Potawatomi dictionary by Justin Neely

Potawatomi Dictionary

Compiled by Justin Neely 2004


JT- Jim Thunder Books I,II, and III. Also assorted materials given to me by Jim Thunder.

DP- Don Perrot Books I, and II. Also assorted papers given to me as well as materials left at the Nah Tah Wahsh school

SM- Smokey Mckinney Materials compiled by Smokey Mckinney. Some of his sources were his father James Mckinney, Lorenzo Matteze, Ruby and others.

LW- Materials presented or given to me by Laura Buszard Welcher. She has a website at www.potawatomilang.org and also at http://www.emeld.com

 CPN- Materials published by the CPN or given to me by Walter Cooper

  MG- Maurice Gailland Dictionary from 1870’s

 CH Charles Hockett  from his papers

  H- Charles Hockett taken from a piece by Richard Rhodes

MD and BD Mary and Billy Daniels Siblings

 RS  Robert Simmerell Dictionary

 JB  Joseph Napoleon Bourassa dictionary

English to Potawatomi


Above, Shpemek – above RS

Absent, kah weah RS (not here)

Abuse, Ko tuk eah (you make him suffer) RS

Accident, o gitch kin ah (all at once)

Accompany/go along with, Wijewe’- go along or accompany.

Accomplish something/ finish, Zhab shkan- he/she accomplishes (something)

Ache, Ngi kitthi wes- I am achy all over. Ndah ko zin- I’m sore RS

Acorn, Tegmen(en) Acorn(s) Source DP

Acorn, Mtegmenen Source Martha

Across, the road Azho kne Source JT III

Across, the field  Azho puh shkwak JT III

Across, on the other side(it is) Ahzo igwan (i) (Igwan has to do with a particular direction) Source JT III

Adaptation, Gazhebmadzet-adaptation Source DP

Adds, a room, wdat suk nan- he/she added a room to a house JT III

Adopted, someone (by ceremony) wde wezh an- he/she is adopted by him/her. Ngi wezh ago- I was adopted. Source JT III.

Adoption dance drum, Zhawnogedewegen- adoption dance drum Source DP

Afraid, Kwe’ta je- he/she is afraid. Ngwe taj- I am afraid. Gwe taj wen- Fear. Source JT III

Afraid/scared zegze- he/she is scared. Nzeges- I am scared. JT III

Afraid of him/her, Wgwe san- he/she is afraid of him/her/ them. Ngwe sa/k- I am afraid of him/her/them. Source JT III gwsat VTA ngwesa- I am afraid of him/her nde-gwsa. RR

After/ later, Pama- later   Pama mine- Later again (goodbye) Source DP

Afternoon, Gishnawkwek – it is afternoon.

Again/ and, Mine- again.

Age, epitzewen- age, etsopongewen- age, epitzet- age Source DP, pitisiwin-age MG

Agent, Chemokman ogema- white chief MG

Aint it, Ninugne’ – ain’t it (shows agreement) Source Martha

Alien, Migok neshnabe- strange Indian/person MG

All, Jak-all  Jak she gego- everything.

Allegiance, Minopapamitkiwin MG

Alligator, kokotni-alligator Source DP Kokodne- Alligator JB Hippo in FC

Alone,  nshe ke wze- he/she is alone Source JT III

Alot, of it/them wma ne an- h/s has a lot of it/them (animate) JT III

Alot, of it/them, wma ne ton/en- he/she has a lot of it/those inanimate JT III

Almost, gaga- almost or soon

Always, Pene- always Source DP

Amidst, ma gwa yek gwan Source JB so Megwa yegwan JN

And/again, Mine- again. Also Epe- and

Anger, he/she is, Nshkadze- he/she is angry. Nneshkades- I am angry. Gneshkades ne? Are you angry. Neshkadzik ne? Are they angry. Source LW/MD

Animal, Mejbi   mejbiyek- animals Source DP,Animal, Mitth bye yek –animal bearing meat that we eat JT II

Animal, Wesiyek ( was described to me once as meat bearing animals) Source DP

Ankles, nbek wgen nagen- ankles JT I

Ant, Engenos- ant Source DP

Antelope, Wapti- antelope Source DP Kansas

Antlers, Ashknen- antlers, Ashken- antlerSource DP also JT II

Ape/Monkey, Demagmeshi (describes picking at lice) in the south it is sago.

Apple, Mshimen- apple Source DP

Apple tree, Mshimnatek- apple tree  JT I

Appoint, someone/choose someone, gke’wat, ngek’wa or nde-gke’wa RR

April, Si sba kwto gises- maple sugar month

Apron, Gbegojgenen (H)- (something that hangs) same word as curtain.

Arena, Zhoshwewgemek- arena Source DP

Aries, Moto- aries ? Source DP Because I think aries looks like a goat.

Arm, nek

Armpit, E’bozwneke- armpit Source DP

Armpit, eboz wneke yan- my armpit Source JT III

Arrested, mzhen ga zo- he/she is being arrested. Source JT III

Arrives, dgweshen- he/she arrives Source JT III

Arrives, foot, bgumse- he/she arrives on foot Source JT III

Arrives, running, bgum boze- he/she is arriving, by car Source JT III

Arrow,kwepahbeagen Source DP ? maybe simmeral

Arrowhead, biwanag- arrowhead Source DP, zhadi- arrowhead/spearpoint zhadiyen(pl) (BD/MD)

Ashamed, nmanshis- I am ashamed.

Ashamed/embarrassed, men she ze- he/she is ashamed. Nmen shes- I am ashamed. Source JT III

Ashes, dust, bgwe- ashes loc bgwik (H)

Ash tree, emikwanisuk-ok MG

Ask,for Najdo-ask for. Najdowat- They Asked. Najdowen-Things asked for. Source DP

Ask, spiritual context, Dodaske’- he/she asks in a spiritual way. Dodaske’wen- Things asked for in a spiritual manner. Source DP

At a certain place, ye or ye wak- he/she is (at a certain place) Example: Ndi ye- I am( at a certain place) Ni pi je e je ye’yen? Where are you at?

At, expressed by the locative Jik  Jik wigwamek.- at on or near the house. Jik zibe- at the river MG

Auger, Byedmnihgen- auger Source DP Fishing

Augering, Gnahbdumwin- augering Source DP

August, Minke gises- blueberry picking moon JT I

Aunt(maternal), no she- my aunt, gno she- your aunt, gno shem-You all’s Aunt,Wno she yen- his/hers aunt, Source JT

Aunt (Paternal) Nzhe gwes- My aunt, Gzhe gwes- your aunt gzhe kwe se nan- Our Aunt inclusive. Source JT

Awake, Doki- he/she is awake. Dokin- Wake up.DP , nidoki- I am awake ngidoki- I woke (past)MG

Awl, Mgos Source DP, Megos JT I (descriptive of punching holes)

Axe, gem sag en- JT I gem sa gas- little axe/hatchet JT I


Back, Neyap- back  Neyap Zhyan- Go back. MG

Back, body part pekwen-back JT I

Bacon, Kokosh- bacon Source DP

Badger, msegek- badger Source DP also JT I Msekek

Bad person, Myanatzet- bad person DP

Bag, Shkemot-bag Source DP

Bait, Lures, she motth gen- lure/ bait

Ball, Bkwakwet- ball Source DP

Ball,plays ball  pekwak wto’we- he/she is playing ball.

Baloney, ne gesh- baloney Source JT II

Balsam, tree ka kin de be JT I (describing sharp points)

Bandaging, wdas bdon- h/s is bandaging it, wrapping it. Ndas bdon- I am bandaging it JT III

Bank, Shonyawgemek- bank

Bank, of river, jik byek MG

Baptism, sikinitadiwin MD more to this,,Zegnedadwen- baptism Source JB

Bar, mnekwewgemgok- at the bar, mnekwewgemek- bar

Bareness, Zhashagdihwen DP (maybe from simrell)

Bark, negek- bark Source DP, Bark, Onah gake Source JB

Barn, Okangemek Barn/Horse barn- Negdoshawgemek Source DP

Barrel, Mkek- barrel DP also used for box. Perhaps barrel is older use?

Baseball, play, bakje ge- He/she playing baseball

Baseball, bat bagje’gen- baseball bat Source BD andMD

Basket, Gokpenagen- basket BD and MD

Bass, She gen- bass Source JT II

Basswood, tree, wikbemesh JT I

Bat, Bebishagnegwe- bat (describes leather) Source DP also JT I

Bathing/ also swimming, Bge ze- he/she is swimming. Nwi bges- I’m going to swim. Source JT III

Bathroom/empty out, Sakem Example: Ni pa zhya ewi sakem yan- I will go to the bathroom/ I need to go to the bathroom. Also Ni sakem- I am going to the bathroom/ I will empty out. Source DP Also Zakmogemek- bathroom

Bay, Wequadin- Bay Source JB

Be, to Yawe- he/she is ( a certain thing) Example: Gdaw ne nishnabe? Are you Potawatomi. Or Nishnabe ne gdaw. We ni je gode bmadsejek? Who are those people? Mig-Nishnabek Yawik- They are strange Indians. Source LW

Be, a bear Mkowet (VAI) nde mkow (MD/BD)

Beach, at the beach, Kijigbeg- at the beach Source DP

Beads, Mdomnesek-beads Source DP

Bead, Mdomnes Beads- Mdomnesek Source DP

Beading, mdo mne ske- he/she is beading. Nwi mdo mneske- I am going to bead Source JT III

Bean, kojes- bean Source BD and MD also JT I

Bear, Mko- black bear Mkoyek or mkok- bears Source DP also mekwe JT I (more odawa?)

Beat, someone in a race, ngednat (VAI) nnegdena (pres) H

Beauty, Owunzihwin Source JB owanisiwin MG

Beautiful, Gwanech Source DP

Beaver, Mek- beaver Source DP

Bed, mbagen- bed Source DP (mba- to sleep so a sleeping thing)

Bed bug/flea , Meshkji/ Meshkje Source DP

Bedroom, Nweshmowgemek- bedroom. Literally a place to rest. Source DP Also Mbagewgemek- bed room

Bee, Amo Mary Wensaut said this word is sometimes used for a fussy person. Kind of a slang. Amok- bees Source DP and MW

Beech Tree, Tiwemich-in MG

Beef, bsheke- cow meat or bsheke wiyas- beef/ cow meat Source DP

Beetle, tchipiyi-otche-k MG

Beet, msko tthis- beet msko tthisen- beets Source JT I

Before, Bwam she- before. Also nigan- lead or out in front. Negankwet- lead cloud. Citizen Potawatomi name.

Behind, the house, Ashogmek- behind the house

Belch, Mengjibelch, mamagji- belch Source DP

Bell, Tetagas Source DP also Tetagen- bell JT I  Tetagas- small bell JT I

Belly Button, tuses- belly button Source DP

Belly button, tsis Source JT III

Belly Button bag, Tuses shkamot (when a child is born you should take the imbilical cord and put it in a bag, this bag can be hung over the crib when young, I believe when the child is six? Or so you bury the bag, whereever you bury it the child will always feel is like home) Source DP

Belt, Kejibsowen- belt Source DP, Belt, kji bzo wen- belt kji bzo wnen- belts Source JT III

Bench, Mtekjibtebwen- bench (literally a wood chair)

Bent, crooked wagze- he/she is bent (VAI) Waga (mget)- it is bent (VII) JT

Berries,picking  Minke’- he/she is picking berries. Example: Gde-Minke’m ne? Are you all going to pick berries? (plural)  Ngot gishek Gminke’men. One day we picked berries. Ni je pi wa minke’yak- When are we going to pick berries? (we+u) Source LW

Beside/besides ayikwitow, pitow

Between, nawiyikwin MG another also

Bicycle, Detbejeshkgazot- bicycle Source BD and MD

Big, Mshe- it is big mshe I moshwagen- it is a small pair of scissors

Big, it is, Msha mget- it is big. Msham gadon- those are big JT III

Big, mgu gno- he/she is big. Nde mgu gno- I am big. Source JT III

Big Dipper, Kchegwabgen- big dipper Source DP

Big drum, Kche dewegen- big drum Source DP

Birch, tree white wigwasatek JT I

Birch, tree yellow, Winsa tek JT I

Bird, Bene’shi-bird Source DP also JT I

Birthday/grow up, Dbeshkawen  Dbeshka- raise up/growing Source DP

Bitter, Wisgen- bitter Source DP

Bitter root, Wike- bitter root Source DP

Black Ash, Wisgak- black ash also Bapagakwegen Source DP

Black berries, mkede menek JT I

Black bird, Segnak- black bird Source BD and MD

Black cherries, kiskwebi mne gawish JT I & mskwe kwatek JT I

Blanket, Waboyan (I was told that the reason this word is similar to waboso- rabbit is because many blankets used to be made of rabbit) Source DP

Blaze, Psah kona Source JB

Blessing, Nozhowen- blessing, Nozho- bless Source DP

Blind, gegyebigwe- I am blind Source DP

Blood, Mskwe- blood Source JT III

Blood sucker, zagaskwajime- blood sucker Source DP

Blossom, Wawaskonedo- blossom ? Source DP also JB

Blouse- Kishkyekas Source DP (SEE ALSO DRESS, SKIRT)

Blue, Wicapkwak Source DP, Blue, Gishgok- blue (sky colored) BD ( I think)

Blueberries, minen- blueberries Source JT II

Blue Jay, Ojindis- blue jay Source DP also JT I

Board, psih-gak Source JB pisikak-ok (plank) MG

Boat, jiman- boat/canoe

Boat, steam boat Shkode jiman

Bobcat, Bezho- bobcat Source DP

Body, Jibe’- body Source DP , Wigiwima-n-body  niyow- my body MG

Bologna/ring bologna, Negesh-bologna. Souce DP

Boils, sap skegmezge- he/she boils sap.

