are)

       Shewénge’en         Merciful (you are)

Shote                   Here

Tatbégwen            Leaves

Wa                Future Tense

Wabgonen            Pumpkins, Squash

Washkgbek           Fruits, growing things

Wawiyasto            Tornado, Whirlwind


Wéwéne         Earnestly, Respectfully, Sincerely, Thankfully

Wizganmek           Winds

       Ozam wizganmek  Excessive winds

Yaknogé        To be Sick

       Éyaknogéyak        We are sick

Zak’ki’ek        Growths

       Mno zak’ki’ek       Good growths

Zaksenyak            The cold ones

Zam              Much (prefix), too much, excessive

Ze’angek        Dangers – see Nenyézanyek

Zenandek             Dangerous

       Zenandek noden   Hot dangerous wind

Zengak                 Danger – See Nenyézanyek

Zhawdesi              The Hot One

Zhawno’enmek     South Winds

Zhigojkemegon     We avoid it

Zigdezhe        To freeze

       Zigdezhiyak          Freeze us

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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