Please navigate through this awesome site

Folks, I have posted many an interesting topic on the Potawatomi language on this site, but one must be careful to search the site thoroughly. I often post things related to subjects I have taught to various classes online through Zoom. So scroll through the site until you find whatever is of interest to you and keep in mind the panels on the side contain even more topics related to our language.

I will sometimes post old stories which we call atsokanen in the Potawatomi language and sound files regarding songs and teachings we have done on various subjects pursuant to the Potawatomi culture and language.

Hau, nin se Neaseno.

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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