Bone, ken- bone JT I

Book, Mzenegen- book also paper and newspaper

Born, to be ndades- being born nidyen- another to be born Source DP

Bottle, Mode Source DP (this word supposedly is borrowed from the french.)

Bow, tegwab- bow Source DP

Box, Mkek- box Source DP, Mkek- box Mkekwen- boxes. BD and MD

Boy, Gigabe- boy Source BD and MD

Boy, teenage, shkenwe’- teenage boy Source DP

Braid, usually hair, kadengen- braid of hair DP

Braiding hair, Nde kadenge- I am braiding hair Source DP, Braiding hair, ka de nge- h/s is braiding hair. Ni ka de nge- I am braiding hair. Source JT III.

Brain, wi ne ndep- brain Source JT II

Branch, of a tree Owimtegwen-en- branch of a tree Sibiwe –yin- branch of a river MG So zibiwes- little branch of a river/ creek

Bravery, Wedasewen- Bravery

Bread, Bkweshgen Source DP also Pkwesgen JT I

Bread, storebought webjige/ we’kjete’ Source DP also webjide JT I

Bread, yeast bread, Webjete- yeast bread Source BD and MD

Break, Pokshka        JB

Breasts, nonagen- breasts JT I

Breath, nam win- breath JB Namog- to breath JB     

Breech cloth, az yan- breech cloth JT I also diaper

Bridge- azh gen Source JT also MG

Bring it here, Byedon- bring it here. BD and MD

Bringing it/those, wbidon/en- he/she is bringing it/those.

Bringing him/her, wbinan- he/she is bringing h/her JT III

Bringing it for h/h/them, wbidwan- he/she is bringing it for h/h/them. JT III

Bring it to me, Byedweshen- bring it to me. BD and MD

Brisket, ka kes- brisket JT II

British, Zhagnash- British/English (literally one who sails everywhere)

Broad, mguh-da-yah JB SEE WIDE

Broke, Mbokshka- I am broke.

Broke, nose, ngi bok ttha ne shen- I broke my nose. Source JT II

Broom, Jishtegen Source DP

Broth, mbop- broth/soup Source DP

Brown, Sawak Source DP ?

Brushing, teeth, Gzi yabde o- he/she is brushing h/h teeth. Nwi gzi yabde- I amgoing to brush my teeth. JT III

Bubbling springs, mokjewen- bubbling springs

Buck, Yabe- buck Source JT II

Bucket, Zindi- bucket pl zindin (MD and BD)

Buck skin, mezhangen- buck skin Source DP

Buffalo, Bgoj bzhe ke- Buffalo Source DP

Buffalo fish/ sucker, Wiki tche-yuk MG

Building, Wzhe ge- he/she is building Source JT

Bull, Gshiwe- bull Source DP

Bull dog, Zho zho- bull dog Source JB

Bullet, Nwih Source DP,newe- bullet/ cartridge JT II

Bullet mold, nwi ka tthgen- bullet mold JT II

Bullhead/ catfish, Wasi- bullhead, Wasiyek – bullheads (pl) Source DP

Burped, Ngi meng tthi- I burped Source JT II (same as JB and DP belch)

Bush, sisukake- bush MG

Bushy, zzug yah- bushy JB ?, sisukiyak-in MG

Busy, Wdemze- he/she is busy. Ndodmes- I am busy.

But/If Gishpen

Butter, Mbete- butter Source DP

Butterfly, Memege- butterfly, Memiki- butterfly (Southern word) Memegwe-butterfly (northern word) Source DP

Butternut, tree beganak JT I

Button, Zebdo  Buttons- Zebdoyen Source DP

Buzzard, Wenahga- buzzard Source DP Wenahga- buzzard JB, Winake-yuk MG


Cabbage, e’shobek Source DP

Calender, Kisosenagen-calender Source DP

Calf, Bshekis- calf Source DP

Calling, wne dman- he/she calls him/her/them. Source JT III

Camouflage, Bkanenazwen- camouflage Source DP (literally bkan-different, nazwen- color)

Cane, Apte’wen- cane Source DP (literally half it is), yapitawin-in MG

Canoe, Jiman Source DP also BD and MD

Cap, Wiwkwan- cap/hat Source DP

Cape, esikekiwok ? MG

Careys Persocaria, A yan nko genk JT MD

Carpet, Aneskewen-carpet, aneskewes- Little throw carpet. Source DP

Naken- rug


Carrot, zawjises- carrot Source BD and MD

Cash, Zhonya or Shonya Source DP

Cat, Kazho- cat Kazhok- cats Mayos- cat Mayosek- cats Source DP

Caterpillar, wemkwoyane- caterpillar (smokey)

Catting, around  Notkwewe- he/she is catting around. Source DP/JT

Cedar, Shkop- cedar, Kishki- cedar Source DP

Chair, Jibtebwen-chair Source DP also pedyebwen- chair JT I

Change, pocket change, Bashyak Source DP,Shonya wabek- silver JT

Changing, clothes, askonye- he/she is changing clothes. Nde askonye- I am changing clothes Source JT III

Changing, shoes  At kez ne- he/she is changing shoes. Source JT III

Changing it, wdaj ton/en- he/she is changing it/those. Ndaj ton/en- I am changing it/those. Source JT III

Cheap/inexpensive it is, We npe ngde- it is inexpensive. We npe ngde non- those are inexpensive/cheap or we npe ngde don. Source JT III Cheap,Wenpengede- it’s cheap DP

Cheap/ inexpensive it is animate, We npe nze- it is inexpensive/cheap (animate). We npe nzik- They are inexpensive/cheap Source JT III

Check on him, babma- check on him/her

Check on it, babdan- check on something Source DP

Cheek, noye- cheek Source JT III

Cherish, Zhawenma- Source DP

Cherries, wigwas me nen- cherries Source JT I

Chest, nka kik- my chest Source JT III

Chickadee, kejekaneshi- chickadee Source DP

Chicken, bidi- chicken Source BD and MD,Bakwe- chicken Another Source DP,be akakwa- useless rooster Source DP

Childcare center, Kewabdangemgok- at the child care center. Source DP

Chimney, Bodwe’ne’n – Chimney Source DP

Chin, damken- chin JT I also jaw

Chipmunk, Kwekwse- chipmunk Source DP

Choose,someone, appoint someone,gke’wat, ngek’wa or nde-gke’wa RR

Cigarette, pwagas- cigarette Source BD and MD also JT I

Circle, Wawyewen- circle Source DP

City, kche odan- city

Clay, wabgen- clay Source CH Wabgen pwagen- clay pipe Also JB

Claws, Shkezhen- claws Source DP

Cleaning, Binche’ge- he/she is cleaning Example: Binche’gek- You all clean(command). Ni je pi wa binche’geyen? When are you going to clean?             Southern word is Binagche’ge- he/she cleans.  Binagche’gek- you all clean.(command)  Source LW

Binagwze- he/she is clean BD and MD

Clam, Abesi- clam Source BD and MD abesiyek (pl)

Clear, Mzhekwet- its clear Source BD

Cliff, Ajibik Source DP

Climb a tree, nigitikosi MG

Climbing, kwed da si JT I

Clock, Dbe giswan-clock (literally a measuring thing) Source DP

Closet/ cupboard, Taswen Source DP

Closing the circle, Kobjegeyak- we are closing the circle.

Cloth, Be’koyen Source DP

Clothes changing, askonye- he/she is changing clothes. Nde askonye- I am changing clothes Source JT III SEE Also dressed

Clothes line, kojegeneap  JT

Cloud, ankwot- cloud JT I

Cloudy, ngwankot BD and MD (don’t need mget)

Clover, nsobgek-clover MD AND BD also H

Coat, Biskowagen- coat Source DP also JT biskowagnen (pl)

Coffee, kapi- coffee JT I

Cold, a person- Bige’je-he/she is cold. Example: Gbige’je ne? Are you cold? Nwibidge bige’jyan. I am coming in I am cold. Source LW Mbi gech- I am cold Source JT III

Cold, be a liquid, dkaboyak (VII) pres dkaboya (H)

Cold, Weather Ksenya mget- its cold. Ksenya-cold (weather)

Color, enandek- color

Color/ dye, Enazwen- color Source DP

Color, mskobye’en- color it red, mkedewbye’en- color it black, skebgebye’en- color it green

Comb, Naskwewe’n- comb Source DP, Bnakwan- comb Source BD and MD and JT I Bnakwen.

Comb, Nsekwe’o- he/she comes his hair.

Combing/ fixing, na an kwe we- he/she it fixing,combing h/h hair. Nde na an kwe- I am fixing my hair. Source JT III

Come in, Bidgen- Come in telling one person. Bidge- he/she comes in.

Comet, Bkan Negos- Comet Source DP (different star)

Coming,here, Bye wak- he/she is coming. Example: Byan shote- come here(command). Ni je pi ga bya yek? When did you all come? Source JT

Beshoch byan- come near JB

Coming,in – Bidge’- he/she is coming in.

Example: Bidgen- Come in(telling one person) Bama nwibidge. Later I will come in. source LW

Compassion, Ketemage’ningewen- compassion Source DP

Computer, Wzhobnotakcheken Source DP

Consistency, Pene’we’wen Source DP (pene-always we-he/she is wen- makes it a noun)

Constellation, Negosek- constellation Source DP  (stars)

Continent- kik Source DP

Cooking, Wjanda- he/she is cooking. Example: Nde-Wjanda or Ndojanda- I am cooking. Ni je pi wa webwjandawat? When are they going to start cooking. Southern word- Gige’no- He/she is cooking. Example: Nde-gige’n – I am cooking. Gde-gige’nmen- We(+ u) are cooking. Nde-wisen bama wa gige’noyek- I am going to eat later when you all cook. Source LW

Cooking, it, Gbaton Wiyas ngi baton- I cooked meat. Ni je wa gbatoyen? What are you going to cook?

Cooking, him/her (animate) Gbashma

Cook Stove, Jandeskesapkesken Source DP

Cool, tke ze- he/she is cool. Nde tkes- I am cool. Source JT III (tke- cool ze-he/she is)

Cooperation, Jitmowen (help)  Source DP

Copper, Mskwabuk- cooper JB  (red metal)

Corn, Mdamen

Corn,soup, mdamenabo JT I

Corner, Ikwiyak- corner Source DP

Cornmeal, Ka ne min- cornmeal Source JT I

Couch, Kche Jibdebwen Source DP (big chair)

Council, to hold dbakneget, (VAI) ndebaknege- I am holding council (H)

Count, Lets Count Gge-gdasmen- Lets count. Source DP

Courage, Mangodase’wen Source DP also Wedasewen- courage

Cover/lid, gbekwe gen- cover/lid Source BD and MD

Cow, bsheke- cow Source DP also MD & BD bshekwek (pl)

Coyote, Na nim e we- coyote Source DP

Cradle board, tkenagen- cradle board Source DP (perhaps a cool dish/thing)

Cradle board making, tke nagene ke- h/s is making a cradle board

Cramp, leg cramp  da pka de bso-his/her leg cramps up. Nda pka de bes- My leg is cramping up.

Crane, Zego-crane (generic) Source DP, Jijak- crane Source DP

Cranberries, bokme nen- Cranberries Source JT I

Crazy/insane,  Gi wnadze- he/she is insane/crazy. Ngi wna des- I am crazy/insane Source JT III

Creek, Zibiwes- creek Source DP This word appears to come from branch of a river zibiwe. See branch MG

Crocodile, Gagtanago- crocodile Source DP


Crooked,bent wagze- he/she is bent (VAI) Waga (mget)- it is bent (VII) JT

(perhaps wag- crooked/bent)

Crow, andekshkwe’-crow Source DP

Cry, Mo wak- he/she crys. Nemo- I am crying Source JT III

Cry Baby/sensative, Gi gij   Source DP

Cucumber, Gokobe- cucumber Source BD and MD gokobeyen pl  kokombes- JT I

Cup, Kwa pe kas- cup JT I  (Kwa peg en- dipper) Wnagas- cup BD & MD Wnagasen pl

Cupboard/closet, Taswen (tas-  ??)

Curtains, Ge’begojge’nen – curtains Source DP, Gebojgenen- curtains BD and MD

Cushion, Pedyebwen Source DP

Crib, Penoje mbagas- crib (literally child/baby little bed) Source DP


Damp, nbe-ged- damp JB

Dancing, Nim’edi- he/she is dancing. Example: wi nim’edik ne? Are they going to dance. Bama Nmetsena da nim’ediwat. I don’t know later they might dance.

Dark, really dark, giskbeknyak- really dark Source DP

Day, sky, Gishek- day JT I

Dead, someone is, Mbo- he/she is dead. Example: Iw pi, ga mbot- that’s when he/she died.

Deaf, gip she’ wak- he/she is deaf Source DP GGipsha ne? Are you deaf.

December, Bbon gises- winter moon JT I

Deer, Seksi- deer, seksiyek- deers Source DP

Deer, wawashkeshi- white tailed deer. I was told this had to do with seeing a white flash appearing out of the brush. JT Source DP

Deer, yearling, Manjish- deer Source DP

Defeat, Yahm to wen- defeat JB  (so perhaps yamto- verb to be defeated?)

Den, animals Wanek, wankwen(pl) wangok (loc) (H and MD & BD)

Desert, Ejegshatek(root gshatek- it is hot), Kwedagawik, Pagwedj, Pakwedagawik Source DP

Desk, Deschegen- desk. Also shelf? Source DP

Dew, gbo-ket  JB

Diaper, Azyan- diaper or breech cloth JT I

Dice, Woman’s game, Bnekwe- dice game

Digging, Wanke- he is digging nwanke- I am digging. Source JT III

Digging, it Wanka dan- he/she is digging it. Nwanka dan- I am digging it. Source JT III

Dipper, Kwa pe gen- dipper Source JT I

Dish, Nagen- dish Source JT I

Dirt, Sheshke Source DP

Dirty, wi nagwze- he/she looks dirty. Nwi na gwes- I look dirty. JT III (win dirty)

Dirty, it is  Wi na gwet- its dirty. Wi nagwdon- those are dirty. JT III

Dirty,body,(dirty skin) win zhe- he/she has a dirty body. Nwin zhe- my body is dirty.

