Bodewadmi nagdewendemwenen

Whenever I get the opportunity to sit down and compose something of value about this language that has carried me for all these years, I am immediately reminded of it’s vastness and incomprehensibility. It has truly carried me forth into many situations, experiences, both physical and spiritual, and even to many countries to establish contact with others who still spoke their original tongues. It has enabled me to express myself to many, family, friends and other acquaintances. I have often felt so small and helpless in some situations, but this language enabled me to rise to any occasion to communicate my thoughts to others. You see, I think in Bodewadmi seshmowen since it is my heritage language, my birth tongue, if you will. It has been a friend to me, both in my waking hours and even in my dreams, and certainly in my spiritual pursuits of the various Bodewadmi ways of worship.

I want to be able to introduce someone properly to this language that has been my portion throughout my entire life in the most fundamental way possible. It is within my heart and soul to share the simplicity of this language the way I came to know it growing with it and maturing with it. I want to share it’s many descriptive variants when one comes to depend on it and begins to love it’s many ways of describing things and situations. It is not akin to English, though many have tried to equate it with such. Many of the ways we utilize it defy English comparison, for it is a language full of different sounds and meaning.

It leaves me feeling humbled so often as I attempt to explain it’s intricacies to someone of English only background, as so many of our own people have become like today. Toward that end, we have designed our various web sites;, Egoyak Edayak on FaceBook, and now this new site. We sincerely hope those that view our Potawatomi language shall make every effort to learn it and use it. We hope to arouse our own people to learn their heritage language and perhaps instill in others an appreciation for our language and culture. So please take some time and surf through our many resources. Please view all the web sites we have,, egoyak edayak on FaceBook and this site as well which has APWAD with many files. (A Potawatomi word a day).