Back again with review, which everyone needs from time to time.

Some Potawatomi Verb Forms.

1.  N  maji          I leave/go

2.  G  maji          you leave/go.

3. G  maji men      we (and you) leave/go.

4.  N  maji men      we (but not you) leave/go.

5.  G  maji m        you (all) leave/go.

6.  Maji k           they leave/go.

7.  Jo maji si       he is not leaving/going.

8.  Maji n           leave/go!

9.  Maji k           leave/go (all of you).

10. Ge’go maji ken   don’t leave/go!

11. Ge’go maji kek   don’t leave/go! (all of you) 

12. Wi maji          he will leave/go. (future)

13. Gi maji          He left/he did leave.  (past)

14. Gge maji men     lets leave/go.

15. Maji ne?         is he leaving/going? (query)

16. G maji ne?       are you leaving/going?

17. Jo ne gwi maji?  aren’t you going/leaving?

18. Gwi maji ne?     will you leave/go?

                      do you want to leave/go?

19. Ggi maji ne?     did you leave/go?

20. Maji k ne?       are they going to leave/go?

21. Nwi maji men     we (but not you) will


                      we want to leave/go.

22. Ngi maji men     we (but not you) did leave.

23. Gne bech gi maji maybe he left.

                      He must have left.

24. Neko ngi maji    I used to leave/go.

Some Potawatomi Verb Forms one can use as an exercise, just fill in the blanks with a different verb for practice.

1.  N-/nd-________        I_____________.

2.  G-/gd-________        You___________.

3.  G-/gd-______-men      We (and you)_______.

4.  N-/nde______-men      We (but not you)_____.

5.  G-/gd-______-m        You (all)____________.

6.  ____________-k        They_________________.

7.  Jo__________-si       He is not_______-ing.

8.  ____________-n        _______! (command).

9.  ____________-k        _______(you all)! Command

10. Ge’go_______-ken      Don’t__________!

11. Ge’go_______-kek      Don’t______! (you all)

12. Wi-_________          He will ___. Future tense

13. Gi-_________          He___-ed/did_____. Past

14. Gge-_____-men         Lets______.

15. _______ne?            Is he_____-ing? Question

16. G-/gd-___ne?          Are you_____-ing?

17. Jo ne g-/gd-___?      Aren’t you_____-ing?

18. Gwi-______ne?         Will you/do you want to_?

19. Ggi-_____ne?          Did you_________?

20. ______-k ne?          Are they going to______?

21. Nwi-_____-men         We(but not you)will/

                          we want to_______.

22. Ngi-_____-men         We(but not you) did____.

23. Gnebech gi-____       Maybe he_______-ed./

                          He must have______-ed.

24. Neko ngi-______       I used to________.                

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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