Dirty, clothes, win kwuh nye- he/she has dirty clothes on. Nwi nkwuh nye- I have dirty clothes on.

Dirty, face, wi ni ngwe- he/she has a dirty face. Nwi nin gwe- I have a dirty face. Source JT III

Dirty, feet win ze de- he/she has dirty feet. Nwi nze de- I have dirty feet. Source JT III.

Dirty, hand wi nen ji- h/s has a dirty hand. Nwi nen ji- I have a dirty hand.

Diving/swimming, wgo gi- he/she is diving. Nwi gogi- I’m going to dive. Source JT III

Doe, ni tthan- doe Source JT III

Dog, nemosh, dog Source BD and MD

Dog, nde ish- dog ? My dog

Doing, something, Zhechke- he/she is doing (something) Example: Ni je e sche get? What is he/she doing? Source JT III

Doing/making wdo shton- he/she makes it, does something, ndo shton- I am making it/something. Ni je weshtot? What is he/she making/doing? Source JT III

Doing it, nge shke ton- I can do it Source JT III

Doll, Nijako Source DP

Doll house, Nijako wigwam Source DP

Donkey, Mamkshe- donkey Source BD and MD

Door, Shkwadem Source DP

Dove, Mimi- dove Source DP

Downstream, ni saj wen JT I

Dragonfly, Bojkwansi- dragonfly Source DP

Drawing, wde mzen bye an- he/she is drawing

Dream, Yabwe- he/she is dreaming. Ndabwa- I am dreaming. BD and MD

Dream, apwe(wak)- h/s is dreaming Source JT III

Dream, of h/h/them wda pwa nan- h/s is dreaming of him/her/them Ngi apwana/k- I dreamed of him/her/them.   JT III

Dream, it wdapwa dan/en- he/she is dreaming of it/them.  Ngi apwa dan/en- I dreamed of it/them.Source JT III

Dream, scared in ngi bde gwnuk- someone scared me in my dream. Source JT III

Dress, Mje’gode Source DP , Mejgode- dress Source BD and MD

                  (SEE ALSO BLOUSE,SKIRT)

Dressing, bi skonye- he/she is getting dressed. Mbiskonye- I am getting dressed. (SEE ALSO PUT ON and WEARING)

Dressing up fancy, mi zaj o- he/she is dressing up fancy(putting on fancy things) nmi zaj o- I am dressing up fancy.

Dresser, Tnachken Source DP

Dressing, get dressed, Biskonye’- he/she dresses.

Dried, Abah tag JB

Dries up, skih da JB See also Dry

Drinking, Mnekwe’- he/she is drinking. Example: Ni pa zhya ewi mnekweyan. Can I get a drink? Wegni je mnekwe’yen? What are you drinking. Source LW

Drive, horses, Zgabyenge- drive a team of horses Source DP

Drive, deer, sakge- a person who drives deer. JT II

Driving, za byen ge- he/she is driving, nze ga byen ge- I am driving Source JT II

Driving slow, egaj bozen! Drive Slow! Ne e gaj be ze- he/she drives slow, takes it easy. Source JT III

Drivers license, Zga bye nge mze ne gen Source JT III

Drizzle/ light rain, wen bi sa JT I
Drop it, Bge jwe bnen!- drop it Source JT III

Drum, De’we’gen- drum Source DP (literally sound of heart beat)

Drum bag, De’we’gen shkemot- drum bag Source DP

Drum doings, egi zeksot- he/she is at the drum doings. Zekso- drum doings Source DP

Drum stick, De’we’genatek- drum stick Source DP

Dry, agahsk dag JB

Dry, be gizhagdek (VII) pres gizhagde (H)

Drying, be’ gwe de- it is drying be’gwe de non- those are dry. Source JT III

Duck, Shi shib-duck Source DP

Dumplings, We zha shke mdek – dumplings JT I

Dust, Bgwih  JB

Dye/color, eNazwen- dye Source DP


Each and every one of us, Etso nangot oygoy- each and every one us Source DP

Eagle, Kno- eagle Source DP

Eagle, Mgeshwahsh- bald eagle Source DP

Eagle, bone whistle, Knozhozhogwen- eagle bone whistle. Source DP

Eagle, spotted, Gatikno- spotted eagle Source DP

Ear, Tog- ear, Togen- ears JT I

Early Early morning, waben JT I (period between dark and light)

Early Morning, Keshep JT I or boz keshep in Kansas

Ear ring, nap zhe bzo wen- ear ring nap zhe bzo wnen- ear rings Source JT III (literally nap= it hangs), Ear ring,little, nap zhe bzo was(en)

Earth, ki- earth or aki Source DP

Earthquake, kih aj eb shkahg ?? JB, ku ninukichkewin, kunanimiskewin MG

East, Wech Mokuk- East (Where the light comes from)

Eating, Wisne- he/she is eating. Example: Wegni je nawkwe-wisneyen? What are you eating for lunch? Ni je pi wa wisneyak? When are we going to eat? (we+u)  penyek mine bzhe ke wiyas nde-wisen. I am eating potatoes and hamburger/ cow meat. Source LW 

Echo, Baswewe Source DP, Pswa dmo wen- echo JB

Ecosystem, Ednezwiyak- ecosystem Source DP See also Environment dneze- where we hang about

Eel, Mise- eel Miseyek- eels (pl) Source DP

Egg, Waw- egg Wawen- eggs Source DP

Eight, Shwatso

Elbow doskwen- elbow ndo skwnep- my elbow JT I

Elephant, Wadapege Source DP

Elderly home, kekyajgemek- senior home Source DP

Elk, Meshewe- elk Source DP

Elm,tree onip- elm tree JT I

Embarrass, Ngi me’nsezwa- I embarrassed him/her. Nwi me’nsezwa- I embarrassed him/her Source DP men she ze- he/she is ashamed. Nmen shes- I am ashamed. Source JT III

Emerges, mok shka- he/she emerges. Source JT III

Empty out/bathroom, Sakem

Environment, Ednezyak- environment Source DP See also Ecosystem

Equality, Tibishkowen- equality Source DP

Eraser, Ke’sibyeke’n Source DP

Evening/ night, bkonyak – it is evening bkonyak nwi-giwse- I will go hunting in the evening.

Everything, Jak she gego- everything JT III

Exhausted, be bige-yekwzet- be exhausted, nbige-yekwes- I am exhausted (H) See tired

Exhausted, from running bigebtot (VAI) nbigebto- I am exhausted from running H

Expensive, it is, Me ske de mget- It’s expensive. Me ske de non- those are expensive. Source JT III

Expensive, animate, Meske zo- it is expensive(animate) Meske zwik- They are expensive. (animate) Source JT III

Expensive, too expensive, Zam me ske de (Mget)- it is too expensive. Zam me ske de non- Those are too expensive. Source JT III

Eye, shki shek- eye, shki shgon- eyes JT I

Eye brow, omah mah wuk JB

Eye lid, me son je gwah gen JB

Eye junk, meneng gwa gen- eye junk around your eyes in the morning.

Eye glasses, shkizhogkajgenen Source DP, shkish gi kaj ge nen- eyes glasses (describes something over your eyes.) Source JT III, shkish go nen- eye glasses (literally eyes) JT III


Face, Oshkishgok- face Source DP

Faded, wa pse ga (mget)- it is faded. Wa pse ga don- those are faded. Source JT III

Fair, Gwekwade’s Source DP

Falls, down wpukshen- he/she falls down. Ngi puk shen- I fell down. Source JT III

Falls, down embarrassed, wme nshe gojen- he/she falls and is embarrassed. Ngi me nshe gojen- I fell and was embarrassed.

Family, Mezodanen- family Source DP

Fancy, Meshyotkwes Source DP

Fancy,clothing Meshyotkweswen- fancy clothing Source DP

Far off/ future Megwe pi – far off/ future Source DP

Fart, Boget Source DP

Fast, he/she is, Gzhye’ka- he/she is fast. Example: Ggezhye’ka ne? Are you fast? Ngezhye’ka- I am fast. Source LW/MD

Fat, gizh ga mo- he/she is fat. Ngizh gam- I am fat. Source JT III

Fat, person   gishkemo- fat person Source SM See ALSO  large, quite.

Father, Nos- my father. Also ndedeyem- My dad Dede-slang dad. Source DP

Fawn, ge dge ne- fawn JT II

Feather, Mikwen-feather Mikwenen-feather Source DP

Feather, eagle, KnoMikwen- eagle feather Source DP

Feather, hawk BonseMikwen- hawk feather Source DP

Feather, spotted Gatimigwen- spotted feather Source DP

February, Mko gises- bear month JT I

Feels/Senses it/those, Wmoshton/en- he/she feels it/those. Nmoshton/en- I feel it/those. Source JT

Feels/Senses him/her, Wmozhan- he/she feels him/her/them. Nmozha/k- I feel him/her/them Source JT

Fence, Wakagen- Fence Source CH Wah kak egen- fence JB

Fern, Mishwakas sin- fern JT ?

Fetch it/ Get it, Naden- get it! BD and MD

Fighting, Migadi- he/she is fighting. Example: Kego Migadiken! No Fighting.(prohibitive) Ni je wi migadiyen? Why are you fighting?

Source LW

File, tool sebojgen- file JT I

Finger, nechis- finger Source DP also nenjis-finger JT I

Fingernails/ toenails– shkeshin Source DP(See also Claws)

Fingernails  nshkesh- my fingernail nshke zhik- my fingernails Also toenails

Fingerprints, ninjiskwajgenen Source DP

Finish/ accomplish something, Zhab shkan- he/she finishes (something)

Fire, Shkode- fire Source DP

Fire coal, kuh-zha- fire coal JB

Fire, staring a fire Bodwe- he/she starts a fire

Fire spirit, Shkode’nsi- fire spirit Source DP

Fire wood, Mse’n-fire wood Source DP

Fish, Gigo- fish Source DP, Gigo Source JT II, gigos- fish BD and MD

Fisher, Ojik- fisher ojikwak- fishers Source DP

Fishing, gwde motth ge- he/she is fishing Source JT II (VAI) Gwedemojget ngwedemojge- I am going fishing. (H) also gigoske- he/she is fishing (H)

Fishing hook, gwde motth gen- fishing hook

Fishing pole, gwde motth gnatek- fishing pole Source JT

Five, nyanen- five

Fixing, fixes it, wde na I kan/en- he/she fixes it/those Source JT III

Fixing hair/combing, na an kwe we- he/she it fixing,combing h/h hair. Nde na an kwe- I am fixing my hair. Source JT III

Flag, Kowewe’n- flag Source DP

Flat, Mbegze-he/she/animate is      mbegdeya (mget)- it is flat JT, Taseah or nbug ja yah, o nbeg ja muk- flatten JB a Desya- is to be low BD

Fleas, head lice, kojishek- fleas Source DP

Fletch, arrow put on the feather on the arrow, nsewa’ket (VAI) nneswa’ke (H)

Flicker, Wesawange’-flicker Source DP

Flint rock/stone, shkodenshketowen Source DP shketo- to try to shkode-fire

Flint Striker, shkodebiwabek  Source DP (fire iron)

Float, Ta ta peuh gwe da- float JB

Floor, Mechesek- floor Source DP, Mchesek- Floor Source BD and MD

Flower, waskonedo – flower Source DP

Flower Vase, Waskonedo mode- flower vase

Flute, Pegwen Source DP

Fly, Oje’- fly (insect) Source DP

Fly, Bemashi- to fly

Foggy, Wensiwen- its foggy Source BD

Food/ groceries Wisnewen- food Souce DP

Foolish, kye ba dze– He/she is foolish nge gye ba des- I am foolish.

Foolish, even more a gwa dze- he/she is even more foolish. Nda gwa des- I am even more foolish. Source JT III

Foot, Zet-foot  zeden- feet JT I

Footprint, mekwajgen- footprint Source DP

Forest, Mtekwakik- forest Source DP

Fork, bdekjigen- fork Source DP

Four, neyew

Four Powers/ Muses, Aujesokanek Source DP

Fox, Wakwshe- fox Source JT/DP,  Wagosh- fox (southern word??)

Free, Wenpesh Source DP

French, Wemtegoshi- French/ Cross stick people Source DP

Fried Bread, Saskokwe’tekbkweshken Source DP

Frog, Mekchako-frog Source DP

Frozen, the ground is Zigdekiwen- it is frozen ( the ground)

Fruit, Wahsh kobuk- fruit JB

Fry, Zasko –fry Source DP

Frying pan, Zaskokwan- frying pan Source BD and MD

Full, Depsenye- he/she is full Source BD and MD

Full moon, wawye gises- full moon JT I

Funeral home, Jibewgemek Source DP

Furnace/heating stove, Shapkesgen Source Dp

Future, towards the future, Nigan Wje igwan- towards the future Source DP


Gallop, gjih gah sa Source JB

Gambling/ playing cards, Tadi- he/she gambles.

Garage, Dabyankegemek- garage Source DP

Garden, Gteganek- at the garden Source DP

Garter snake, ge ne bgos- garter snake also sha shage JT I

Gathering, Mawjeshnowen- Gathering Source DP

Geese/goose,  Beskesiyek, Nikak,  Beskesi, Nika Source DP, nkuh gog JB

German, Ahn mah Source JB

Get in,car Bozen- get in a car

Get it/ Fetch it, Naden- Get it!

Gets him, wnanan- he/she gets h/h/them.

