Resources for Potawatomi

List of good resources for Learning Potawatomi


Jim Thunders Book 1,2,3 are available here with audio online.

Children’s page. Designed to let kids explore the different buildings in the town. Once they click on a building they will have an option of two rooms. Click on a room. Then click on different points spread out in the room. There are between 5 and 6 different videos attached to each room. Learning videos, Cultural teachings, Songs, Movie spoofs like frozen and despicable me, goofy videos.

Another way to access the kids stuff in on our youtube channel. If you search Potawatomi Language kids or Justin Neely and Potawatomi you should find the page. It has about 100 videos.

Online self paced Beginner I 20 chapters, Beginner II 20 chapters and Intermediate 7 Chapters. You have to create an account and then wait for us to confirm it.

This is the Pokagon Youtube channel right now just one video but perhaps more to come.

Pokagon Website a number of coloring books can be downloaded for kids.

Youtube channel by Don Perrot about 10 videos

Hannahville Potawatomi Language site. This hasn’t been updated in awhile but there is a cool storybook and some games you can play in the language. Like a basketball game.

Smokey Mckinney’s website. Not active but has great 2000 word dictionary. Also Mathew and Luke in Potawatomi.

Memrise Potawatomi course. Two courses A day in the life and Potawatomi Phrases.  Potawatomi Phrases is packed full of audio from various speakers. It can also be down on an app. But its easier to find first online.


Forest County Potawatomi Dictionary

You can order you very own Potawatomi dictionary! Here’s all you need to know:

The dictionaries are $85.00 a piece, depending on how many you would like to purchase. The Forest County Cultural Library & Museum can calculate shipping costs for you and send you a final invoice.

The Forest County Cultural Library & Museum accepts all forms of payment. If you are order via check/money order/purchase order, they will mail the dictionaries out after we receive payment.

The dictionaries are shipped priority mail, and they can provide a tracking number, if needed.

Order your dictionary online, or contact Tribal Librarian Samantha R. Smith, (715) 478-4841, today!

The Citizen Potawatomi has one with about 5200 files available on our website for download. It can then be printed in book format if u want. It is not mac friendly so if u want let me know i can send u a word copy.

Smokey Mckinneys dictionary he did several years ago is available online still and has about 2000 words. I don’t think the audio files work.


A day in your life on memrise which follows a daily routine.

Potawatomi Phrases 12 levels with audio from lots of different speakers.

You can find 3 different  Apps if you search the apple store for Potawatomi.

Forest County Potawatomi, Pokagon, and Prairie Band apps.

You may need a password for Prairie Band one.

                              Online classes

Self paced classes Beginner I,II and Intermediate 3.

We also stream all of our onsight classes in the facebook group Potawatomi Language

                   Onsight classes

                   University Classes

      Kevin Daugherty teaches a class with the university around dowagaic i believe.


Prairie Band goes into Royal Valley and Citizen Potawatomi teach an online course currently available anywhere in Oklahoma for high school students. We need to set it up with the district ahead of time if possible.

Hannahville teaches language in their K-12 school on a daily basis.

Each Band has different schedules of classes which may be offered in your area.


Jim Thunders Book 1,2,3 all with audio is available here. I believe u can also buy a physical copy from their museum.

Intro to Potawatomi   I book for mac users. Developed by Pokagon.

Conversational Potawatomi book by Justin Neely

Can be found in download section of Facebook group Potawatomi Language

Not Potawatomi but similar and good references.

Ojibwe peoples dictionary

Odawa dictionary

Kenny Pheasant website Odawa

Verb paradims Odawa with Rand Valentine a little different but close

Ojibwe dictionary with about 100,000 words

Stuff from Michigan university

Videos with Barbara Nolan using Total Physical Response Story telling Odawa

Author: neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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