Gets it, wnaden/en- he/she gets it/those. Source JT III nwi naden/ nadnen- I am going to get it/those. Source JT III

Get it, from a certain place, wi wde nan/en- he/she will get it/those. Nwi wde nan/en- I will get it/those. Source JT III

Get me, Nadweshen- Get me. Nadweshen ni mkekwen. Get me those boxes.

Get up, bzegwi(wak)- he/she gets up. Nwi bze gwi- I’m going to get up. Source JT III

Get up, from bed Wneshke- he/she gets up(from bed) ndonshka- I am getting up from bed.

Ghost dance, Jibamnimedewen – ghost dance Source DP

Giant, Imowa or Msah ba source JB

Gift, Mingoswen- gift Source DP

Ginseng, Jises- ginseng another ginseng Neshnabe’jibe’k Source DP also JT II

Girl, Gigyago- girl Source BD and MD

Give me, Mishen Example: Mishen I emkwan- give me that spoon. Mishen I wiyas- Give me that meat. Source DP

Give him, Mish- give him Saw this is BD and MD ?

Glad/happy, Nchi we nmo- he/she is happy/glad. Ne chi wen mo- I am happy/ glad. Source JT III

Gloves, Mje’nkawne’k Source DP, Me je ka wnuk- gloves or mittens Nmechka wnuk- my gloves Source JT III

Glue, Bze gwe’ gun- glue (Zegwe- sticky) Source JT

Goat, Moto- goat Source DP

Going, zhye’- he/she is going Nzhya- I am going.

Going, home Giwe’- he/she is going home. Example: Gde-giwe’ ne? or ggiwe’ ne? Are you going home.  Ni je wi wa giwe’yak? Why are we (+u) going home. Giwe’n!- Go home(telling one person) Source LW

Gold, Zawshonya- gold Source DP

Gold eye, wibij-gold eye wibijinwak- gold eyes (pl) Type of fish Source DP

Good life, Mno bmadzewen- good life Source DP

Good looking, Mnewabmenagwze- He/she is good looking. Example: Nmenewabmenagwes- I am good looking. Mnewabmenagwze o gigyago- That girl is good looking. Source LW/MD

Gopher, Shkodekwekwse- gospher (fire chipmunk) Source DP

Gourd, Zhishigwen Source DP

Grandmother, nokmes- my grandmother.

Grandmother earth, nokmeskignan- grandmother earth Source DP

Grapes, Zhomnen, Zhomen- grape  Source DP

Grass, Mishkon, Mishkosh, Mishkos- grass Source DP

Grasshopper, Kwakwade- grasshopper, pe kne- grasshopper Source DP

Gray, Ojihb gwah Source JB

Green, Eshkbak Source DP, skebgya- green Source BD, Skub gyah JB

Green Bay, Bojikwet- Green Bay,Wi BD and MD

Grizzly bears, kakingeshi- grizzly bear, kakingeshiyek- grizzly bears Source DP

Groceries/ food Wisnewen- food Source DP

Ground,it is frozen,  Zigdekiwen- it is frozen ( the ground)

Grow up/ raise / also birthday Dbeshka- he/she is growing up

(see also birthday)

Grunt, Ammah dwag- Source JB

Gun, bas kse gen- gun JT II

Gun barrel/gun stock, Bas kse ge natek- gun barrel. JT II

Gun sight, ke nwa stthe gen- gun sight JT II


Hail, Mzih konah- hail Source JB

Hail stone, Mzhih konah- hail stone Source JB

Hail, Mkomis- little ice/ hail JN

Hangover, Ma nka go- he/she has a hangover. Nma nka gmen- We have a hangover. Ma nkagwek- They have a hangover. Source JT III

Harvest, Monshkwewen Source DP

Hair, Winse’se’n-hair Source DP

Haircut, Mozh o- he/she is getting a haircut. Nwi mozh.- I am getting a haircut. Source JT III

Hair ribbon, dkobjegen- hair ribbon Source DP

Hair piece, Zegbenwan- hair ornament

Half breed. Aptosi –half breed. Source DP

Hammer, bgejgas- hammer Source BD also Bge jgen- hammer JT I

Hand, nech- hand Source DP also nenjin-hand JT I

Hand me, byenan- hand me Source D

Hand, it to me bye nen moshen- hand it to me Source JT III

Hand it to him/her Nenmo- hand it to him/her Source JT III

Hands it to h/h/them wde nemo wen- h/s hands it to h/h/them JT III

Handprint, ninjikwajgen- handprint Source DP (see fingerprint)

Hanging, gode- (mget) it is hanging godenon- those are hangin Source JT III See also Hung

Hanging, go je ge’- he/she hanging something.

Hanging, it wgod don/en- He/she is hanging it/those.

Hankerchief/tissue, Moshwekas Source DP

Happy/Glad, Nchi we nmo- he/she is happy/glad. Ne chi wen mo- I am happy/ glad. Source JT III

Hard, be, wizhgyak, wizhkya (pres) (H) (VII)

Hard, Zne’get- its hard(difficult)

Hard headed, zhi ptum- he/she is hard headed/ stubborn. Zhi ptem wik- they are hard headed/ stubborn. Source JT III

Harmony/ peace, egwamzewen- harmony Source DP

Hartswright Persicaria, a yan ko gne yak JT Medicine

Harvest, Monshkwewen- harvest Source DP I think it is the verb to weed or something.

Hat, Wiwkwan- hat Source BD and MD also JT III

Hatchet, pkum sah gahs Source JB ,gem sag en-axe  JT I gem sa gas- little axe/hatchet

Hate, Neshke’ma o- I hate that person. Nzhige’ma o- I hate that person. Source DP Neshke’nmek o- That person hates me.

Have,it (inanimate) Gde ton ne shonya? Do you have money. Gde ton- You have.

Have,him/her (animate) Gde sa ne nekdosha? Do you have a horse. Gde sa- you have.

Have to, Abdek and Mamkach ( mamkach is stronger)

Abdek odanek wi-zhye. Mary has to go to town.

Abdek ngi-giwe. I had to go home.

Hawk, Piskno- hawk, Bonse- chicken hawk, gebwanazi- hawk, bebamsejek- almost all large hawks. Source DP

Head, top Wde’p- top of the head Source DP

Head, Shte’gwan- head Source DP

Head ache, Nde’wkwe’- I have a head ache. Source DP

Head lice/fleas , Kojishek- head lice Source DP

Heals, wna do an- h/she heals h/h/them Source JT III

Health, Mnobmadzewen- good health/ health Source DP

Hearing, Nodamowen Source DP

Hearing, that’s what I heard, nde zhe no n dage- I am hearing,that’s what I heard Source JT III

Hearing, Wno dan/en- He/she hears it/those. Example: Nodan/en- I head it/those. Source JT

Hearing, someone Wnodwa/n He/she hears him/her/them, Nodwa/k – I hear h/h / them Source JT

Heart, nde’- my heart Source JT III

Heart palpitations, (w)ji chi bde esh ka- he/she has heart palpitations. Source JT III

Heater, wezwem- heater

Heating stove/furnace,  Shapkesgen Source Dp

Heaven, kijik- heaven or shpemek- above, or gishek-sky

Heavy, Bze’gwen- it is heavy. Bze’gwnon- those are heavy. JT III

Heel, Dodan- heel Source DP also Dodna- heel JT I

Help, Jitmowen- help Source DP

Hemlock, Gagakwesh- hemlock Source DP

Here, Zhode- here Source BD and MD

He/She is, Yawe- he/she is   neshnabe ndaw- I am indian/potawatomi.

Hibernation, Embat-hibernation Source DP

Hickory, Tegwabak- Source DP

Hide, animal – se Source DP

Hide, brain tanned hide , siynwen- brain tanned hide Source DP

Hide, Buck Yabewagen- buck hide Source DP

Hide, doe, Nijanwaben- doe hide Source DP

Hiding,gkezo- he/she is hiding Source DP

Hill, Kwedaki- hill Source DP

Hill, Kwedakik- hill Source DP

Hip, shigen- hip JT I

Hires, Wno ka nan- he/she hires he/she/them Source JT III

Hit, Ngi we po da go- I was hit. Source JT II

Hoarse, gbes gwe- he/she is hoarse. Nde gbes gwe- I am hoarse Source JT III

Hold, council dbakneget, (VAI) ndebaknege- I am holding council (H)

Holding a baby, gne no wso- he/she is holding a baby. Nde gne now so- I am holding a baby. Source JT III.

Hole, Wankwe- hole Source CH

Hollow, We bnuk kyah JB Wbnekze-he/she is hollow(VAI) Wibnekya (mget)-it is (VII)

Gbegwezet (VAI) gbegweze (MD AND BD)

Home, going home Giwe’- he/she is going home. Example: Gde-giwe’ ne? or ggiwe’ ne? Are you going home.  Ni je wi wa giwe’yak? Why are we (+u) going home. Giwe’n!- Go home(telling one person) Source LW 

Homely, looking nji wna gwe ze- he/she is homely Source JT III

Hooves/ claws/ fingernails, Shkezhik- hooves JT II

Horizon, Kijig- horizon Source DP

Horizon, just above, jig- horizon Source DP

Horn, Wiwin- horn wiwines- litte horn Source CH

Horned owl, mishmiyanwe- horned owl Source DP

Horny, he/ she is  Bodewze- he/she is horny. Source DP/JT

Horse, Negdosha- horse Source DP

Horse, Degwam- horse (my horse?) Source DP

Horse, Beshigogazhi- horse Source DP

Horse, colt Manjish- colt Source DP

Horse, mare, Kwea- mare Source DP

Horse, mare(young) Gejni- young mare Source DP

Horse, roan/reddish color, Wemshkome- roan horse Source DP

Horse, spotted, Gedgiya- spotted horse Source DP

Horse, Stallion, Nabea- stallion Source DP

Horse back riding, pambetoge- horse back riding

Horse fly, Negdo oje- horse fly (combination word) Source DP

Hospitality, kejiwadiswen- hospitality Source DP

Hot, weather, Gshate mget- its hot or just gshate.

Hot, to touch, gzhedek (VII) (H) gzhezot (VAI) ngezhes- it is hot (animate) (H)

Hotdogs/pork sausages, Negshisen- hotdogs. Source DP

Hotel/ motel Nweshmogemgok-at the  motel (resting place) Source DP

House, Wigwam- house Source DP

How much, Ni jet se- how much Ni jet se dbe gnak? What time is it?/ How much time?

Hug, ayah bkich jan dik JB

Hundred, wak- 100 Source DP

Hung, goj gade- it is hung. (by someone) Source JT III

Hungry, bkede- he/she is hungry. Gbekte ne? Are you hungry

Hunting, Giwse’- he/she is hunting Example: Ngodek nish nishnabek giwse’wat ewabma o mko.- One day two Potawatomi were hunting and saw a bear. Gde-giwse’ ne or Ggiwse’ ne? Are you going hunting. Source LW

Hurt, Ngi wishke shen- I was hurt

Husk, Pko na shqueh JB


I/me, nin- I

Ice, Mkom- ice BD and MD

Icicle, Mkomis- icicle or hail Source DP

If/ But Gishpen- if Source DP

In, Bid Source DP

Indian outfit, Mishatsowen- indian outfit Source DP

Inexpensive/cheap it is, We npe ngde- it is inexpensive. We npe ngde non- those are inexpensive/cheap or we npe ngde don. Source JT III

Inexpensive/cheap it is animate, We npe nze- it is inexpensive/cheap (animate). We npe nzik- They are inexpensive/cheap Source JT III

Insane/crazy,  Gi wnadze- he/she is insane/crazy. Ngi wna des- I am crazy/insane Source JT

Insect, manitos- insect manitosek- insects Source DP

Inside, Bidek- inside BD and MD

Intelligence, Mbwakawen- intelligence Source DP

Interpreter, yahn ka no tah gad JB

Iron, Biwabek- a piece of iron Source BD and MD

Ironing, wzhosh kweg an/en- he/she is ironing it/those. Nde zhosh kweg an/en- I amironing it/those. Source JT III

Iron wood, Meyannos Source DP

Insect, Manitos- insect manitosek- insects. Source DP

Inside, Bidek- inside Source DP

Island, Menistik Source DP, Mnih sha JB

Its up to you, Gin she ge- its up to you. Source DP

Itchy, he/she is gzhi bi- he/she is itchy. Ngzhi bi- I am itchy.

Itchy,foot gzhi bze de- he/she has an itchy foot. Ngzhi bze de- I have an itchy foot.

Itchy, head, gzhi be dbe- he/she has itchy head. Ngzhi be dbe- I have an itchy head.


Jacket, Biskowagen- jacket Source DP

January,  Kche Mko gises- big bear month JT I

Jealous, gzha wen jge- he/she is jealous Ngzha wen jge- I am jealous.

Jealous, of him/her/them wgzha wen man- he/she is jealous of h/h/them ngzha wenma/k- I am jealous of him/her/them Source JT III

July, Apte nib gises- half summer moon JT I

Jump, Gwash kswe’ok- Jump!

Jump, up bzegwitse- he jumps up.

Juice, Ziwabo- juice Source DP

June, Ede men gises- strawberry moon JT I


Key, Zhapkekegen Source DP, Gdapke gen- key Source BD and MD

Kick, adgih  shkah gag. JB

Kidney, do nkwe swi- kidney JT I

Kiss, Nijemwa- I am going to kiss her

Kitchen, Gigenowgemek (southern word for cook gigeno) or Wjandawgemek- Kitchen (more of a northern word, wjanda-cook (n)

Knee, Jigwen- knee JT I

Kneeling down, jignek- kneeling down

Knife, Koman Source DP ( Also the word Chemokman has to do with a long knife. This is the word used to describe white people because of the double dealing with treaties)

Knife, Wakoman (old style, used by some women)

Knocks it/those through something, tbuh gnan dan/en- h/s knocks it/those through (something) Source JT III

Knowing it, Wge ken dan- h/s knows it, Example: nge ken dan- I know it. Source JT III


Lacing, Niskichegewen-lacing Source DP

Ladder, Kwedasiwagen- ladder Source DP

Lady killer, Memkwege- lady killer JT/DP

Lake, Mbes- lake Source BD and MD

Lance, Zhomah-gen- JB

Large, mga be wze- he/she is large. Nme ga be wes- I am large. JT III

Large, quite, nshi wabe wze- he/she is quite large. Ne shi wabe wes- I am quite large. Source JT III

Last, Shkwach- last Source DP, shkwa-yahk JB

Late, he/she was really late, wme tse shen- he/she is really late(implies it was already over) ngi me tse shen- I was really late. Source JT III

Later/ after, Pama- later   Pama mine- Later again (goodbye) Source DP

Laughing, Yaye’no- he/she is laughing. Example: Ndaye’no- I am laughing. Gdaye’no- You are laughing. Source LW/MD also JB

Laughing, Bapapi

Lawyer, dbaknegewnenwek (H) comes from verb to hold council (H)

Leaf, Datbek  Datbekwen- leaves Source DP

Learning something, Kke ndaso- he/she is learning something.

Leaving, Maji- he/she leaves. Example: Gmajimen- Lets leave. (we +u) Ni je wi ga majiwat? Why did they leave. Kogan- Get the heck out of here much more assertive. Source LW

Leave me alone, Bonikoshen

Leaves, him/her alone, wdo wje knan- he/she leaves him/her/them behind JT III

Leaves, leaves it behind Wdo wje ktan/en- he/she leaves it/ those behind JT III

Leave it be, mano

Left hand, pejewak (related to poji-wrong)

Legend, Yatsokan- Legend/ Story

Lettuce, ziwbegos- lettuce Source BD and MD

License drivers, Zga bye nge mze ne gen Source JT III

Lick, noskwam- lick Source CH, anos quah amig JB

Lid/cover- gbekwe gen- cover/lid Source BD and MD

Lie in water, Kwijun- lie in water Source CH

Lift it, spiritual term, Kwi dnen- lift it or raise it.

Light/ lamp, Waskonenjegen- light/lamp Also saw it listed as candle somewhere.

Lightening, wawasmok- lightening JT I

Likes, it/those Wmenwendan/en- He/she likes it/those. Nmenwendan/en- I like it/those.

Like, looks like  zhenagwze- he/she looks like Source JT III

Lineage, Mezodanwen- lineage Source DP

Lion, Sheb shi- lion ( also panther) Source DP

Listen, Bse’don- listen. Nbse’don- I will listen. Gbse’don- you will listen. Source DP

Little Dipper, Gwabgas- little dipper Source DP

Liver, kwen- liver JT I

Lives at, stays at dne ze- he/she lives at, Example: nde dnes- I live at, Ni pi je edne zyen? Where are you hanging around?

Lizard, kaktanango- lizard Source DP

Load, wboz tase- he/she is loading (something on a car) JT III

Load, wboz ton/en- he/she is loading it/those.

Loan, wde we an- he/she loans it to h/h/them nde we a/k- I am loaning it to him/her/them.

Lonely/sad, Nta gze/ Ntag zo wak- he/she is lonely. Nta ges- I am lonely. Source JT III

Long, Gnwa- it is long.  Gnwa I mtegos- It is a long stick

Long Ago, Aya pi another Mno wi pi another Megwe pi (a long distance away(a long time ago)Source DP

Loom, Nabingen, Looms- Nabingnen Source DP

Looking for, wnedwabma wan- he/she is looking for him/her/them. Nedwabma/k- I am looking for him/her/them. Source JT III

Looks good, Nme skwab dan/en- It/those look good to me.(price ?) Source JT III

Looks good, mno wabme nagwut- it looks good. Mno wabme nagwdon- those look good.

Looks, like   zhe nagwze- he/she looks like Source JT III

Looks strange, Mikseze- he/she looks strange. Mig- strange

Loon, Mag Mangwak- loons Source DP

Loses, something- Wnike- he/she loses something. nShonyam ndonike. I  lost my money.

Loses it (accidentially), wne kton/en- he/she loses it/those. Ngi nge ton/en- I lost it/those. Source JT III

Lost, negeshen- he/she is lost. Nukshen- I am lost. Source JT III

Lost/ loses way, Giwani- he/she loses his/her way.


Louder,talk  Noj ge zhi wen JT III

Louse, kojis- louse JT I

Loves,it wde ba dan/en- he/she loves/treasures it/those. Nde ba dan/en- I love/ treasure it/those. Source JT III

Loves, him/her wdeba nan- he/she loves/ treasures him/her/them. Nde ba na/k- I love/treasure him/her/them. Source JT III

Low, Desya- it is low Source BD and MD

Lungs, bi pish de- lungs JT I

Lures, she motth gen- lure/ bait


Mad/ Angry nshkadze- he/she is angry.

Skdadze o– he/ she is mad/angry. Shkadzewe’k- They’re mad/angry. Source DP

(See hate)

Madness, nshkadzewen- mad

Making/doing wdo shton- he/she makes it, does something, ndo shton- I am making it/something. Ni je weshtot? What is he/she making/doing? Source JT III

Male, nabe- male of the species Source DP

Man, nene- man

Man’s ball game, Bakshanak- mans ball game Source DP

Maple Sugar, Zisbakwet- maple syrup Source DP

Maple Sugar, making, Zibkdoke- he/she is making maple sugar Source DP

Maple Syrup, boiling it, skugmezewok- they are boiling it(maple syrup) Source DP

Maple Sugar moon, Zisbakdokegises-

March, Nme bne gises- Trout month JT I

Marsh, Wabshkekek- marsh Source DP

Marsh/ swamp Wabshkoki- swamp Source DP

Mask, Banishkwatagen- Mask Source DP

Mat- Naken

(See also rug)

Matches, shkodesen- matches Source BD and MD

Material, Babkoyan, Materials- Babkoyanen Source DP

Mattress, pe shmo wen- mattress JT I

May, Bgon gises- no snow month JT I

Maybe/Perhaps, Gnebech, Nabech in the south. Source DP

Me/ I , Nin- me

Meadow lark, wino mi jeno JT I

Meat, Wiyas- meat Source BD and MD (also when you use wiyas in a sentence you have to use the inanimate form of to cook so bashton instead of bashma)

Medicine, Mshke ke- medicine Source JT III

Melt, away nkebyeshek, (VAI) nkebyeshen- I am melting away (H)

Middle, Nawye gwe ahn Source JB see also center

Midnight, apta dbe ket JT (literally half of night)

Migration, Pabmadzewat- Migration Source DP

Milkweed, Nenwesh Source DP

Milkyway, Jibamyewen- milkyway Source DP

Million, Midaswak Source DP

Mink, Zhagesh- mink Source DP or

Mirror, Wawabmowen- mirror Source DP

Mitten, Gloves Me je ka wnuk- mittens Nmechka wnuk- my mittens Source JT III

Moccasin, Mekesen- moccasin Source DP

Moccasin making, mke zne’ke- he/she is making moccasins. Nwi mke zne’ke- I’m going to make moccasins. Source JT III

Moldy, kwakenusen- be moldy ? CH

Moldy, to be gwagnesek, (VII) gwagnesen (pres) (H)

Mole, Nepa jne keshi- mole Source DP

Money, Zhonya- money BD and MD also Shonya

Monkey/Ape, Demagmeshi (describes picking at lice) in the south it is Zago.

Moon, Dbe kises- moon Source DP

Moose, Mozo- moose Source BD and MD

Moose wood, tree te kwe be jke natek- moosewood JT I also jibe gwep JT I

Mopping, gzi ske ge- he/she is mopping Source JT III

Morning, this Sheba- this morning Also see Early Morning JT I

Moss, Zi nin gwen- moss  JT?

Mosquito, skeme- mosquito Source DP

Motel/ Hotel Nweshmogemgok-at the  motel (resting place) Source DP

Mother earth, Sekmekwe- mother earth Source DP

Mountain, Ashbek Source DP

Mouse, Wabgwenoji- mouse Source BD and MD

Mouse, wawabgwenoji-mouse

Movies/videotape, Mesnatesek Source DP

Movie theatre, Msenatesjigegemek- movie theatre Source DP

Mud, Bogjishkwe Source DP

Mule, See donkey

Muses/ Four powers, Aujesokanek Source DP

Mushroom, wapdoye- mushroom Source DP, Wahbdo- mushroom JB

Muskrat, Shishko , Zheshko- muskrat Source DP and JT


Nail, zge’gas- nail Source BD zge gen- JT I and Zgegas- little nail JT I (describes holding tight together)

Name, Noswen- name DP and Noz win- name JB also JT Noswen

Namesake, Niokade Source DP

Narrow, gachdayak- narrow Source JB

Natural dye, Bkojenazwen , Dyes- Bkojenazwenen Source DP(literally wild colors)

Neck, Okweke’n Source DP also Kwegen- neck JT I

Need, Gmenes- need Source DP

Needle, Zhabnegen  Needles- Zhabnegnen

Nest, Ozes sahn- nest Source JB, jisan-nest jisanek(pl)  (MD and BD)

Net, Sep- net Source BD and MD sepik- nets

Nightmare, gi wnaj gwushe- h/s is having a nightmare (lit crazy dream) Source JT III

Night shining, Wa swa- he/she is night shining Source JT II

Nine, shak- nine

Nippers, Gishpojgun- nippers. I guess a tool you use to cut shrubs. Source DP

Noon, Nawkwek- at noon.

North, Kiwedeno- north wind, Wejbok, Wejksenyak Pondese- Old man of the north

Northern lights, Wasnode- northern lights Source BD and MD

Northern Pike, Kno zhe- northern pike Source JT II

North Star, Naganbi, naganegos,nagansi,- north star Source DP

North wind, Magigwus- north wind, We’chksennoden- north wind, Kiwe’deno- North wind.

Nose, jash-nose JT I

November, Te kwak ki gises- forest moon or Giwse gises- hunting moon (more common in Wisconsin) JT I

Numb, he is nea pnih Source JB

Nut, Bgan- nut Source BD and MD


Oak, Tegmesh Source DP

Oars, gatth we be gnen- oars Source JT II, web ewen-paddle/oar (H) webewenen (pl)

Oblong, kno-jayah Source JB

October, Bna kwi gises- Autumn moon JT I (describes leaves falling)

Of course, ni gebshe- northern ni negne- of course(shows assent)

Offering of tobacco, bi takojke- an offering of tobacco.

Offering, mbegdena- I offer, mbegdenamen ode sema. – We offer this tobacco.Begdengadek/ bgednegadek- offering – to put something down as an offering.

Ok, Ahaw- Ok, alright

Old, Kche pi tse- h/s is old. Nge ch pi tes- I am old Source Jt

Old man, Kewezi- old man Source DP

Once, at one time Ngodek Source JT III

Once, it happened at one time Ngoduk ga zhe webuk Source JT III

Once, for once Ngo duk na JT III

One, Ngot Source DP

Onion, She ga gosh- onion, She ga goshek- onions Source JT I

Only, Mteh-no – only Souree JB

On the other side, ezhi igwan- on the other side Source Dp

On the other side, asho igwan- on the other side Source DP

Open eyes, do skaba- he/she opens his/her eyes. Ngi do skab- I opened my eyes. Source JT III

Open, your ears, Baknen ni gtogen- open your ears. Source DP

Open, it ( door) Ba ka kwnen- Open it ( a door)

Open it, Sakwe nen- open it

Opposum, Ayeni- opposum Source DP

Orbit- Ezhebmoset- orbit or Ewawyewen- orbit Source DP

Orion, Bkozhbshke- orion Source DP

Otter, Gdede- otter Negig- otter Source DP

Outside, Zagech- outside Zag- out

Oversleep, wzamgwak,(VAI) ndozamgwam (H) see also sleep

Over there, ibe- over there Source DP

Owl, kokoko-owl Source DP


Pack, wiwzhewen, wiwzhewnen (pl) (H)

Pack strap, ndep kan- my pack strap JT II

Paddle, bwih- paddle Source JB web ewen-paddle/oar (H) webewenen (pl)

Pail, Zindi- pail Source BD and MD

Pail handle/ ring, Zgabingen- pail handle Source DP

Pain, Kotagitowen- pain  Source DP

Paint, Wshoeke’n Source DP

Painting, Zho bye’ge- he/she is painting Source JT III

Painting, it/those, wde sho bye’ an/en- he/she is painting it/those JT III

Painting, him/her, wde sho bye’wan- he/she is painting h/h JT III

Pancake, mban kik- pancake Source JT I

Pants, gbedi- pants Source DP

Paper/book/newspaper, Mzenegen- paper Source DP

Parent, Ge’tsimna- parents Source DP

Parents, Ge’tsimnak- parents Source DP

Partridge, Peki JT I

Party, Mawnjiwewen- party Source DP/JT

Party, Lets Mawnjiwshkagemen- Lets party DP/JT

Path, Myewen-path, Myewes- path Source DP

Patridge- Peki-partridge Source DP

Patridge- Pne- partridge Also turkey in the south sometimes Source DP

Pattern Debajigen Source DP, Debajignen- Patterns

Paw, Onij- Paw Source JB so like nech

Paying, dbuh ge- he/she is paying

Pea, Me ne tthi men- pea Me ne tthi me nen- peas Source JT I

Peace, Egwamzewen- peace Source DP See also harmony

Peach, Mishpokma- peach Source BD and MD

Pear, Pokta- pear Source DP Kansas,Pokma- pear CH

Pee, go pee, Shi shigen- to urinate Source JT

Pelican, Wewe  Pelicans-Wewek Source DP

Pen, Nebyegen Source DP

Pencil, Nebye’genatek Source DP

Pencil/Pen, Wzhebye’ genatek- pencil/ pen Wzhebye’genatgwen- pens/pencil BD and MD.

Peninsula, Wekamiga- peninsula Source DP

Perch, Asenwe- perch Source DP

Pepper, Waskek Source DP

Pet, bmenagen-pet pmenagnek (Pl) (H)

Pet, to have bmenat, (VTA) nbemna (pres) (H)

Pheasant, Mayagibne- pheasant Mayagibnewak- pheasant Source DP

Pick, up Da pnen- pick it up! Source JT III

Picking, berries  Minke’- he/she is picking berries. Example: Gde-Minke’m ne? Are you all going to pick berries? (plural)  Ngot gishek Gminke’men. One day we picked berries. Ni je pi wa minke’yak- When are we going to pick berries? (we+u) Source LW

Picking, raspberries, Mskwe mne ke- He/she is picking raspberries. Source JT III

Picking, something, Pkuh b’ji ge- he/she picks something. Source JT III

Picnic table, MtekDopwen- picnic tableSource DP

Picture, Msenaksegen Source DP

Pick it up, wdapnen- pick it up. BD and MD

Pig, Kokosh- pig Source DP

Pike,northern pike,  Kno zhe- northern pike Source JT II

Piliated woodpecker, wa kwe e mo JT I also papase-woodpecker

Pile up, Kwagden- pile up Source DP

Pillow, Pekweshmowen- pillow BD and MD

Pin cushion, Zhabnegen pkweshmowen Source DP

Pine, Zhgwak- pine Source BD and MD

Pine snake, mskwa ndep- pine snake JT I

Pinto beans, meskwedis menek- pinto beans JT I

Pink, Wesbek Source DP

Pipe, Bwaken- pipe Source Don Perrot

Pipe, Pwagen- pipe BD and MD

Pitiful/needy, Gdemagze- he/she is pitiful. Example: Ngedmages- I am pitiful. Gi-Gdemagzik- They were pitiful. Source LW/MD

Pity, Zhewenmeshnak- have mercy/ pity on us. Zhewenmeshen- Have pity on me.

Planet, Negos, Bkanengwekmegak- planet Source DP

Plant, Wachkepek Source DP

Plants, Egtegewat- plants Source DP

Planting, it Wge tka dan/en- he/she plants it/those.  Nwi kte ga dan/en- I plant it/those.

Planting, animate, Wge te ka nan- He/she plants him/her/them. Nwi kte ga na/k- I plant him/her/ them.

Plate, Desnagen-plate (flat dish) Source DP

Playing, Dnekmegze(Northern)- He/she is playing Source LW/MD Example: Ndenkemges- I am playing. Dnekmegzik- They are playing. Dnekmegzin! Play (sing) Dnekmegzik- Play (PL)

Playing, (Southern) Chikazo- he/she is playing 

Play, with someone, widokwat (VTA) pres nwidokwa, widokow-imperative (H) and MD & BD

Plays ball, pe kwak wto’we- he/she is playing ball.

Plum, bokma- plum Source BD and MD,Mishbokma- plum CH

Pocket, bi da gen- pocket bi da gnen- pockets Source JT III

Pocket change, Bashyak- pocket change Source DP see also silver

Point to it, Zheno’ wesh- telling a particular person to point to it. John Zheno’wesh o dopwen. Point to the table. Zheno’en- point to it( telling one person) Zheno’mok- All of you point to it.

Poisonous insect, omiskosi- poisonous insect Source DP

Police man, Mshenkyenene- policeman Source DP

Popcorn, Kapkawsoyek Source DP,Kakawzoyek Source JT

Popple tree, assadi- popple or popular JT I, mitis- small popple JT I

Porcupine, Getemi- porcupine or Gak- porcupine BD and MD and DP Getemi.

Poster, Msenakaken Source DP

Pot/ kettle Kek– pot/kettle Source BD and MD

Potato- pen  Potatos penik/ penyek Source DP

Potato soup, peninabo JT I

Praire, Mskode- praire. (you hear the m)

Praire chicken, Kiwani– praire chicken JT I

Praying Mantis, nemewomiskosi- praying matis Source DP

Predator, Egiwsewet- predator Source DP (Literally Giwse- he/she hunts)

Pretty, mno wabme nagwze- he/she is pretty/looks good Source JT III

Pretty, he/she is Wenzet,  (VAI) nde-wenes (H)

Prunes, bokmayak Source BD and MD

Pry it up, Ni me en- pry it up. Source DP

Pull it, Wik bdon- pull it! Source JT III

Punk wood, shgetagen- punk wood (also a medicine and a fire starter)

Purple, Wejepwatek Source DP

Purse, Shonya Shkemot- money bag

Put over there, ezhi- put over there Source DP

Put there, Ton zhi – put it over there

Puts it away, wgez bnan/en- h/s puts it/those away. JT III

Puts it/ place it/those wde ton/en- he/she places, puts it/those

Putting on shoes/ changing shoes, At kez ne- He/she is changing shoes. Source JT III

 Putting on socks bij da se- he/she is putting on socks. Mbij dase- I am putting on socks. Source JT III

Put on, Bisken- put on Source LW/MD

Put on, another blanket/cover bitogwzhe- he/she puts on another blanket. Mbitogwzhe- put on another cover. BD and MD


Quarter, raccoon hide, Yespen / Yaspen Source DP

Quivering, ji chi bshka mget- it is quivering. Ji chi bshka non- those are quivering. Source JT III


Rabbit, Wabozo- rabbit Source Source BD and MD and JT I

Rabbit, cotton tail, Mzhewes- rabbit cotton tail Source DP (southern word seems to be)

Raccoon, aspen- raccoon JT I also espen

Radio/Stereo, Notakchegen-radio Source DP

Radish, Wis ke tthi ses- radish wis ke tthi sesen- radishes Source JT I

Raft, Bi nsa gen- raft

Rain, Gmowen- it is raining or Gmowen mget- it is raining JT I

Rainbow, kmono tegwab- rainbow Source DP Have hear another word also.

Rake, mawdoshkegen- rake JT I “describes motion of raking and gathering”

Rapids/ white water, Wasjewen

Raspberry bush, meskwe mnegawesh JT I

Rattlesnake, nadwe- rattlesnake Source DP also we she nwe nge also shen nwe nge JT I

Raven, Kagakshi- raven Source DP

Read, Wawijge- he/she reads  Wawijgen- Read! Wegni je wa wawijgeyen? What are you going to read?

Ready, nge wzhi ta- I’ll get ready. Gde wzhi ta ne? Are you ready. Source JT III Wshi tan- get ready (sing) Wshi tak(pl) Source DP

Recliner, Shazhgeshwen Source DP

Reins, Zgabyengenen- reins Source DP

Related, to someone nde na ngo ma- I am related to him/her in a certain way.  Nde new ma o- I am related to him/her. Nde new muk- he/she is related to me. Source JT III

Reliability, E’penmowen- reliability Source DP

Representative, Gidonene- representative Source DP

Reservation, Shkwe ngen (implies a place reserved) Source JT III

Respect, Kejitwawenindowen- respect Source DP (One of the seven grandfather teachings)

Respect, speak with respect, Dodanenwa Source DP

Resting,  nweshmo- He/she is  resting.  Source JT III

Rib, pe ge gnen – ribs pe ge gen- rib JT I

Ribbon, Zenba- ribbon Source BD and MD

Ribbon shirt, Zenba Biskowagen- ribbon shirt Source DP

Rice, Mnomen- rice Source DP, Menomen JT I

Rice, picking  mnomneke- he/she is picking rice

Riding, around, Pambozo- he/she rides around

Riding, around ( in a car) pam boze- he/she is riding around, nge pam bos- I will do riding around Source JT II

Riding, Boze- he/she is riding. Nwi boz- I’m going to ride. Source JT III

Ridge, in the distance Dopashbeki Source DP

Right hand/right- Wejmnenjiyen DP also JT

Ring, dbunji’wun(en)- ring(s) Source JT III

Rinse, wbito bi nan/en- he/she rinsing it/those. Mbito bi nan/en- I am rinsing it/those. Source JT III

Rinse, (something) wgzi ya bawje ge- he/she is rinsing. JT III

Rinse, dishes, gzi ya ba w donen- he/s is rinsing the dishes JT III

Ripe, ddek (VII) (H)

River, Zibe- river Source BD and MD Wigwas Zibik- Bark River

Road, Myewen- road Source DP Myewes- path

Robin, Jijikekwe’ah- robin Source DP

Rock, sen- rock Senik- rocks Source DP

Roll, something (animate),

Roll, something (inanimate),

Roll, something inside (Inanimate),

Roof, pakwan- roof Source DP

Roofing, puh kwe- he/she is roofing Source JT III

Room,add a room, wdat suk nan- he/she added a room to a house JT III

Roots/herbs, Jibek Source DP

Rotten, Nbeshk-ned JB, bgeshgnet- it is rotten JT

Rough Gahw-yah JB

Round day, Kawtagishgek- round day (a man’s name)

Rope, Sebab- rope

Rug, large rug Beshmonkochke’n Source DP

Rug/carpet/mat, Naken

Ruler, Dbegen Sourced DP (A measurement thing)

Run, along side, Bmebto- run along Source DP,Bmebto- run by. Source BD and MD

Run around, bbampto- run around source CH

Run, exhausted from bigebtot (VAI) nbigebto- I am exhausted from running H

Run, outside, Zagjebton- Run outside Source DP bto-run root.

Running/working, maji be de- it is running/working

Run,back Giwepto- run back Source CH

Rutabega, jis- rutabega Source BD and MD


Sad/lonely, Nta gze/ Ntag zo wak- he/she is sad. Nta ges- I am sad. Source JT III

Saddle bags, peskitchesuk-in- saddle bag MG

Safety pin, skekake’n Source DP

Sage, Shkodewabek- sage Source DP

Sage, white sage, wabshkekbyag- white sage Source DP

Salmon/sucker fish (Wi), nme bne- Salmon (Ks) Source JT

Salt, Siwtagen- salt Source DP

Sand/dirt, Sheshke- sand Source DP

Sassy, KchezamdonSource DP(literally really a lot of mouth)

Sawing, nwi-o gi shkpo das- I’m going to go saw. (wood, logs) Source JT II

Saw, Gishpojgen Source DP, Gishkpojgen Source BD and JT

Saying, Kdo- he/she is saying. Example: Nde kto- I am saying, gde kto- you are saying.Ked wik- they are saying. Ni je e ktot- What is he/she saying. Wi ye I, wa kedyan.- That’s what I am going to say. Gda ket ne ode? Can you say this? Source JT III (SEE ALSO TALK,SPEAK,TELL)

Saying,telling something, Yajdan- he/she is saying/telling something. Source JT III

Scared, Ze gze/Zegze wak- he/she is scared. Nzeges- I am scared. Source JT III (SEE ALSO AFRAID) Zegze- he/she is scared.

Scared in dream ngi bde gwnuk- someone scared me in my dream. Source JT III

Scarf,head scarf, Wiwkwebsowe’n- head scarf Source DP also JT Wiwkwebzownen- scarfs Source JT (literally something you wrap around your head)

Scarf, Biskone’n- scarf Source DP

School, skono- he/she goes to school BD and MD

School, Skonogemek- school Source DP

Scissors, Moshwagen- scissors Source DP

Scythe, gish kshe gen JT I

Seagull, Gayashk, Seagulls- gayashkwak Source DP

Secretary, Wezhbyeget- Secretary ( one who records) Source DP

Seed, Minkan (ne sen)- seed(s) Source DP also JT I, Minkan Source BD and MD

Seeing, Wabdewen- seeing Source DP

Seeing, it wabdan/en- he/she sees it/those. Nwabdan/en. I see it/those. Example: Gwabdan ne I moshwagen. Did you see those scissors. Source JT

Seeing, him/her (w)wabman h/s sees h/h/them, Nwabma/k- I see him/her/them.  Example: Gishnawkwe ngi-odanke Wabmayan o nene- This afternoon when I went to town I saw him that man.

Senses/feels it/those, Wmoshton/en- he/she senses it/those. Nmoshton/en- I sense it/those. Source JT

Senses/feels him/her, Wmozhan- he/she senses him/her/them. Nmozha/k- I sense him/her/them Source JT

Sentences, Yayajem- sentences Source DP

Set the table, Zesh che gen- set the table Source JT III

Seven, Noe’k- seven

Sewing, wde shkw gwa dan/en- he/she is sewing it/them by hand. Nde shkw gwa dan/en- I am sewing it/them by hand Source JT III

Sewing, shkwe gwa so- he/she is sewing (by hand) nde shkwe gwas- I am sewing. Source JT III

Sewing, by machine, wje gwa so- he/she is sewing by machine. Nde wje gwas- I am sewing by machine. Source JT III

Shawl, moshwega- shawl Source BD and MD

She/he, Win- she/he Source DP

Sheep, Mantish- sheep Source DP

Shell, Miges- Shell (cowrie) BD and MD

Shiny, wa-sa-pke-de- it is shiny or wasepkedemget- it is shiny also

Wasapkezo- he/she is shiny (animate)

Shiny, his face is, wasigwezo- he/she’s face is shiny.

Shirt, Biskowage’n-shirt Source DP Also Wbabkoyan-shirt Also coat

Shoe(s), Mkezen(en)- shoe(s) shoe,boot,moccasin namuksen(en)- My shoe(s) Source JT III

Shoes, putting on wbi tke zne- he/she is putting on shoes. Mbi tke zne- I am putting on shoes.

Shoes, taking off wgi tke zne- He/she is taking off shoes. Ngi tke zhe- I am taking off shoes.

Shoe lace- dozdap- shoelace Source BD and MD

Short, Dkwa- it is short. Dkwa I mtegos- It is a short stick.

Short, tko ze- he/she is short. Nde tkos- I am short. Tekozet- the short one. Source JT III

Short ways, distance Be shooch Source JT III

Shooter used in Midewen- Shkubdagen- shooter Source DP

Shoulder, denmagen JT I

Shovel, Chibakwene’n- Shovel Source DP also jikwegen- JT I

Showering/swimming/also bathing, Bge ze- he/she is swimming. Nwi bges- I’m going to swim. Source JT III

Show it to me, Wabde’shen- show it to me. BD and MD

Sick, Yaknoge’- He/she is sick. Some northern speakers say Yakwnoge’. Example: Nde-yakwnoga or ndakwnoga- I am sick. Using the long form eliminates the deletion. Gde-yaknoga ne? or Gdaknoga ne? Are you sick?

Yaknoge ne o Jim? Is Jim sick? Source LW

Silver, shonya wabek- silver Source DP

Sing, nkemon- sing Source DP

Singing, Gemon-sing  Ngamo- I sing.

Sink, kitchen eje gesina gnek- kitchen sink JT I

Sister, of male Ntekwe’m- sister of male Source DP Kansas

Sitting down, Jibdebe- he/she is sitting down.Example: Jibdeben! Sit (telling one person) Jibdebek! Sit (Telling more than one person) Byan Shote jiptebyen nomek.- Come here and sit for awhile. Source LW

Sinker, gwe za bi tthgen- sinker Source JT II

Sits leading(name), Naganbi- sits leading

Sitting, keep sitting down, jajibdebe- he/she keeps sitting.

Six, ngot watso- six

Skate(s), Zhoshkwedage’n(en)-skate (s) Source DP

Skies, Zhoshkwedage’n(en)- skie(s) Source DP

Skeleton, Kiniyek (keniyek)- skeleton frame Source DP

Skinny, Gach a be wze- He/she is skinny. Ngach a be wes- I am skinny. Source JT III

Skirt, Mje’gotekoshkayek Source DP (SEE ALSO BLOUSE, DRESS)

Skunk, zhgak- skunk BD and MD, shegak- skunk shegakwak- skunks Source DP

Sky, Gishek- sky

Sleave(s), Wne’ses-sleave Wne’se’se’n- sleaves Source DP

Sled, Bistabyan-sled Source DP

Sleeping,  Nbe’- he/she is sleeping. Also Mba. gda-nebam. You all should go to sleep. Gbe-Gishek Nmikche’wi zhena Mbayan odo pi. I worked all day so I am going to bed now. Source LW See also oversleep

Sleep, kwan- sleep ai zamkwan- oversleep. bbamkwan-roll off the bed,sleep walk. Source CH

Slippers, Nabjishj’genen- slippers Source DP

Slippery, Zhoshkwa mget- it is slippery. Zhoshkwa I miken- The road is slippery. Zhoshkwanon ni mikenen. The roads are slippery. JT Book III

Slower, Talk Noj be dan ge donen! JT III

Small, Gachiye- he/she is small. Example: Ggachiy ne? Are you small? Ngachiy.- I am small. Gi-Gachiywik- They were small. Source LW/MD

Gachi’ uh- he/she is small. Ngachi’- I am small. Source JT

Small, Gachinwa- it is small

Small, it is, gachnwa- it is small. Gach nwa don- those are small JT III

Smart, Mbwa ka o- He/she is smart. Nbwa ka- I am smart. JT III

Smelling, Minanjegewen- smelling Source DP

Smelling, it smells good, Mno magwet-it smells good, Mnomagwe don- Those smell good. Source JT

Smelling,he/she smells good, Mnomyagwze- he/she smells good. Nmenmyagwes- I smell good. Gi mnomyagwezik- They smelled good. Source LW/MD

Smelling, he/she smells good Mno magwze o- he/she smells good. Mno magwze wik- They smell good. Source JT

Smelling,it wbij ma ndan/en- he/she smells it/those. Mbij ma ndan/en- I smell it/those. Source JT

Smelling,him/her Wbij ma man- he/she smells him/her/ them. Mbij ma ma/k- I smell him/her/them. Source JT

Smoke, Bkwe- smoke/ smudge Source DP

Smoking, Wdeme’- he/she is smoking. Example: Gde-wdemasi. Or Gdodmasi- You shouldn’t smoke. Ni je pi wa neyapbyayen wdemayen? When are you coming back from your smoke. Source LW

Smudge/smoke, Bkwe- smudge Source DP

Snail, Bemeskode’si Source DP

Snake, Garter, genebgos- garter snake Source DP

Snake, pine snake, mskwandep- pine snake Source DP

Snake, rattlesnake, nadwe- rattlesnake Source DP

Sneeze, ja cha mo- he/she is sneezing. Nwi ja cham- I’m going to sneeze. Source JT III

Snore, mdwe ja ne ngwam- he/she is snoring (literally sound of nose when asleep) Source JT III

Snowing, Boni mget- it is snowing JT I

Snow, Gon Source DP and BD and MD ( word for snow on ground)

Snow bank, Konwen Source DP

Snowmobile, Gondabyan Source BD

Snow man, Gon ne’ne’ Source DP

Snow shoes, agmose-snow shoe, agmosek- snow shoes Source DP agamek- snow shoes JT I

Snow shoeing, agmose- he/she is snow shoeing. Ndagmose- I am snow shoeing.

Soak, something wbin daw baw don/en- he/she soaks something to clean it/those.Mbin daw baw don/en- I am soaking something to clean it/those. See also Rinse

Soap, gzibyek’ egen- soap Source BD

Socks, Gokmedasen- socks Source DP, go kme das(en)- sock(s) or stocking(s) ndokme das(en)- my sock(s)

Socks, putting on socks bij da se- he/she is putting on socks. Mbij dase- I am putting on socks.

Soft, Nokadad Source DP, nokyeget- soft it is Source BD and MD

Solar System, Jayek Kisesmezodanen, Jayek Negosek- solar system Source DP

Something is the matter with it, zhe webet- something is the matter with it. Source JT III

Son,  Ngwes- my son Source DP

Song, ngemwen- song, ngemwenen- songs  Source DP, Ngumwin- song JB

Song, health, Mnobmadngemwen- health song Source DP

Song, help, jitmongemwen- help song Source DP

Song, spiritual, manidokaswenen(spiritual doings?) Source DP

Song, supplication, Najdongemwen- supplication song Source DP

Soon/almost, gaga- almost or soon

Sore, gi ki dze- he/she is sore. Ngi ki des- I am sore. Source JT III

Sore, Back, Ngi kitth pe kwen- I have a sore back. Source JT II

Sore, head,  Ngi kitth nde be- I have a sore head. Source JT II

Sore, jaw, Ngi kitth dam ken- I have a sore jaw. Source JT II

Sore, nose, Ngi kitth ttha ne- I have a sore nose. Source JT II

Sore, Shoulder, Ngi kitth den magen- I have a sore shoulder, Source JT II

Soup, Mbop- soup Source BD and MD

South, Wej nawkwek- south Wej Gshatek- south (another way) DP

Spear point/spear head Shadi- spear point Source CH

Speckled Alder, A do pi- speckled alder  JT III

Spice, Dgwengen-spice Dgengenen-spices Source DP

Spider, esbike- spider Source JT

Spittoon, skew a gen JT I

Spleen, minesti- spleen JT I

Split into chunks, biskeanen- split into small chunks Source DP

Spool, of thread, Sebabis- thread Source DP

Spoon, emkwan- spoon emkwanes- little spoon BD and MD

Spring, water Tkep- spring Tkebis- little spring JT I

Spring, season mnokwe –spring

Spruce, tree ka wan de gos- spruce JT I

Spud, peeling logs bne gjigen JT I

Squash, Kwe se man- squash Source JT I

Squirrel, ojedemo- squirrel Source JT

Squirrel, Sengo- squirrel (seems to be a southern word) Source DP

Squirrel, flying, dgeshkandwe- flying squirrel Source DP

Standing, Wnibwe’- he/she stands in place. Nnibwe’- I stand in place. Gnibwe’-You stand in place. This word is often used as stand up but it really means stand in place. Bzegwen- means to rise or stand. Source DP

Star, negos- star Source BD and MD and DP negosek- stars, nengos- star Souce JT

Start, Wepta- he/she is starting Source JT III

Stays at, live at, dne ze- he/she stays at, Example: nde dnes- I stay at, Ni pi je edne zyen? Where are you hanging around?

Steam/vapor Mdodowen- steam/vapor Source CH

Stereo/radio, notakchegen-radio Source DP

Stick, Mtegos- stick Source BD

Stingy, really kwan se gze- he/she is really stingy. Nge gwan se ges- I am really stingy. Source JT III

Stockbridge-Munsee, Wabneki- Stockbridge-Munsee Source DP

Stocking, Mjidas, Stockings- Mjidasen Source DP

Stomach, meset- stomach JT I

Stone, Sen  Senik-plural Source DP

Store/supermarket, Dawewgemek- Store Source DP

Stories, Yatsokanen Source DP

Story, Yatsoke Source DP,Yatsokewem- story Source DP

Story teller, Yaksokage- story teller Source DP

Story telling, Yagsokaget- telling a story Source DP

Stopping, ngash ka- he/she is stopping. Nwi ngash ka.- I am going to stop. Source JT III

Stopped, being , ngash mi ye- He/she is being stopped. Ngi nga shme go- I was stopped. Ngi nga shmegomen- We were stopped. Source JT III

Stop,quit- Ke sjkwa ta men ( I think someone told me this is a way to end spiritual doings)

Stove/oven, Jandewen- kitchen stove Source DP also ke sap ke sken- stove JT I

Straighten up/ put things in order mnes che ge- he/she it putting things in order. Nwi mnes che ge- I am going to straighten up. Nwi mnos che ge(KS) Source JT III See also cleaning

Strange looking, Mikseze- he/she looks strange. Mig- strange

Stranger,he/she is, Myagze- he/she is a stranger. Example: Nmyeges-I am a stranger. Gi-Myegzik- They were strange. Source LW/MD

Strawberries, Demenen- strawberries Source JT I  Demen- strawberry

This word is related to nde- heart. It’s a heart berry because when you cut one in two its heart shaped.

Stream, stream turned direction, Gwekjewen Source DP

Strength, Wishgeswen- strength Mishkozwen/ mishkwezwen- stregth. Source DP

Strong, Wishges Source DP

Strong, he/she is,  Wizhgeze- he/she is strong. Example: Ndo/ Nwizhges- I am strong. Wizhgezik ne? Are they strong. Wazhgezjek- the strong ones. Source LW/MD

Strung, na bin ga de- it is strung. Nabin ga de non- those are strung. Source JT III

Stubborn/ hard headed, zhi ptum- he/she is hard headed/ stubborn. Zhi ptem wik- they are hard headed/ stubborn. Source JT III

Students/ Class Agnomaksajek- students/class Source DP

Stump, jeke- stump Source DP

Sturgeon, Name’ – sturgeon Source DP

Sucker fish/ salmon (KS), nme bne- sucker fish (WI) Source JT

Sucker/ buffalo fish, Wiki tche-yuk MG

Sugar, Wishkbegen JT I also heard Washpek Source DP

Sugar, Zisbakwet- sugar Source BD and MD

Sugar maple tree, she na mesh- sugar maple JT I

Sun, Kises/ Gises- Sun Source DP Kises- in the south, gises-north

Sun Dogs, Me’nitokisesnemoyek Source DP

Suspenders, di nke manen JT I

Swallowed, ngi gwdan- I swallowed it.

Swamp, Bogjishken Source DP also wabskoki- swamp/marsh JT I

Swan, Wabze, Wabse- swan name of Abraham Burnett’s wife source MG

Sweat lodge, mdodomgemek- sweat lodge. Zibye’dogemek- purification lodge/sweat lodge. Source DP

Sweeping, ji ge de ge- h/s is sweeping Source JT III

Sweep, jigdegen- Sweep! JT III

Sweetgrass, Wishpemishkos- sweet grass Source DP

Swimming, Strong swimming Wizh ga dag- he/she is a strong swimmer. Nwizh ga dga- I am a strong swimmer. Source JT III

Swimming/also bathing, Bge ze- he/she is swimming. Nwi bges- I’m going to swim. Source JT III

Swimming/wading, Bma dga- he/she is swimming/wading (walking in the water) Nwi bma dga- I’m going to wade. Example: Gne a dga ne? Do you know how to swim.(lit. Do you know how to wade) Source JT III

Swimming/ diving, wgo gi- he/she is diving. Nwi gogi- I’m going to dive. Source JT III

Swing, an axe, wepakwi- swing an axe Source CH

Swing, Wewebsowe’n Source DP


Table, Dopwen BD and MD

Table cloth, Dopwenmenitowegen- table cloth ? DP

Tail, oze wa nek- tail JT II

Take, off Gizhen- take off. Source LW/MD

Taking off shoes,wgi tke zne- He/she is taking off shoes. Ngi tke zhe- I am taking off shoes.

Take him/her with you, Da zho na Source DP zhona- take him/her

Take it with you, majidon- take it with you. BD and MD

Taking someone somewhere, nde zho na- I am taking him/her (somewhere)

Talk,louder noj ge zhi wen JT III

Talk, slower noj be dan ge donen! JT III

Talk/speak, Kigdo-talk/speak Nkigdo- I talk/speak.

Talk/speak, yayajmo- he/she talks ( I was told it literally means something spiritual which has dropped, This language is spiritual in nature)

Tall, Gno ze- he/she is tall. Ngnos- I am tall. Ge no zet- the tall one. Source JT III

Taste, Pogosewen Source DP

Tasting, Wbich bdan/en- he/she tastes it/those. Example: Mbich bdan/en- I taste it/those. Nbekte ewi-bich bdanyan I bkweshgen. I am hungry I am going to taste that bread. Source JT III

Tasting, Animate Wbich bwa/n –he/she tastes him/her/them Example: Mbich bwa/k- I am tasting him/her/them. Source JT III

Teacher, Agnomaket, kenomagwet, gekenmagwet?

Teachings, Kenomagewen- Teachings Source DP

Tecumseh, Dkemzi- Glide over the water BD and MD

Tecumseh, crosses over “ shooting star” Tekemse DP

Teenage boy, Shkenwe’-teenage boy Source DP

Teenage girl, Seski- teenage girl Source DP

Teeth, Wibten- JT I Wibet- tooth

Teeth, Brushing, Gzi yabde o- he/she is brushing h/h teeth. Nwi gzi yabde- I am going to brush my teeth. JT III

Telephone,wire biwabkos- telephone Source LW (diminutive of biwabek)

Television, Wabnotakchegen- TV Source DP

Tell, someone Widmo- tell him/her. Nwidmo- I will tell him/her/them. Gwidmo- You will tell him/her/them. Source DP

Ten, Mdatso- ten

Tenderloin, te si wgos- tenderloin, te si wgo nen- tenderloins Source JT II

Tent, bakwiyanke’me’k Source DP

There, Ibe-  there Source BD and MD

thermometer, Dbegje’ge’n – thermonmeter Source DP

Thick, kpegze- he/she is thick. (VAI) Kpega(mget)- it is thick JT (VII)

Thinking, deeply, nenagdewe’ndem- I’m thinking deeply Source DP

Thinking, foolishly, nge gibade’ndem- I’m thinking foolishly Source DP

Thirsty, gashknabagwe- he/ she is thirsty Nga shkna ba gwe- I am thirsty. Source JT II

Thousand, ngotseg- thousand Source DP

Thread, sebab, sebabis, sebabisen- threads Source DP

Thread, spool of thread, sebabis Source DP

Three, Nswa- three Source DP

Three branches, Nsowakwet- three branches. Source DP

Throat, Wkotake’n Source DP, ngwen da gen- throat Source JT III

Throw it away, Za gje web nen- Throw it out. Source JT III

Thunder, Jigwe- thuunder Jigwek- thunders Jigwekya- its thundering

Tighten it up, ba psa bi nen- tighten it up. (rope, string etc.)

Tired, Yekwze- he/she is tired. Ndekwes.- I am tired.  Nwi-yekwes- I will be tired.

Tired, of laying down nde zhgek shen- I am tired of laying down. Ngizh gek shen- I was tired of laying down. Source JT III

Tired, really, wbi ge yekwse- he/she is really tired JT III (see exhausted) (H)

Toad, Maki- toad Source DP

Tobacco, sema- tobacco, nen sema- indian tobacco.

Today, Ngom Source JT III (I have also heard this used at now but a better thing to use is odo pi or ode pi)

Toenail/toenails  nshkesh- my toenail nshke zhik- my toenails Also fingernails

Toilet, Miseswgemek JT I

Tomorrow, Wabek Source DP also JT I

Tomorrow, day after, oswabek- day after tomorrow. Odanke gishek nwi-majisi.- I am not leaving Saturday. Oswabek nwi-maji. I am going to leave day after tomorrow. 

Tongue, Denwagen Source DP,deno- tongue Source JT II

Tonight, Bko nyak Source JT III (I have also heard this used as evening)

Tooth, Wibet- tooth Wibten- teeth JT I

Toothache, nda kwes nwibet- I have a toothache. (literally my tooth is sick) Source JT II

Toothbrush, Ksitabte’ke’n Source DP

Touch, Dasgenjenewen Source DP

Touch, it, Wda gnan/en- He/she touches it/those. Example: Nda gnan/en- I touch it/those.  Source JT III

Touch,he/she/them Wda gnan- He/she touches him/her/them. Nda gna/k-I touch him/her/them Source JT

Towel, Gzinje wen- Towel Source BD also kesinjiwen JT I

Town, Odan- town Source BD and MD and DP,odanke- he/she makes a trip to town.

Tracing, wde ne bye an- he/she is tracing (In Kansas its writing) JT III

Trail, make a trail, myeke- he makes a trail Source BD and MD

Traveling, h/s is traveling pa mad ze- he/she is traveling Source JT III

Treasures/loves,it wde ba dan/en- he/she loves/treasures it/those. Nde ba dan/en- I love/ treasure it/those. Source JT III

Treasures/loves, him/her wdeba nan- he/she loves/ treasures him/her/them. Nde ba na/k- I love/treasure him/her/them. Source JT III

Tree, Mteg Source DP

Tree, fallen on the ground, Mteg begshek- tree fallen on the ground Source DP

Tree, downed, Bmakwshen- downed tree Source DP

Tribal enrollment office, Debendawgemgok- at the tribal enrollment office Source DP

Trout, Ma zhme kwse- trout JT II

Trust, Penmowen- trust Source DP

Truth, to tell Debwe- he/she tells the truth. Gdebwe ne? Are you telling the truth? Ndebwe. I am telling the truth.

Try, attempt things, Shketoyen- things you attempt to do trying. Source DP

Turkey, Msese- turkey JT I also hear Pne

Turn, Ashtek- turn JT III

Turn, take turns, Ah ya shtek- take turns JT III

Turn around, Bye’m sko wik- Turn around Source DP

Turn Around (180 degrees), Gweknewi- he/she turns around. Ngweknewi- I turn around.

Turn on, Maji bdon- turn it on (make it start) Source JT III

Turn on light, Psakwne bdon- turn the light on Source JT III

Turn it off, ate bdon- turn it off Source JT III

Turn it over, nin ko ston- turn it over Source JB

Turtle, Mshike- turtle JT I

Two, Nish Source DP

TV, Television, Wabnotakchegen-TV Source DP


Ugly, bad looking, Chiwnagze- bad looking/ugly

Ugly, bad looking, Myanze- he/she is bad looking

Umbrella, kechkakwewe’n Source DP

Under, Namkem Source DP

Underground, Namkemek Source DP

Understand, Wne sto twan- He/she understands her Example: Gne ste to ne? Do you understand me? Gne sto twa ne? Do you understand him/her? Gne sto ta gwnan ne? Does he/she understand us? Gne sto tagwnanek ne? Do they understand us? Jo gne ste tos non- I don’t understand you. Wne ste tan- he/she understands it (what is being said) Gne ste tan ne? Do you understand it?

Underwear, bito kwne yan(en) underwear/ long johns mbi to kwene yan- my underwear Source JT III

Underwear, bitogbedi(yen)-  underwear mbitogbedi(yen)- my underwear Source JT III

Unties, for them wde ab’um wan- he/she unties it for h/h/them. Nde ab’um wa/k- I am untying it for h/h/them Source JT III

Unties, it wda b’an/en- he/she unties it/those. Nda b’an/en- I untie it/those. Source JT III

Upstairs, Shpemsegok- upstairs JT I

Upstream, Kwed ajwen JT I

Use, something wda bje ton/en- he/she is using it/those. Nda bje ton/en- I use it/those. Source JT III

Useless rooster/chicken, be akakwa- useless rooster Source DP


Vapor/steam Mdodowen- steam/vapor Source CH

Vest, gishk gne gwe wi yan/en Vest(s) Lit article of clothing without sleeves. Source JT III

Videotape/ movies, Mesnatesek Source DP

Vision, Ewabdet- vision, ewabdewen- vision Source DP

Vision quest, mkedekewen- vision quest. (Blacking of ones face)

Visiting, Nbwach’ewe’- he/she is visiting. Nomek Gda-jibteb enbwach’ewe’yak. You should sit so we can visit a little while. We ni je wa nbwach’ewe’yen? Who are you visiting? Source LW Wne bwach an- he/she is visiting him/her/ then. Ne bwach a/k- I am visiting him/her/ them.


Wading/swimming, Bma dga- he/she is wading (walking in the water) Nwi bma dga- I’m going to wade. Example: Gne a dga ne? Do you know how to swim.(lit. Do you know how to wade) Source JT III

Waiting, Ba bwich ke- He/she is waiting. Mba bwich ke- I am waiting. Nge ba bwich ke- I will wait. Source JT III

Wake up, Dokin- Wake up (telling one person) Dokik- telling more than one person Source DP

Wake, by shaking wde mej we bnan- he/she wakes h/h. ngi mej we bna- I woke him up. Source JT III

Walking, bmose- he/she is walking Source JT III

Walks, Walks away, Nemse- he/she walks away.

Walleye, oge- walleye Ogewak- walleyes Source DP

Wallow, nkiwne- I wallow CH

Wants it/ wishes it, wde ze- he/she wants it Source JT III

Want to be, nedwendan- want it Source DP

Wants it, wnedwendan/en- he/she wants it/those. Nedwendan/en- I want it/those Source JT III

War like, mnis noj yak JB

Warm, ge zhe zo- he/she is warm (when its hot out). Nge zhes- I am warm. Source JT III

Warns, h/h wde gne mo wan- he/she warms h/h Source JT

War, to hold a dance, mnowadket, (VAI) nmenowadke- I am holding a war dance (MD and BD)

Warrior, Gichida- warrior Wedase- brave

Warrior, mnis no- warrior JB

Washington D.C, Medatsobeynak ( ten seats I think)

Wash cloth, kesinjiwas- wash cloth JT I (little towel)

Washing, it wgzi bi nan/en- he/ she washes it/those Source JT III

Washing it wgzi bi nan/en- h/she is washing it/those. Ngzi bi nan/en- I am washing it/those. Source JT III.

Washing,him/her wgzi nan- he/she is washing him/her/them. Ngzi bi na/k- I am washing him/her / them Source JT III

Wash up, Gsi njin- wash up (sing) Gsi njik – wash up you all (pl) Source DP

Washing, face gzi ngwe- he/she is washing his face. Nwi gzi ngwe- I’m going to wash my face. Source JT III

Washing, hands, gzinji- h/she washes her hands. Nwi gzinji- I’m going to wash my hands Source JT III

Washing, head, Gzi bi g’ dbe- he/she is washing his face. Nwi gzi bi g’ dbe- I’m going to wash my head. Source JT III

Water, Mbish- foamy water( most often used for tap water), nibi- a still water.

Water, water rippling over rocks- Senajwen (Name)

Watermelon, eh skwe de mo- watermelon Source JT Ih

Watersmeet, Michigan- Getegteganek

Wearing, bi skan/en- he/she is wearing it/those. Mbiskan/en- I am wearing it/those.

Weasel, shegwes- weasel or zhgwes- weasel Source DP also shekwes JT I

Weeding, Monshkwe(wak)- he/she is weeding Source JT III

Weighs, he/she does. Pi tnuh gwze- he/she weighs(such an amount) Source JT III

Weighed, he/she gwze ko we- he/she is weighed.

West, Wej bkeshmok- west Source DP

What, Wegni je- What Source DP

Wheel, Detpese- wheel  Source DP Kche detpese- big wheel Slang for Boss

When, Ni je pi or Ni jo pi- when Source DP

Whipporwill, waone’-whipporwill Source DP

Whirlpool, Wawyajwen- whirlpool Source DP

Whisper, Geskana Source DP

Whistle, zhozhogwen Source DP Also sometimes used for an eagle bone whistle or zhozhknogwen

Whistle talk, zhozhokigdowen- whistle talk Source DP

White ash tree, kapsek- white ash JT I

White birch tree, wigwasatek- white birch JT I

Whitefish, adikmek- whitefish  adikmekwak- whitefish(pl) Source DP

White pine tree, shekwok JT I

White water/ rapids Wasjewen- white water Source DP

Who, We ni je- Who Source DP

Whoop, pah pah shkwa ? JB

Why, Ni je wi- Why Source DP

Why not, Gego Ni je? JT III

Wide, Mguh da yak- wide JB, Mgedeya- it is wide + mget or JT

Wide, he/she / animate mgedeze JT

Win, a race, Beat someone in a race, ngednat (VAI) nnegdena (pres) H

Window, Wasechgen-window Source DP Wasechgen- window BD and MD

Wind, Noden Source BD AND MD

Windy, Noden (don’t need a mget)

Windy, really Kche- noden- Its really windy.

Wing, nkwik- wing (dependent word) Source CH

Winning, pke na ge- he/she is winning. Nbe kna ge- I am winning Source JT III

Wishes it/ wants it, wde ze- he/she wants it Source JT III

Wolf, Meingen- timber wolf Source JT,Moewe- wolf Source JT (seems to be more potawatomi)

Wolverine, Aguapko- wolverine Source DP

Woman’s ball game, Bishkowe- woman’s ball game Source DP

Wood, Msen- wood Source DP

Woodchuck, Kokjis- woodchuck or groundhog Source DP

Woodpecker, pa pa se- woodpecker Source DP

Woodpecker, piliated, Wakwe e’mo- piliated woodpecker Source DP

Working, Mikche’wi- he/she is working.Example: Ni pi je mikche’wit? Where does he/she work? Mikche’win! Get to work (one person) Mikche’wik- Work ( more than one person) Source LW

Working/ running, maji be de- it is running/ working Source JT III

Works on it, wde dzhi kan/en- he/she works on it/those JT III

World, Engwekmegak- world Source DP

Wow/exclamation, Wateya-wow or short form teya-wow. (Man’s form)Mamkazmet- wow (womens form)

Wrapping/Bandaging, wdas bdon- h/s is bandaging it, wrapping it. Ndas bdon- I am bandaging it JT III

Writing, Nebye’ge’- to write southern word

Writing, to him/them wmaji bi tmo an- h/s is writing to h/h/them(implies words will go) Source JT III

Writing, wzhe bye an- h/s is writing it. Southern word is nebye’ge. JT III



Yarn belt, mskogat- yarn belt Source BD and MD

 Yellow,he/she is  Wzawze- he/she is yellow. Example: Wzawze o bneshi- That bird is yellow. Wzawzik ne? Are they yellow. We’zawzejek- The yellow ones. Source LW/MD

Yesterday, wnago- yesterday JT I osnago- day before yesterday

You, Gin- you Source DP

You all, Ginwa- you all

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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